Primeira fase do Spear of Destiny – Return to Danger [ECWolf]

This video shows the first level
from Mission 2: Return to Danger, an
accessory pack that continues Spear of Destiny (1992), running
on ECWolf, an advanced
Wolfenstein 3D port capable of running games created
with the engine of this id
Software’s first person shooter. Mission 2: Return to Danger and
Mission 3: Ultimate Challenge,
popularly known as Lost Episodes (although they have
no connection to Chavo del Ocho),
were released by FormGen Corporation in 1994 and
follow the events of the
original Spear of Destiny. Return to Danger has basically
the same gameplay as
Spear of Destiny/Wolfenstein 3D, while featuring new graphics,
sounds, maps and enemies. Another
thing that stays the same is the unforgivable difficulty of the original
game, especially for those
who are exploring the maps for the first time, such as my case
in this match here. Don’t forget to punch like and subscribe! Remembering that ECWolf supports
modernized controls, allows
higher resolutions allows these FPS to be played on modern
operational system without DOSBox,
among other cool features. Looks like I got lucky and found
the way out of this level. I’ll try to
kill some more socialists before finishing it, but I better save
before, because things are
dangerous around here. Thanks to Monk’s (www.monks.gamingroom.net) and
ChoppaCast (www.choppaserver.gamingroom.net) As always, you can find more
information and downloads
in the video’s description. Cheers!

Glenn Chapman


  1. Este vídeo mostra a primeira fase do Mission 2: Return to Danger, um pacote de missões que continua diretamente o Spear of Destiny, rodando no ECWolf, um port avançado do Wolfenstein 3D capaz de rodar jogos criados com o engine deste FPS da id Software. Mais informações e downloads na descrição do vídeo.

  2. Não sei qual bruxaria que fizeram nesse jogo, mas sei que mesmo sendo muito simples ainda consegue ser gostoso de jogar

  3. o som dos cachorros ficou bem esquisito, parece um gemido de orgasmo e não um gemido de morte.

  4. Curti o gráfico desse mapa, bem diferente do que se costuma ver normalmente no Wolf3D. E deu pra ver aí a treta que é enfrentar esses nazistas, principalmente nesses ataques surpresa.

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