Please help me convince my son to get a haircut. [Hello Counselor Sub:ENG,THA/2018.08.13]

Glenn Chapman


  1. While everyone was clapping when he said he'll cut it..no one bothered to notice that he was about to cry…

  2. He seems like such a nice son..but just because he has long hair,his mom doesn't want to talk to him except for using notes? He should have been the one to bring his concern but i am sure the people there won't understand him

  3. You guys don’t understand because you are not Korean. It’s simply cultural difference.

  4. Do you need a reason to grow your hair? Like wtf is wrong with some people in Korea…just let him live and look like he wants to!

  5. This is such a stupid concern. How close minded are these koreans? why would the mom care if they stare at her son? If he wants to grow his hair it's his damn business. Why do they all treat him like a wierdo just because of that? that's just wrong.

  6. my heart broke when he agreed to cut his hair, everyone around him looked happy that they pressured him into doing that, but when you look at him he was fighting tears. How cruel and sad, this pissed me off so much.

  7. ++++ korean guys back then had long hair !!!!! But now they see it as a problem or wither he’s gay??

  8. Tbh weirdly I liked the way he looks it fits him. I had a thought for a moment if a could date a guy with that hair tall and it didn’t bother me although I like short hair for me and my hair is short 😂😂 but he’s really good looking and I didn’t want him to cut it just for his mother , I wish his mother was a little understandable.

  9. son just be yourself , long hair it isn't problem. mom should open mind and accept all of your son be.

  10. This is my opinion. To be honest he is my style. I will date him if he cut his hair a lil bit. He can keep long hair but not more than stomach level.

  11. “He looks so much better”
    What the hell?!
    He looks good with long hair too!
    The heck is wrong with people, I’m 12 and even I know that everyone is different and beautiful their own way!

  12. What the hell, he actually didn’t get a job cause of his long hair?!
    Not only girls can have long hair, gosh Koreans can be so ridiculous and stupid sometimes.

    (I’m korean so it’s not that I hate Koreans, chill before hating on me for calling them ridiculous)

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