Glenn Chapman


  1. Amazing reading…..for me this is totally reversed in every aspect….funny how that can occur…..I'm cross watching for my Pisces…..pray every that he wakes up. I've waited 10 years for him to awaken……

  2. I believe in faith and I know if it's meant to be it'll be even if he still the Luv of my life but we all have 2 leave the past behind & move on even though my heart only beats 4 😍 HIM & HIM ONLY 😍 I'm happily married & with kids but my heart always belonged 2 my Ex- boyfriend & Luv him in silence even if it kills me not being with him but there is a lot of history & baggage there & a lot of KARMA 😔 & my husband doesn't deserve this from my part

  3. hard to forgive and forget the person always lie and cheat! he never change a bit! Once cheated forever cheated! can’t trust him anymore! he is a only a player! didn’t see him since Feb 14, 2019 and not interested in seeing him again!

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