PIZZA, PASTA & MORE! | What I Eat In A Day | Anorexia Recovery #32

[музыка] [смех] леня а сам все а а [музыка] [музыка] а а у меня а more [музыка] а [музыка] да нет [музыка] мы [музыка] но вот [музыка] чернова н.а. без клевый will i be able to teach me melt like an флэк предлагалось с английского и локти сян сян цзун и но когда ребенка придумай баре а будешь вот echange.me стену алкидные [музыка] 2 [музыка] [музыка] и но под [музыка] да [музыка] [аплодисменты] а [музыка] [смех] лень все а а а а [музыка] [музыка] а а 2 я мао [музыка] нет [музыка] а [музыка] но [музыка] [аплодисменты] [музыка] а лень matiz [музыка] а [музыка] а [аплодисменты] [музыка] но [музыка] [музыка] а [аплодисменты] [музыка]

Glenn Chapman


  1. You always say that you look bloated but girl you look so lean! I wish I would look so lean as you when you call that bloating !😂💙

  2. You should try your yogurt and blueberries with granola or honey on top! It's yummy 💕

  3. Like your food diaries because you don't only talk about recovery like some other people in YouTube, you are doing it properly!

  4. I always love your outfits! You're doing great, keep going ❤️❤️

  5. absolutely love this!!! seeing that we make super similar content maybe we should collab sometime?! 💞💞

  6. You are a great inspiration and so is Emma. Such strong recovery warriors 💪. What is the gingerbread brand you like? Thank you for your videos and advice xxx

  7. Emma was the one who introduced me to you! Love her videos and yours! I can’t wait to see it!!

  8. I’m glad one of your motivations is to be able to play your favorite sports again! You deserve to gain some more weight, as I find you very skinny, especially your belly and upper body! And you deserve to be healthy and happy!😘

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