Performing a System Recovery on Your HP Chromebook | HP Chromebook | HP

This video shows how to restore an HP Chromebook to its original factory settings by performing a system recovery. If the error message Chrome OS is missing
or damaged appears, or if there is another serious problem with
your Chromebook, it may be necessary to perform a system recovery. To perform a system recovery, you will need a USB Flash Drive or SD memory card with at least 4GB of memory to store recovery media. To create the recovery media, you might need to download the Chrome OS Recovery
Utility from another device Connect the recovery media device to the PC and then visit the Chrome OS help center at
support.google.com/chromeos for instructions on downloading the Chrome
OS Recovery Utility. When the Chrome recovery utility has been downloaded, safetly remove the recovery media device from
the PC. Next, power on the Chromebook. If the Chrome OS is missing or damaged screen
is not already displayed on your Chromebook, trigger the screen manually. With the Chromebook turned on, hold down the
Escape and F3 keys, and press the Power button. The Chromebook restarts, and the screen shows
Chrome OS is missing or damaged. Make sure the Chromebook is plugged into a
power source, and insert the recovery media device containing
the Chrome recovery utility. Wait while Chrome verifies the recovery media. If the recovery media verification is successful,
the system recovery begins. Wait for the recovery process to complete. When the system recovery is complete, remove
the USB flash drive or SD memory card, and wait for the Chromebook to restart. You can find additional helpful videos at
hp.com/supportvideos and on our YouTube channel, youtube.com/howto4u.

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  1. Can u help me my chrome book still saying it's missing or damage even I pplug the usb init nothing happen help.me

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