Questions The Rise of Skywalker Better Answer

Plenty of questions are left to be answered
in Episode IX, and Star Wars fans can only hold out hope that it will deliver. From Rey’s true heritage to Lando Calrissian’s
return, these are just some of the biggest questions fans have going into The Rise of
Skywalker. One of the biggest mysteries within this new
trilogy has centered on Rey, an extremely talented Jedi in training who, one might assume,
comes from talented stock. Much like Luke Skywalker, who ended up serving
as her mentor in The Last Jedi, Rey clearly comes from a storied family, and in The Force
Awakens, it seemed like the next one or two installments might clear up who her parents
truly were and whether or not she was a Skywalker, a Solo, or a member of another powerful legacy
clan. In The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren broke the news
to Rey that she was nothing but the child of, quote, “junk traders” but naturally, most
fans don’t believe that a Jedi with such natural talent who seems poised to take up the lightsaber
of someone like Luke Skywalker came from a clan of nobodies. Will The Rise of Skywalker reveal that she’s
actually a Skywalker? All we can do is wait and find out. Introduced in The Force Awakens, Maz Kanata
has left audiences curious since her first moment onscreen. A wise being who is apparently over a thousand
years old, Maz is as inscrutable as she is sarcastic and endlessly endearing. When we meet Maz, she’s managing a bar on
the planet of Takodana where she seems to know every person and everything about them. She also just happens to be in possession
of a pretty damn important object: Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, which she says “calls to” Rey. “That lightsaber was Luke’s and his father’s
before him and now, it calls to you.” Maz Kanata is capable of using the Force,
so there are plenty of reasons why she might have Luke’s lightsaber one of the most important
items in the entire Star Wars saga but it’s still unexplained when, if, or how exactly
Maz met Luke. Who is Maz, and where did she come from? How did she know Luke? How did she get his lightsaber, and how did
she use the Force to ascertain that it should go to Rey? In an Episode IX teaser released in April
of 2019, audiences clearly heard the distinctive chuckle of Emperor Palpatine, one of the signature
villains of the original trilogy and the prequels. As the Sith master of the infamous Darth Vader,
the Emperor is an imposing figure throughout the series, bringing the Sith back from the
brink of extinction while serving as the Emperor of the entire Galactic Empire. The Emperor is also known for exterminating
various Jedi that he sees as potential threats. He’s also ALSO known for, well being dead. Ahh, that’s never not satisfying Anywho, even
though Darth Vader ultimately redeems himself by killing the Emperor in The Return of the
Jedi, Palpatine’s evil laugh is clearly featured at the end of the first Rise of Skywalker
teaser. Surprisingly, director J.J. Abrams has already
confirmed that the Emperor will appear in the film still played by actor Ian McDiarmid. “I, uhh… I have to be honest with you. I was in the area, so I thought the least
I could do is to pop in for a laugh.” McDiarmid has said the character is definitely
dead heading into The Rise of Skywalker, but what role will he play in the final installment
of the series and what form will he be taking when he does return? Fans of the original trilogy fell in love
with Billy Dee Williams’ portrayal of the roguish if wishy-washy Lando Calrissian. Audiences last got to see a younger Lando
played by the devilishly charming Donald Glover in Solo: A Star Wars Story, which told the
origin story of his relationship with Han. “Is this seat taken?” “If nobody’s in the seat, then it ain’t taken,
friend.” But in The Rise of Skywalker, the original
Lando will return. Williams is reprising his role in Episode
IX, closing one of the longest gaps between portrayals of the same character in cinematic
history. Even though it’s exciting to hear that one
of the original trilogy’s most popular and beloved characters will finally return, it
also remains a mystery exactly why Lando is back, especially considering that he was conspicuously
absent from this trilogy’s first two films. What role will he play in the story? How will he react to the news that Han died
at the hands of his own son? Finally, will he side with the Resistance,
or turn sides when it becomes convenient for him? The sudden death of Carrie Fisher in 2016
was incredibly devastating to Star Wars fans. “Carrie Fisher, whose role as Princess Leia
in Star Wars vaulted her to pop culture immortality, died today in Los Angeles.” After all, her portrayal of an older Leia
Organa who’d become a Resistance general without losing any of her grit was an unexpected turn
between trilogies. Considering that many believed Episode IX
would feature Leia in an even bigger role than the relatively significant ones she played
in VII and VIII, it remains to be seen how she will actually appear on screen. J.J. Abrams and others have revealed that,
thanks to unused footage from the first two films, it’s possible for Fisher to posthumously
appear in The Rise of Skywalker without resorting to a CGI version of her character though fans
might prefer that her last appearance end on an ambiguous note. Still, considering that Han died in The Force
Awakens and Luke died in The Last Jedi, there’s a decent chance that this final film will
see Leia joining her departed friends and loved ones. It’s clear that the storied Skywalker name
is still of the utmost importance in the sequel trilogy reinforced by the news that Episode
IX’s official title is The Rise of Skywalker. Of course, this led to plenty of questions
about what that means and how it reflects on the plot of this final installment. Kylo Ren may have told Rey that she came from,
quote, “nobody,” but director J.J. Abrams seems determined to return to the mystery
he set up in The Force Awakens, telling fans that the identity of Rey’s parents will still
prove important in Episode IX. It’s possible that Rey, who possesses a stunning
amount of power for such a young, untrained Jedi, could still be the titular Skywalker. Aside from her, Kylo Ren is technically half
Skywalker on his mother’s side, and could turn back to the light and reclaim his heritage. It’s even possible that a new character could
take up the Skywalker mantle and rise to fight alongside our heroes. With all that said, the biggest question still
stands who is the Skywalker in the title, and what purpose will they serve in Episode
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Glenn Chapman


  1. Plot twist: Only the question about to which skywalker is rising will be answered

  2. I feel like half of these questions won't be answered on the big screenbut will be answered in future books and comics

  3. We find out that Luke was tapping some chick back in the day. That's explains Rey.

  4. I am getting tired of the holdbacks in Star Wars some things are hard to understand and confusing

  5. Kathleen Kennedy said that it doesn't answer anything that we want answered. I just hope there is an episode 10.

  6. What I'm expecting from the new movie:
    A genuine explanation of how much crack the screen writer was smoking when he ;
    1: luke was as useful as a fearful jedi master as a bag of crisps.
    2:the utterly pointless thing of snoke and his wasted potential as anything other than the love child of Voldemort.
    3:mary poppins leia.
    4:how much did maz pay for lukes sabre on Ebay and how much was the p&p

  7. All of this just sounds horrible. Watching back to bad Scripts it's not going to save the franchise

  8. Lol, he said that Rey was still in training. Everyone knows she finished her training all by herself.

  9. Finn being Force Sensitive/a future Jedi is a BIG question that needs to be answered

  10. There is no way Rey’s parents are nobodies. It is obvious they were just fucking with her mind!

  11. All that I ever wanted was Thrawn and Ahsoka in this new trilogy. JUST A DREAM

  12. Leia should’ve stayed dead in the last Jedi the way she just flies back to the ship after being sucked out into space was the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen

  13. No Luke…hold up wait a minute I am. No wait Im yer DAD….stop. … Now freeeeze

  14. It would better answer who the hell Snoke was and how he became Supreme Leader. Its still not answered for me.

  15. Here’s my question…how the hell does Kathleen Kennedy still have a job after that dumpster fire of a movie The Last Jedi!?!? Not to mention how it completely shredded the entire canon of the saga..which is ESSENTIAL to keep the fan base engaged!!

    Ok…I know. It was a financial success. That’s the game..I get it. But unfortunately she reduced Star Wars to be just another “B”’grade franchise.

    So the challenge: How the hell do you excite and invite a whole new generation to become Star Wars fans to this “mediocre” attempt at trying to capture the excitement people felt in 1977!?!? Do you really believe the kids of today care for Star Wars the way the kids 40 years ago did?? There are SO many other great franchises available to them nowadays. What makes Star Wars special to them!? IT DOESN’T!!!

    You betray the fanbase and angered them in a way that is irreversible..WHICH IS WHAT YOU DON’T DO BECAUSE…they are your source of the billions of dollars of revenue!

    So now DIsney..and Ms. Kennedy. You have a billion dollar price tag for an amusement park that has recently seen record low attendance, and a series of movies that has failed to capture the attention of the fanbase.

    I get The Mandalorian is great and all..but if that’s all DIsney is riding on to keep the fanbase engaged…they’re in for one hell of a reality check. I see Star Wars continue to lose its appeal, and as the older generation begins to age, the younger generation won’t be interested enough to maintain the Star Wars franchise and it’ll fall into oblivion and just become “something old people use to watch” 😒

    Good job corporate America! 👍🏻

  16. I know people give Rian Johnson a lot of crap over The Last Jedi when it comes to Reys Arch! I took it as it doesn’t matter what family she’s from. She creates her own path in the galaxy! And that’s just it! Her being a random person with such force strength makes her special. A Lightsaber and the Skywalker name does not maketh one a Jedi!

  17. The Skywalker rising is not a proper "who ?" but a "what ?". There are Jedi and Sith. I believe Rey is going to "invent" a new "tribe" between the two, like a Grey Jedi-Sith using both the light and dark side of the Force. And she'll name it (and herself) "Skywalker", after Luke, Leia and Anakin.
    Let's see more and more Skywalkers in the future !

  18. The movie is called Rise of Skywalker and you're wondering if Ray is a Skywalker?

  19. Rey is the daughter of emperor Palpatine, Kylie and Rey fight him and Kylie dies, Rey has a gold saber

  20. I just want Luke to come back and see him in a proper lightsaber duel, not that crap we got in TLJ

  21. George Lucas has repeatedly said Star Wars is the story about Anakin Skywalker. If J.J. completely ignores this, it’ll be a kick in the face to the entire story line

  22. The Writers Did A Amazing Job On The Star Wars Games, Shows And The Movies And The Actors Did A Amazing Job 👏👏👏👏👏

  23. It better answer every one of these questions…
    Otherwise, they’ll have to make another trilogy!-)

  24. My biggest question is what’s the point in following this era of starwars when the best era in starwars is clearly the old republic imagine a revan pre war mandolorian war story going into the war and following the events that lead to darth revan

  25. If only Rian had followed the rules of basic storywriting then some of these questions might have been answered in the last Jedi

  26. I feel like this type of videos is what kills the fandom. The makers and writers make what they want to make and tell what they want to tell. It's their choice, not ours. So obviously you end up dissapointed. That's where the last jedi hate comes from

  27. I personally don't care who reys parents were. You don't have come from something in order to be strong with the force

  28. “kylo ren is half skywalker on his mother’s side” umm that doesn’t really make sense lol that means luke is “half skywalker” because padme wasn’t a skywalker

  29. I swear to god if they bring back Lando just to kill him for emotional shock on screen I am gonna burn disney to the ground

  30. I don't think Skywalker is a person, it is an order. Luke was the Last Jedi, so the new force users will be called "The Order of the Skywalker".

  31. Sometimes I watch Looper videos just to hear the background music. I don’t even care about the topic of the week.

  32. It’s not Luke’s lightsaber, it’s Anakin’s. Luke’s lightsaber is the green one

  33. I'm actually just hoping Kylo Ren and Palpatine crushes Rey and the gang. I rarely root for the villain in the movie, but the "good guys" are just so unlikable.

  34. I don’t necessarily think the title “The Rise of Skywalker” is reffering to a specific person in the Skywalker family. Its might be reffering to the Skywalker family itself. The legacy of it. All Star Wars films have been leading up to this movie and after all the Skywalkers are the legacy of the franchise

  35. Rey doesn’t need any special lineage to be an incredible Jedi. She doesn’t need the crutch of a bloodline gifted to her. She can be badass and strong on her own. I think that’s what makes her even more compelling.

  36. it wouldve been nice to see who snoke was, personally i love the idea that he is a reconstructed version of darth maul, and in the scene in tlj where rey is brought before him by kylo ren, it wouldve revealed well when rey uses her lightsaber to initiate duel, so snoke uses his iconic double sided lightsaber, BUt instead what w e got was FUCKING BULLSHIT

  37. It can be Luke daughter Rey because Star Wars never talked about Mara jade wife of Luke. And they went missing for years. Kyle is wrong.rey and Kyle are cousins.

  38. we all know Disney is not going to answer anything and will only poop more on Star Wars by making Mary Sue awesome and allmighty

  39. News flash, heritage doesn't matter you can be born with a strong force connection

  40. The rise of skywalker might refer to kylo ren being a skywalker and have nothing to do with rey

  41. Biggest mystery is why it's called rise of Skywalker if she isn't a skywalker and kibbles I mean kylo (sorry he looks like my dog nibbles it's a little dog that is more intimidating than hed ever could be) definently aint rising.

  42. Star wars blows now mandalorian is decentish at least but why is it soooo hard to make a good star wars movie. It's freaking jedi's and light sabers your telling me they had a amazing world already set up and they messed it up beyond repair. The force ain't female because most girls (especially young girls) don't care about star wars or action flicks. Screw Disney and screw the neo starwars fans that can't think for them self's and see what a load of xbox this is. I hope they get what they got coming. Boycott this hack of a sequal.

  43. Sidious shouldnt even be a fucking thing in this trilogy. AT ALL. They have absolutely 0 build up for him and he was already killed. Every single fan should be infuriated

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