Persona 5 (PS4) – Beyond Rehabilitation Trophy Guide (Fighting the Twins)

hi guys welcome to another persona 5 video and in this one I'll be showing you guys how to earn the beyond rehabilitation trophy to earn this trophy you need to beat the twin wardens Carolyn and Justine the duo put up an exceptionally tough and long fight against you on all difficulties and on the hardest difficulty to fight could last anywhere from forty to seventy minutes the first thing I would suggest regardless of the difficulty is to fuse your should soon a of the tower Arcana in order to fuse this persona you'll need to get to rank five in the strength Arcana to fuse this persona you'll need cheeky Yuji ara hibachi okuni knew she Yatagarasu and food soon ushi I provided a link to a website that will show you all the persona fusion requirements so please take a look to create the prerequisite personas in order to create your shit sanae and for later use for the mask collector trophy your should sanae is an excellent choice for this battle as he can repel resist and drain all types of damage when leveled up to the point where all his abilities are available in order to even fight the twins you'll need to be in new game+ the earliest you can fight them is right after the first time you go to explore the depths of mementos on May 18th from then on you can enter mementos and fight the twins by talking with Justine who will be to the left of the door keep in mind the last day to fight the twins is on December 22nd before the story finishes as mentioned before regardless of the difficulty the fight is pretty tough and takes a long time to finish my advice would be to lower the difficulty to make it less of a grind I thought the twins on the hardest difficulty when my entire party was at level 70 and it was a disaster so I ended up lowering the difficulty to safety dis mode to make the fight a lot shorter by almost 50 minutes really also unlike other battles where you can revive unlimited times on the safety difficulty you cannot do that in this fight this is a fair fight with no cheating allowed I came back to the fight and my part entire party was a level 90 and above on the hardest difficulty and beat the twins and one of the most grueling fights ever it was really a long fight and I really don't recommend it unless you know you really want to put yourself through that experience also it doesn't matter what your party set up is the twins can target all types of weaknesses so the best advice is to rank up all your party member confidant ranks to max so the personas evolved to their final form this allows them to learn passive abilities that can evade or nullify their weaknesses making this flight a lot easier I really wanted to get footage of the battle so I ended up fighting the twins when my party was at around level 65 and that was a huge mistake as they kept targeting my weaknesses thankfully your shit tane was there for the rescue throughout the entire fight all I tried to do in this fight is to use charge to get my attack up for your shootin a for its next next attack and use my teammates to debuff the twins and buff my teammates make sure to decrease their evasion so you should sanae's hasselt kazuto b hits it has a high chance of missing and this move hits you know 78 times actually hits for 8 times and you really this is the crux for this entire battle this is my strategy for this entire battle is to power up your shootin a and then when he attacks he deals about 1/4 of their health bar and you know damage 1/4 of their health bar and that's what you're looking for it's a very it's a really good move and you know it hits both the twins at the same time so I really recommend it for this fight this should help killing the twins at the same time and hopefully in your case as well because I make sure to rely my revive and heal my teammates each turn as that only means that the Twins will target me more often like my persona more often and I don't really want that I want to avoid that as much as possible in order to use my HP for your chitinase attack which is Vyasa Toby if you'd like to fight them as early as the fight is available after 5:18 which is May 18th I suggest fighting Reapers in order to level up quickly if you lower your difficulty because of safety difficulty you could revive unlimited times during battles users to your advantage to beat the reapers to level up you can do this on the hardest difficulty so you'll have to level up by going through the story naturally and use the flu season to beat reapers easily and level up quickly around November so this is like a long time away in November but if you really want to get this trophy out of the way if you really want to beat the twins earlier I would suggest lowering the difficulty in just getting with it you can check out the video in the description for more info about beating reapers easily and leveling up quickly during flu season as mentioned earlier if you get your shits in there for this battle and have leveled it up to the point where all its abilities are learned you can pretty much solo the battle you don't even need your teammates by not taking any damage at all I didn't do that so I take all types of damage like an idiot so please don't make the mistake that I made the abilities yo shoots and they should have for this fight our number one has who Kazuto be number 2 charge 3 Ally dance for drain ice 5 drain wind number 6 drain sigh number 7 drain nuke and number 8 repel curse all the other types of damage are naturally resisted or repelled or drained so do not you don't have to worry about that one with this setup your shootin a is pretty much unstoppable now both the twins have a total of 8,000 HP no weaknesses or resistances and as a duo can pretty much target all weaknesses that your teammates have Carolyn can use attacks that do physical fire electric sigh and bless damage and just steam does the counterpart by doing gun ice wind nuke and curse damage you need to be very careful during this fight as if you just defend and set up and don't do enough damage for six straight turns or more they will do an all-out attack and instantly be you there are different phases to this fight and the transition to the next phase is signified by them talking to you in between fight in between sequences for a few seconds when their health gets below half they will heal each other to max health using D Aharon once during the entire fight lastly you will have to finish both twins off within the same turn or they will use recom to revive each other and this can be really annoying if you know what I mean like I it happened to me and when I was fighting them in the hardest difficulty and I flipped like I literally threw my controller at the side because I was at that point I lost it please so make sure to finish them off at the same time and don't make the same mistakes that I now during phase 1 now they will use gun and physical attacks during phase 2 they will use fire win electric and ice attacks they will use this you know solo attacks that do solo damage you know one party member at a time or they can do in all sambal they can hit you all four of your teammates at the same time in Phase three they will be doing sign new lesson curse type of damages and in phase four they will just repeat the first three phrases in order repeating them over and over until you get them to a certain amount of help level phase five are they will start using the strongest attack variant for each damage type where you know for this phase what I mean by that is for a fire type they will use blazing hell which is a very powerful fire attack for the ice type they will use an ice age move you know they have specific moves that are the strongest attack type or attack variant for that specific type so make sure you want to like you know beat them before they move to this because this this phase really hurts and you want to try to beat them before this happens and unfortunately there's almost impossible to skip on the hardest difficulty just because of the fact that they don't take enough damage you know by the time you get to a point where they're like I don't know 20% left they'll start doing this and you're Buse you're going to start seeing your teammates help drop dramatically also the twins can use the kuda and de Kaja anytime during the battle after a baton pass to nullify stat buffs for your team and also nullify stat D buffs for themselves you know it's pretty much pure evil at that point but once you beat them the trophy should unlock along with a nice story based cutscene showing the affection that the twins have for the protagonist and that's pretty much it just enjoy the rest of the fight and I'll see you guys at the end now I really did not want to spoil any of the cutscenes or the story so I am going to be refraining from showing the final cutscene the video will end as soon as I beat them and you know the reward screen comes up I'm sorry about that guys it's just I'd rather you guys experience the story for yourself than me ruining it for you you know it's a very touching moment for I mean I wouldn't say this is a man the most touching moment but it's like a very affectionate moment that you shared between the protagonist and these two characters so I'd rather you guys experienced it yourself than me ruining it for you okay watch your help yeah how's it going yeah yeah well that's pretty much it for this video if you guys found this video helpful a light goes a long way to help me out also consider subbing if you'd like to see more of my content your support is always greatly appreciated guys I'll see you guys on the next video take care

Glenn Chapman


  1. I know this is late I just beaten Caroline and Justine this morning no satinael and I used Uriel the whole fight Mona did the finishing blow to Justine Ryuji finished off Caroline my party was Ren Ryuji Morgana and Haru Morgana was there for healing and holy crap that was hard 7 attempts to beat them btw near the end of new game+

  2. fighting the twins is basically the game saying "hey this is what the shadows had to go through fighting against you"

  3. how does your Yoshitsune do around 196-210 damge each time during the 8 hit attack?!

    mine did at most 150

  4. I like the fact that the best way to beat the new Velvet Room Attendants,
    is to use another Velvet Room Attendants Persona.

  5. So I fused all the Persona needed to get Yoshitsune, but I still don’t have Tje Hassou Tobi skill. What am I doing wrong?

  6. The problem is I got the perfect yoshitsune I’m pretty low level but the gun move keeps killing me

  7. Playing on merciless my joker is 92 the rest of my patrty 90 i’m just getting bodied

  8. I did this solo with only yoshitsune i have repel physical attacks and firm stance and satan's armor that reduce all magic attack's damage with regeneration 3 accessory and regeneration 3 in yoshitsune i was lvl 99 the damge i was taking from the strongest skills was like 20-40 it was soo easy on the normal difficulty

  9. Im really axcious about this battle, even tho im on safe difficulty
    Im npt a rpg guy, so ill get my ass handed to me

  10. if you want a somewhat easier fight then max out Ryuji, Yusuke and Makoto, kill one or two reapers for exp until they each get their state buffs on everyone and their evade on their weaknesses. Have each of them buff stats every two turns(make sure they have sp patch). When they aren't buffing have them guard unless someone needs to be healed. If someone needs healing, use Makoto and guard with the other two. Otherwise just use Yoshitsune on Joker and do what was demonstrated in the vid

  11. how come your morgana already had salvation but ann didnt even have matarunda :/

  12. If you defeat them once, can you fight them again in the same playthrouth?

  13. I wanna see someone fight the twins by themselves with Satanael.

  14. Bro soloing is so yuh easier than doing this. Your team mates don’t have op personas like you so the wardens pick on these weaknesses and get a one more. This allows them to debilitate you, extend the fight, proceed to baton pass and weaken all your team members and due to the upped attack power do more damage to you. So don’t use team mates period (unless it’s a high level Akechi then you’re Gucci).

  15. This fight was difficult but I FINALLY managed to defeat them in a reasonably short time thanks to your video guide. I lost twice before getting the trophy on the 3rd attempt

  16. I like that you say you don't want to show what happens after the fight, you just explain what happens multiple times

  17. You guys should use Akechi for Debilitate. He's super useful for this boss fight.

  18. Ez did this fight without using the strongest personas I can fight just with simple ones 😂😂

  19. Also, use charge, heat riser and then hassou toubi. Maybe with a debilitate on them both then do that to do at least 200 odd damage a hit from hassou toubi.. So uh yeah.. Their health drops like a sack of shit… Like, its ridiculous..

  20. I beat them on my first ng+ file and I got the omnipotent orb.. I'm now on my second ng+ file and I can kill em a bit easier. Even tho I STILL can't get past 26 turns. I'm null to all if their attacks I just can't get past the last phase.. However my sandalphon has rpl curse n rpl holy so I can reflect demonic decree and divine judgement to kill em a bit easier towards the end.. I just forget to do that and try to reflect them.. 😓😭

  21. I didn’t think this fight would be this easy. I used Yoshitsune, and satan. My party was morgana, Ruyji and Haru

  22. persona 5 i see it as pokemon but with 4 trainers in your team and your enemys are wild pokemon that is how i see it overall persona games are the best

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