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  1. Great insight into this game. Still on the fence about buying it. I want to support the community as much as possible, however. The growth has been phenomenal.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Why why why didn't I check out your reactions before I purchased this , top tip don't fall asleep with your psvr on it leave's head marks !

  3. Dark looks really interesting. I've had it on my saved list, since it was added to Netflix. I was either going to start watching Dark or Wormwood, next. Still watching the new season of Black Mirror.

    Great show! I'd still watch if all you did was converse about whatever. I think it'd be cool if Bryan, Dez, Jeremy, and Michelle all sat at the table, and just talked for an hour or more.

    @Bryan do you think it'd be possible for you to hold live interviews with developers? If you're still looking to replace one of the shows with low view count, I think an interview episode would be a awesome substitute.

  4. I have been looking forward to hearing Bryan's take on The Inpatient all day long? I'm a lot like him and greatly enjoy pretty much anything in VR (VR makes everything better!!), but I did not enjoy The Inpatient at all? I've heard so many people defending it, that haven't even played it yet, and a few who have, and that's great, I'm glad you were able to enjoy it and think it's a great game? I personally would rather play Dying Reborn VR? I wanted to love it, and was trying to find something to love, there's just nothing there for me to love? Shout out to the incredible gamescast!! And Michelle, I hope hope that little ball of love pops right out for you! Keep up the phenomenal work guys, I love the channel and always look forward to future content?

  5. Aw, damn that's heartbreaking about The Inpatient. Guess I'll wait for a sale and reset my expectations by then. Thanks for the heads up, as always.

  6. Vocal minority represent!! If we all work together; we can save the universe. Just like Voltron!

    I was watching John Wick 2, earlier today, and was surprised how much Bryan looks likes the main villain.

  7. Notice the way that Jeremy says ‘positive’ @ 8:47 …it’s sooo uncanny that it sounds like he’s saying “PAWsitive”…which fits perfectly when referencing a community populated by GameCats! 😺✊🏼

  8. Wow! 34 minutes of inane BS and pointless garbage….why must it be so enjoyable? WE NEED MORE! 8 dadgum hours! Will Michelle's baby be the 4th host? T'hell with child labor laws. Instill their work ethic while they're young!

  9. Hey gamecats! Off subject but had to say, Fun fact this fellow meow mister has just got his aim controller a copy of DOOM and OMG! SERIOUSLY how the hell in mars am I supposed to play this game being left handed!!!!!!! 😱 as anyone seem how ridiculous it is for us lefties. ALL IT NEEDS IS THE CONTROLS SWITCHING AND THE GUNS INGAME SWITCH (so you have that other gun stupidly sticking out of your right side of your head this now)……………. Boner disappeared and back to DS4. 👇🏼

  10. So I played through Rush of Blood (first time) in anticipation of The Inpatient. RoB is easily the best light shooter I've played on PSVR so far. I can't say that I got scared much but it was exciting to play it. I plan on playing The Inpatient tonight after work, and have it finished by the time PSVR Theater is released. I'm concerned about a 2 hour game having a $39.99 price point but I hope the experience makes up for the pricing imbalance.

  11. Wooh Jeremy's back! Great to have the ol' banter back… that's what is so great about this show (obviously missing Michelle). Has become part of my regular daily routine: wake up, put on coffee with latest show playing in the background to find out what's happening on my favourite gaming platform. Been watching for 6 months and can't believe it's taken me this long to subscribe (d'oh!). Ignore that moron on reddit btw, I think the silent majority are feeling the love.

  12. I just got my disc copy of the Inpatient through the post today and after watching your thoughts of it, I'll go in with lower expectations and hopefully enjoy it.

  13. 12:00 iCarly is your favorite show and now you host your own internet channel with friends… Interesting.

  14. The negative vocal minority is usually just lonely and sad. They make fun of groups they can't be part of because they're worried that if they tried to put themselves out there they would be rejected. Sometimes, if you show them a little love they'll open up and you'll see they're a person worth knowing. Sometimes they're just assholes. The internet only really translates the asshole part, it seems.

  15. Welcome back jeremy! And definately keep up the funnnn! Talk forever, try not be racially insensitive, and just keep playing house, I look forward to your fakenewcast every day. Come back soon Michelle.

  16. Glad your back funk master king! The inpatient was good but overall was supermassive let down. Surprised that the tracking was also a bit of an issue since they nailed it with rush of blood. Had a interesting ending tho as a single white female. 👩🏼


    Ghost train was the very first episode of Amazing Stories, I remember watching it with the whole family when it premiered. It had Lucas Haas in it, the kid from Witness. Haas also later appeared in Mars Attacks!

  18. You did not just mention iCarly. How the heck did you just mention iCarly. No-one ever talks about that show and I have been singing the theme song for two days now.

    Goddamn that's a good show.

  19. Yes the king is back, glad your bk Jeremy, great show guys, hope momma cat ok

  20. Long time subscriber here. Keep doing what you’re doing. No matter what you do, you’ll never be able to make everyone happy. It’s just impossible. Great show as always!

  21. Btw, Brian. Your vocal inflection in reviews is an elevating factor not a negative at all, at least for me. Love the channel , lads.

  22. Thank goodness I learned my lesson already, to wait for reviews to come out before preordering or buying a game day 1 at launch. Thanks Brian, you saved me $40.

  23. I got to a part where i followed a wolf instead of a cute rabbit because i thought they were trying to trick me. I was wrong, had to slap water on my face and sit on the floor to calm my shit down. Going back in when i gain the courage.

  24. Great episode guys. I too enjoy the long Vids. 🙂
    Shame about the inpatient, definitely sounds like they should have held it back and expanded.

  25. Big fan of the show, keep up the good and much appreciated work!👍

  26. Doesn’t Super Massive games make Hidden Agenda? Another butterfly effect type game. People love it. Found just ok!

  27. Really like the channel I just played the inpatient tonight and I didn't like it I was waiting for something to happen nothing ever happen I got 1 or 2 jump-scares out of the whole experience I wish I can get my money back

  28. You guys are the SHIT! True cats love the show and love the banter. Much love to Michelle but she is missed.

  29. Hey guys, I’m still lurking in the background and watching every vid, promise… sadly I thought I got well, was fine for two days and now I’m back to feeling like death. Woo! Lucky me. Hopefully I’ll get well soon and be back to my usual self, commenting and loving every vid you upload.

  30. watched your inpatient live stream after the event, and in a way im grateful as it meant i could skip through the stream, i always find your live streams very entertaining, but this game just threw you off. You could sense your disappointment in the game. Horror is not my thing, but i do get tempted and always check it out. i loved rush of blood, but inpatient was poor. very very boring looks more like an expierence rather than a game.
    That bring me to another one of your points, it is worrying that these "hyped" titles are turning out this way, i was so hyped for the alpha bravo or team bravo whatever its called, but it is a worrying trend from the same devs. perhaps we underestimate how difficult and time consuming it is making these type of games. We also have to be careful of our constant "skyrim barometer" were we perhaps expect every game to be of that scope and size or use it to define the bar of other titles and releases, having been trapped in the world of skyrim vr(yet again) for every day over the last week i know its easy done, but skyrim took 4 years to make, do we have the patience as a consumer to wait that long for a vr game? no we dont, nor do the devs have that time to set aside teams for production, at the same time, titles like the inpatient are no use to us. i feel 2018 maybe a tipping point either way from devs on how much resource is given to VR titles.
    Thanks again though for giving us the opinion and information we need to make sure our hard earned cash is being used wisely.

  31. Hey gamecats this might be a silly question but anyway..I've got the original ps4 and in my headset i can see little squares like pixels this the same with the ps4 pro or do the pixels disappear

  32. Pity about the Inpatient, on the other-hand now i get to save some money , the trailers never showed any action i think Rez evil 7 just made us assume that's how horror is done by a good studio, guess that's not the case ! look forward to Playstation Theater tomorrow !

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