Hello, welcome back to my channel it’s your girl pearl and today I’m going to be sharing with you my eyebrow tattoo experience The procedure that I got is called a powder ombre brow and it mimics what your eyebrows would look like after you do your makeup So it’s like a softer more natural looking brow with lighter in the front and darker in the tail and I got the procedure done out of this place called lavio Beauty Bar in Vancouver from a girl called Hanna so this is what my eyebrows look like two weeks in there heal two weeks in and There’s no makeup on it currently and I’m also really storing my eye my eye bags are like dark in the st Jude’s room but it was um, this is what they look like So when I got into the beauty bar She told me a lie down in bed and there was like a fleece blanket so that you could be all a cozy and comfortable the first step was she put on a measuring tape on my forehead and She made an outline of what my eyebrows should look like based on my facial structure so we’re a chit and where she started where the arch should be depending on like kind of like my nose bridge and My iris and also the end of my eye and then after that she kind of just asked me Oh, did you like is there anything I can fix? So then I kind of just told her which what adjustments I wanted and I looked at it lying down and make sure you sit Up and look at it because looking at it while you’re lying down your face is different, right? So if you want to sit up because that’s what you’re going to look like most of the time to other peoples And so we did that kind of back and forth for a while. I Just finished my eyebrows in this just a drying this and that’s right So I am finally back home and these are what the eyebrows look like they’re not gonna look like this long-term because they’re supposed to be Darker and they are gonna fade 20 to 30 percent as well as shrink in size And length when it does heal which takes about like I think a week maybe But this is what they look like right now. My eyebrows are still like numb because like I had I needed two layers I’m having cream because I was just a little bitch and I couldn’t handle any of the pain today stop it Anyways, I’m gonna bring you along with the healing process with me as well so I’ll be showing you what it looks like on a day-to-day basis until it fully heals and then we’ll see what I’m looking like complete crap because I haven’t really washed my face for seven days nor Really put a makeup on and then just feel like shit Anyways, these are my brows right now. They’re Scalping a bit. You can’t really tell when it’s fully far away, but Here it’s already gone and then but here I still have this gabs and sometimes if I like poke my finger it kind of Lifts up a scab and do you feel like baking it, but you’re not supposed to even touch it. But anyways So These are my eyebrows right now. They’re healed like two weeks So this is what they look like. There’s nothing on it right now, but after the procedure she gave me a aftercare pouch would included the Lotion that you have to put on your brows as well as just instruction and like these little I don’t know what they’re called But they’re little sticks with cotton on it, and I think they’re used to you apply it on your brows, but I just use my fingers because they’re Internet in the set you can just use your fingers I think the healing process took a little longer for me because I had my brows done and Then I’ve had the healing process for this and then this gabbing They took more than a week maybe like 10 calendar days And then whereas I think other people they had their brows healed in a week. I think they’re pretty natural already like I haven’t gotten to do my touch-up yet, which I should be doing, but I’m gonna be on vacation so I’ll come back and do it Yeah I think if I do have your makeup I do have to fill in like The brows a little bit because then it’s a little too late But if I’m going to work and I usually don’t wear makeup when I go to work then it’s like good It’s just right or if I’m wearing like minimal makeup, then it’s just right as well But anyways, let’s go into the questions that you guys had asked most common question I got was is it painful? And yes, it was painful. Some people say that the so comfy that they fall asleep on play But I’ve never had anything done on my face, and I’ve never had a tattoo. So maybe that’s why but I was clenching the blanketly When she outlined my eyebrow, she didn’t use the numbing cream and it was just horrible But that’s probably a big exaggeration cuz I’m a baby after she put on the numbing cream. Julia’s of numbing cream It was not bad. It was just tolerable and think painful at all I just felt like a pencil was poking at your face constantly How long was the procedure I was there for being more than a little than two hours? but the brow mapping took the longest time because That’s the most important initial step of your eyebrows. If you don’t like your eyebrow shape, then you’re pretty much screwed So we spent a lot of time just perfecting the shape Hill It was a good ratio for based on my facial structure and just my personal preference What is the difference between a micro bleeding and powder hombre? So micro bleeding is when You use this tool that looks like a little fork. It has many little needle thingies and then they scrape it and make hairlike strokes on your eyebrows, where as how to ombre they use just like a really small nano needle I think that’s what they call it, but they kind of like poke little holes and insert the ink through there So for powder ombre, you’re allowed to control the darkness of your eyebrow. So You would make it more dark on the tail and lighter on the inside of your brows by adding less and dotting more gently But for micro bleeding, you would just be making hair like strokes and it wouldn’t be lighter unless you put less hair strokes there I think and I don’t share about this part because I’m just basing this up what I’ve read from the internet But I think powder on my brows a little less invasive. I’m not too sure about that. I’m not a professional I’m just basing this on my potato knowledge from the internet how long do the brows last it really depends on your skin type and Like kind of like your living habits and stuff like that So in general they’re supposed to be lasting in two to three years but if your skin is really oily or if you use like a oil-based makeup Remover or you’re sweating then it might make it less a little less long your cell mate. So it would that would affect it So it really depends on yourself that everyone’s experience is different But in general they should last about two to three years Tips and tricks right now for what you need to know before or after you get your brows. So what I did was that I bought this spilled water because the salt water it’s sterilized and it Doesn’t have bacteria or minerals in it. So if you are washing your face when it has open wounds this would be safer because No, bacteria is in there and you wouldn’t get any infection. So that’s what I got. I got this at Walmart, and it was one dollar twenty nine I don’t know if I buy this again I mean because I could just boil water and cool it down and then wash my face with that like I would do that instead and Another thing that you should prepare is a hat When you go in to get the procedure and after you get it, you can’t expose your eyebrows to the Sun so I brought a hat in and then after I got the procedure I took go back home So I would wear a hat just do like cover it from this keeping your eyebrows clean So I know a lot of things on the Internet kind of talk about the dry and the wet after here again I’m not a professional I’m just doing this based on my own experience And I’m sorry if I didn’t follow any instructions That I’m just doing about own thing and I shouldn’t even be talking about this So a lot of people swear by the driveway you don’t even have any water come in contact with your brows and then the wet is when You do have order come into contact with your brows on the aftercare instructions I said that I should wipe my eyebrows with a wet tissue Every hour after I get it done and then I washed it at night and then after that I keep it dry but what I did was I did what I was told I would also lightly wash my eyebrows with the distilled water because I Had put the aftercare came on and if I don’t wash it off it’s just gonna like be plastered to my skin and then if I keep adding another layer on it’s just gonna get more crusty and pushing the dirt inside my Eyebrow full of holes or our mouth was and I didn’t think that was a good idea I don’t know if that’s right. But I thought that thought something I would personally do because I can’t handle Not cleaning my face if I put on a cream and then having to add another layer on it and another layer and another layer cuz I had to put that on in the morning and at night and I think that worked out for me because Although my skin was still not happy because I was not washing my face properly. I just I didn’t get like a roast infection in my eyebrow one thing that you should all know is that if you’re getting your brows done make sure that you’re not doing anything special The week after or even like a few days After that week because your brows are gonna look really bad should and if you want to go to pardon or something and look cute You don’t want to look like crayon shin-chan and you also shouldn’t be wearing makeup because and you’re gonna have to remove it and then like That might affect the healing process of your eyebrows So I wouldn’t suggest planning anything that you have special the week After you have your eyebrows done you really need do your research on which route? Technician you go to because it is your face and it’s important that you find someone that’s certified Make sure that they have clean tools and they’re using needles that are completely new because you do not want any And so you you really need to make sure that you go to someone that you trust Look at the pictures see their past clients. Look at the tech photos on Instagram And then maybe you can reach out to someone if they did have their brows done and ask them for their experience Make sure to message the bow technician and ask questions if you want to get a better understanding like Hana was like she was like instant reply if I had a question and that was really nice because I I was really scared and I did have a lot of worries and a lot of questions and she made sure that she eased my worries because Let’s be honest. Your girl almost backed out from this but she made sure that I felt like I knew that I felt safe and my eyebrows weren’t gonna Turn blue nor deny all my eyebrows hair disappear. Anyways, I think that’s the end of it Let’s just get a closer. Look at my boos. I Really like them actually like it’s really nice to have eyebrows when we go yiii Anyways, thanks for watching the video and I hope you like I’m remember to subscribe like comment Okay. Bye

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  1. GUYS I just realized I wrote "Powder Ombre rrBrow Tattoo". I totally didn't catch that I meant Brow** lol (I'm also not going to take another three days to save and load this video again :)) anyways thanks for watching!

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