Quincy Davis – Cold World ft. John Trudell + Adebisi (over Outkast – Return of the G)

Kathy joins us live here this morning but Jordan, the question is is social media addiction really a thing? well guys, experts say, it activates a reward center of the brain in a similar way that cocaine or alcohol use does mass-manipulation of psychology, we’re imprinted with certain words – we say them out of habit it’s not about an absence of power, we have power it’s just that we’ve been imprinted in a distorted way to perceive reality we’ve been imprinted with trauma peep the timeline, police kill a black man pay money to the tax man, to drop bombs on an afghan while the kids are bustin’ shots, playing call of duty pretend to be in the military, fighting for the free now marvin G I gotta ask what’s goin on? even as a child, I could feel there’s something wrong now that I have grown I’m trying to comprehend before a youngster of my own, coming in gotta find a place that we could call home before they feel the cold of this world oh baby girl, please don’t lose ya soul to this world I want you to see a brighter day I want you to know there’s more than this so you will know the right of way so I will just pray for this world that we leaving for you people giving up but we gon’ be there for you cuz there’s a reason for you livin another world we dreaming for you for now, in my heart is where I’ll keep it for you hold on… you got to hold on in this cold world hold on I got no answers only questions if both sides think they’re righteous will the road to hell be paved with good intention? got no facts I’m only guessing, would it be effective… to fight ‘em with the weapons they invented? I can feel the tension, every time I give attention to the time line that downloads into my mind, all by design so divisive feeding in my vices, social media be streaming freely, but I wonder what the price is is this the way that life is, living in a society of sickness where you gotta be sick to fit in, oppressor or the victim where false idols shout loud and God whisper I’m learning how to filter and learning how to listen and what I choose to give attention to is my decision if I turn it off, and look inside, will I find the wisdom? beyond the definitions of division we been given another world is calling, tell me what’s your vision you got to hold on in this cold world you got to hold on you got to hold on in this cold world hold on so everything is about energy the changes we want to make in this technologic society — we have to synchronize our own energies because if our energies are off-balance and distorted then the solutions we create will be off-balance and distorted it’s not about an absence of power we have power

Glenn Chapman


  1. Great work! I always appreciate the spirit and messages of your music. I really dig the subtle jazzy background on this!

  2. Hey Quince nice tune, ya know John Trudell will live on inside off us. Stick to the message. Peace and blessings.

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