Prince Harry Returns To UK For His Final Round Of Royal Duties | TODAY

Glenn Chapman


  1. If they have been paying ANY ATTENTION, they would have knows Its not prince anymore… Just Harry.. Might have something to do how his mother was hounded by the media including how she died.

  2. He would not have had "to make it clear' added to change the simplicity and honesty of his response to the question he was asked. The reporter's addition of to make it clear created the space for him to speculate with elberration and interject his own false narrative into the report ing of a simple reply"just call me Harry". The word just in the short response demonstrates that he was answering a question and did not approach the moderator saying "just call me Harry" Take note of how media feed off the gullible.

  3. He has a regular life now so whats the big deal ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

  4. He is awesome for refusing to be an hourly punching bag for the British press. The notorious British press chased him and his wife away. He's always a Prince as he is a blood Royal.

  5. Prince Henry brand name have always been Harry. He can't use his titles for business purposes and he used his brand name Harry when engaging in business. His has a portfolio worth billions of pounds by using his brand name Harry. Harry is a nick name given to him by his mother and he is not going to change it.

  6. You will always be my prince of heart ,just like your beautiful mother. She never needed a title to make the difference.

  7. I think he looks sad, maybe angry, maybe uncomfortable…be careful what you wish for…having said this, I do wish him well…wherever he is whomever is with him…and so this story continues…

  8. He sure is making millions off of future deals but the UK people doesnโ€™t mean anything to him anymore. He just wants to push donations into his own name now. He was a humanitarian until he met Markle and she destroyed him. I hope the queen will never open arms to that woman again

  9. Why canโ€™t people just leave them in peace. They are really good people. They have done more good in one day than most people do in a decade.

  10. The Brits gave us Christopher Steele and the phony dossier. So we gave the Brits Meghan. Let this be a lesson to all other nations in the Universe.

  11. At Frame 1:26 Megan, the self-centered narcissist steps into Harry's space so we may know who she is. He has to step out of her way as he salutes and shows respect for his countrymen who gave their lives so a dummy like herself can stand there and reap benefits from the british taxpayer. Wow! She doesnt care the meaning of the day. This is about her. To me she is looking more and more like the infamous Jodi Arias.

  12. ๐ŸŽฉPrince Harry trying to live like the rest of us,including asking the Media to call him just Harry?

  13. I am honored and privileged to call you Harry. Because your true beauty lies inside your heart
    Harry, you are phenomenal, impeccable, exquisite
    With so much compassion
    I'm so glad you left the UK toxic environment, your family lies behind a mask backstabs you
    The Royal reporters didn't know the meaning between truth or lie so all they do is write lies about you and Megan
    Glad you chose happiness, well being and your state of mind
    You chose love not color
    I'm so proud of you, you made my day when you said call me Harry
    In the real world no one is known by titles of royalty. We Know by Who You Are by your beauty
    By your excellencies.
    You look happier than ever
    You look dapper

    Live laugh love
    That is called freedom from the toxic environment of the UK
    Keep smiling keep shining
    You and Megan are the best royal couple

    Legend Never Dies
    Legend lives forever

  14. Just week or so ago… It was revealed that Meghan has invited the Vogue Chief Editor(?) in the cute video that Meghan put on their Sussex account, to just call her Meghan and the tabbies went wild… ran the store for days!! I think that with today's just "call me Harry" has way more to do with that.. then the Royal use or no use. Harry will forever be of royal blood… Archie will forever be of royal blood… God willing they will be married a long long time and Meghan will be by Harry side and forever Archie mother. In all the hoop la…. I real see that it them against the world of Brits they have managed to overcome in the naysayers pool. Good for Harry to stand by his wife when the sharks come for her. "Just call me Meghan"… And "Just call me Harry"!โค

  15. They should ask him how does he feel about getting the CEO of Disney fired for corruption of giving Meghan a contract after he pimping his wife at the red carpet and when Does Meghan give back the corruption contract? What a joke Harry? Your Mum must be turning in her grave and so embarrassing of you….no title,no job,no family,no country….on your own pimping your wife,begging people for money? Shame shame shame…

  16. I mean, just how bad are the tabloids over there that caused them to give up everything? You can call him Harry, but you canโ€™t change his blood. He will always be royalty. I hope this was really the right move for them. As a mother and grandmother, I canโ€™t help believing that he has hurt his grandmother and family, terribly. As a common person, who has watched him grow up, it breaks my heart.


  18. There is so many slimysammy aka Samantha markles aliases are here there is at least 3 or 4 being stupid as ever ,,,,,,,beware team Sussex,,,,,,,,,,,she mad she canโ€™t get her hand on none of the Sussex millions,,,,,,,๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  19. The conference was meant to promote Travalyst, a for-profit company that he owns. Referring to him as Prince or HRH, would be in direct defiance of the order of the Queen.

  20. Thank you for presenting a positive and well-thought-out communication for those of us who love Meghan and Harry. They actually perform so many different well thought-out projects that help so many individuals in so many different places. The media tends to want to only focus on stupid comments that reporters invent to add hype! They are so immature!

  21. You will always be a Prince to me with much love and respect ! Much love from America ! โคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโค

  22. Gypsy Meghan stay where you are leave harry alone you make hime old and in deep in heโ€™s heart he is not happy where are you Chelsea to help harry

  23. No need & best not to use "Royals". Don't understand the Haters. They don't have a problem with York sisters not being working Royals & earning income. But, they throw a fit over H & M wanting the same. They want them to ignore $100's of millions. https://www.womanandhome.com/life/royal-news/beatrice-eugenie-harry-meghan-markle-345312/

  24. Haters move on because he is still a Prince of the house of Windsor. He was born a Prince and he will remain a Prince until the end of time. He is still the second son of Prince Charles and grandson to the Queen. He is still 6th in line for the throne. If you did your research you will know that he can not use his titles for his private business and he was at a private business meeting. Call me Harry is his trademark when dealing with people.

  25. Very good harry ! Time is for working now,but not for a royal show ! Final royal events ,wait now for negative press.
    Advise meghan to stay wisely,quietly in Canada with archie !

  26. You got away with all your party antics including dressing as a Nazi .that was cruel .so no sympathy here …x

  27. I'm very proud of Harry and Megan they want to be their own people they want for their own family I love them did more power to them amen

  28. Hello, he's no more 'prince'. He's Harry DUMBarton. Who flew miles like the hypocrite he is while preaching about carbon.
    And then booked an entire train to Scotland – demanded 5 RPOs clear anyone near his useless, worthless, stinky self.
    Dressed like an Unwashed, Smelly Slob, he delivered his speech with buzz words and no passion.
    Anyone wants to see a FAILURE & LOSER — that's DUMBarton in action.

  29. His wife should also used the train or uber ๐Ÿš•๐Ÿš‚like she used to before marriage. Harry could also find a really job not the job of waving ๐Ÿ‘‹ ๐Ÿคand shaking hands. The only working princess is Anne and her kids do not hold titles ๐Ÿคด๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘ธMeghan Markle ruin Harry. Meghan aspiring to have money and fame cause Harryโ€™s problems๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ™‰

  30. it is becoming quite obvious from the worldwide media's continuous hounding of Meghan and Harry, that the media have the problem not meghan or harry. Get over yourselves instead of being self appointed judges of these two individuals who have none of the clout that the Establisment backed bullies of the British media have. Disgraceful abuse of power.

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