piercing my own ears *gone wrong*

I am piercing that yours so funny film a video of it Telstra doing so yeah about these little gun thingies at sally's um I know you're not supposed to use the guns I know they're like really bad for your ears but if you go and get them done at Claire's they use like a different kind of gun that they use on everyone so I'm pretty sure that's like less sanitary so this is like better than going to Claire's but worse than actually getting it done correctly I like a tattoo shop but this piercing my own ears okay so anyway um this house alcohol like clean my ear I'm probably gonna like mess this up because I watch them videos people doing it and everyone clean the air and then everyone was like you're still touching area that's not sanitary so I'm probably messing it up also I wash my hands right before this too so yeah so now I'm gonna mark where I want to put the whole I think I think like that can you see it can you see it no you can't really but okay so yeah so I did that and because my iPhone headphones don't plug into my laptop so that's what I'm using my playstation headphones and I look kind of stupid but I just thought I'd mention the way that I edit out words in this video is like really ugly and it just gets uglier acidity goes on but yeah I hope you enjoy icings bag I'm gonna quote all my ears to my ear gets like a little numb I know that's like literally the most unnecessary thing ever but I'm like scared that I'm gonna mess this up and it's gonna hurt so yeah that's gonna do nothing okay that's good okay so I've got I'll go to the alcohol again real fast okay so I'm like scared bricks up I'm like so scared oh shoot not like clicking with a okay do you see this you're like won't push further than that how on earth okay literally like it won't click farther than that like okay I'm gonna push really hard on this one cuz I have another one that I bought so I don't know if I'm just oh oh well right okay so freaking stupid okay okay well so now we've wasted this one yeah I guess you just have to really freakin jammin in there so mmm I don't like I don't want to do this anymore no way that just like was so loud freaks me out I did you have to get it like there and then they push really hard oh I'm like freaked out okay once again okay we're gonna try again I'm like it's kind of scared me I wasn't scared before but now I am ah Frick okay love that okay oh shoot did it solo how do I get this off my freaking here with the trick are you freaking kidding me how do I get this off it's like stuck on the back this shit on the fries like okay there's that what the really oh shoot it's a little star maybe it wasn't that bad that's not terrible that's not wise men to put whoa okay now this is you know because I messed up the good other star one so shoot I mean like it's lower than I meant I was like way lower than I meant god dang there but that's so annoying okay whatever I I really wish I like put it in the right spot but because I was gonna do three but now I feel like I do should not do three I don't know here maybe I can take this out I'm put in like the other ones like up I feel like it okay now I can kind of feel it a little okay let me get this out of here I don't know if you can do this is probably so unsanitary I'm trying to freaking ouch oh there we go one is wrong with me why did I just an ironic lease a goddamn like I am so annoyed look at where I put that that is so bad okay whatever should I buddy oh shoot it's like bleeding oh I'm so stupid that is not where I wanted it I wanted it higher up but I messed it up and now it's like bleeding probably cuz you're not supposed to take the earring out I'm so stupid okay whatever so I'm gonna try and put this other little earring in I drilled Oh Ricky don't put that okay with a small one it doesn't look nothing okay I put in the little tiny other one it's not that bad like I wish I'd done it higher up because I want to do a third one but I mean I feel like if I put a third one right here it's like not that bad I don't know I'm like annoyed that I like messed it up but it's like not the worst so um now let's do the other ear I guess I have to do it also too low on the other year but now I feel like if I try to do it because this one I was trying to do it like right here but then I ended up doing it here so I feel like if I try to do this one here like the same I'm gonna end up working it up been doing it way too low so I don't know okay it doesn't matter oh thank you staring at okay um we're gonna do that I'm like I'm like nervous to do and not guys like the pangas didn't hurt but I really don't get positioning again hmm I really don't want to mess up the positioning of this one I'm yeah that's like kind of where the other one's sitting I think no I think that's even lower no that's like the same kind no I think I don't know I think even put a little higher I can feel like I mean but this one I didn't put that low in against but I don't know no that's even lower I'm stupid okay so I marked it and then I just invited it again even though I just touch my ears I probably just ruined it I think it's even I don't know I'm pretty sure my earlobes are uneven that's what I'm convinced now so then do this side I'm gonna freakin up again I just know it it's not where it's supposed to be let's hope a little bit oh that one actually did hurt Oh me and I forgot about this oh okay get off my ear what the ring cheese off my ear okay okay this is actually kind of painful um I want this off my you did I do too low again I literally cannot get this off my ear and it's like starting to hurt so that's really great I'm gonna continue to try and figure this out but right now breaking hurts ouch okay so I finally got it so basically what happened is the back of the earring didn't go into this properly so I'm like or maybe it was like this is just not coming out of the thing for some reason but I got it off so I'm gonna replace it with the other earring because it's gonna do that anyways it's probably de ghin but I'm just glad I frickin finally dumped it off so yeah my positioning absolutely sucks I think that was not on the dot so these are like not even it I also love that also I think this earlobe is just like thicker than the other because when I got I'm done like about the other place I always had problems with this ear closing up but not the other one and that was just kind of hard to pull that earring out so Wow we love how uneven that is Oh God okay is actually really another one I just I'm pretty sure my earlobe I think this one is like a teeny bit longer and this one is not fine and pretty even they're not that bad it's my mother bad right so I'm gonna go get some warm water and salt and clean it and then I have like you know that like aftercare your stuff I have that for my other piercing so I'm gonna put that on now too so I will be back okay so that's it I think they're oh wait oh I was like confused for saying haha look like a monkey pretty even I think I don't I think they're a little uneven but like it's not that bad could be better could be worse so um yeah I don't think you just was not bad so not the best piercing job but not the worst so yeah um hope you enjoyed this video I might make more I think we do more thrift flips too cuz I've been doing that a lot lately but maybe we'll see I always said I was gonna upload and then I didn't so we'll see if this video even ever gets uploaded who knows but yeah that's it my ears are pierced it doesn't really hurt I have the aftercare cleaning solution so I think the thing looks alright but yeah so that's it for this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe to see if I actually post more videos umm ok bye

Glenn Chapman


  1. Why did you not take the earring out and let it heal for a day then doit again where you want it

  2. i legit died when you blurred out the swear words with “heck” and stuff that was amazing

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