although you want to call it mushroom I can't we just call it taupe or something how about truffle Brown cuz truffle sounds nicer than a mushroom I don't get it okay new truffle is a mushroom but it's like a fancy mushrooms fungus Brown fungus now hello hello to all the hair Bessie's in the land I'm so excited we're back with Heather and artistic team member Nora hi she's a little bit brassy do a full spin for us beautiful we're gonna give her some shadow ash today a mushroom brown blonde type of situation are you nervous I love mushrooms are tasty cells do you like mushrooms too I do I mean let's take it from brass to sass Isis process all right body caught him on all right no you love mushrooms Heather but I pick out the mushrooms on my pizza I love the color I don't even know how I got started I don't know how some of these trends become a thing like peanut butter hair all right so we have established for natural hair is like a level 2 she has a little transition 5 into a 7 so today we're gonna use Shou ash to mute her hair it probably has the most ash power I've ever experienced ever when I work with my cameras on developing of the shale ash collection I wanted to be the most powerful ash that control every single orange red tones that I appear when we're lifting dark hair like myself I remember when we were talking about hair color you said what do you think is missing that we need and there's so many ashes out there but none of them are true ashes and I think for me like I have a lot of Middle Eastern Asian Hispanic clientele and that's really what's missing I think is something like that so the reason why when I use my Stardust technique is because when I go in with a zigzag and backcomb it I'm able to leave a veil of dark falling over so she doesn't look overly highlighted overly blonde because we want to take away from her we just want to enhance her and contour her with the highlights all right so take a look here I divide all of her hair four quadrants when she turned here you see the first the second the third and then the fourth we leave the two back ones out and I start the top and I want to do deep zigzags balayage usually lift the hair up to seven levels we want to lift her hair as blond as possible so we could erase all of the underlying pigment go parallel to that section so this we're gonna clip and we just flip it over and usually we do about three or four of this depending on how much hair underneath I leave the nape area out because you don't want to over highlight the hair this little bit of shadow underneath will create like almost like a contour contour this creates the illusion of more length and cut take your eyes away from the break Hadj that's on top if they have any so now we got four so that tells me we're gonna do the same thing on this opposite side and we work one section as we go you see this top bail here we actually keep this out we actually don't high like this so remember as the veil drops over you can see all the natural brown that will fall over the highlight and listen mix big nine alright so we're gonna use big nine Kevin squeeze out a hundred grams a big nine there's so many that I've played with that are so grainy and I think when it's grainy like that you're not gonna get consistent results the cool thing about using big nine is that not only is it a cream base and it's powerful but yet its gentle at the same time so you use it on scalp without scalp irritation we used to ask out you could take hair that that's really dark like level one two and three and really lift the hair to like platinum white alright so I'm gonna drop the first clip clip it out the way and you can see the zigzag from underneath on the top and what I'm gonna do is over direct the hair all the way up one eighty and you want to back comb downwards drop the hair down 45 hold only the ends and push this hair all the way up you see how it's a fine panel so that way we could pinch it all the way through now no one made sure she paint underneath the foil big nine so there's penetration on both ends that's right from front to back yes so now there's adherence we're gonna scoop the product from the side hold the hair out remember dunking is for donuts not for your Tim fresh sounds good so you can see what the one to two consistency you can easily spread the product and you can see here this shows the underlying pigment different areas I think some parts she's a like a for some part she's at a five so we get to erase all of the gold pigments in there so when we put the colors on it'll be a lot more smokier we repeat the same thing lift the hair up back home just one time and always make sure you create like a B or W shape if you end up getting like a ropey effect down the stringer you hold my hand underneath and slightly do a comb okay so now we're done falling Heather's hair we're moving on to basing now this could be a bit of a struggle going through all the back home but I'm gonna show you guys how I do it and we're gonna make it easy so we are using shadow ash 7 I've been waiting for this forever guys yeah it's one of your favorites I love it so you're using 30 volumes I am and we're doing one to one so the next one I'm gonna mix is shadow ash six I love this this is one of the forms I use on my own head and this is gonna go on her vataj to ensure that I don't get a hot root I'm gonna mix in dark shadows dark shadows is calibrated at a much lower ammonia level so you're not gonna get that overly brightened base break this helps prevent it while still controlling the warmth as it lifts I even loved adding dark shadows when I do Reds when I'm applying the our C's and stuff because it kind of like mutes it down a little so it's not so bright nobody wants the hot room no roots are not cute I'm gonna tear the tab off of the dark shadows so we're gonna get the formulas mixed up so now I'm gonna go in with the level 6 shadow ash with dark shadows we're in the places on the rue Taj I start at the top first because the top section has it been back home before the first time ever I feel like we finally have an ash color to have so much pigment that you're able to control all the warmth as much as you can because of the potency but you're also able to have longevity out of it all right so now I'm actually gonna spin her around we're gonna talk about the back home situation take it easy open her up through that middle section but once you open this up it helps you really isolate the sections one quadrant at a time so remember the zig zag you follow that zig zag pattern place it right in through there now I'm going to do one foil up and you can see that I need to tackle that vataj there don't be shy don't be shy I think what's really helpful about the technique of getting your perimeters in with the color is you're kind of creating a roadmap for yourself that you can follow alright so now that we applied the ratash formula we're gonna go in with shower ash seven alright and this is the one with 30 volume we need that extra oxygen to really accelerate the lift and then I'm just gonna lay a foil down just so we don't get the product everywhere and keep the section clean apply and pack shadow ash 7 onto this mid-shaft that's been back home I'm actually gonna use my hands my thumbs and massage it in so I'm just gonna drop the fringe section first so we don't have to deal with it so I'm gonna do the top section first which is the veil I could see her base it looks so pretty nor what do you think about it gorgeous I can't wait to see it when it's done in between the florals just make sure you always open the foils up so that way you can make sure you don't miss any spots the key is to get a lot of product on the brush and pack it on that way you can pinch it all the way through that back home and just push that product in heathers so tell me a little bit because last time we talked two years ago you told me that you want to pursue acting and modeling but what are you doing I'm still on that pharmacy route so I am a pharmacist it's not what you want to do or I wouldn't do a lot of things and I think going into pharmacy was kind of hard at first but I got there I'm done and now I've been working as a pharmacist but I still feel a little bit like unfulfilled there are other things I want to do and I still want to accomplish it's hard to do both and a lot of people are like you're either one or the other they always want you to just do one thing you guys know I'm venturing into doing music and I'm writing music and and it's something I'm passionate about but then like so many people always Oh stick to your day job just do hair and just you know deal with YouTube add something anything else is like I don't understand why why it's not fair I mean I just think if you enjoy it it's something you're passionate about it makes you happy it doesn't matter if other people don't get it it's not for them to get it's your like outlet yes you do like pharmacy and do all these things but then it's also something your parents wanted you to do you know my background being Vietnamese I felt like a lot of people get into that you know the health field or buying a stereotype yeah something safe I think that we're more than what people wanted to see it's like what do people think of us they think Oh Asian you do come through Asian you do pharmacy just stick to that and that's fine there's a place for that but I think that's where we get typecast and we're not allowed to be ourselves and that's why there's lack of representation in the media because we're not putting ourselves out there being Middle Eastern and being Muslim I've definitely had that especially in this day and age the way my group of people stereotyped is like a terrorist for example and we've had that experience when we've traveled together god I don't realize you've gone through that until I actually went on the plane with you and I saw it with my own eyes I go oh my gosh it is real it's our reality that's why that's why I think that is so good to be sensitive to other people like a lot of people who've never been through that struggle they don't realize growing up since I was a kid doing like Chinese Japanese dirty knees look at these they did although did they do that to you too when you're a kid yeah well I had a crush in this one guy and he said he said I'm too oriental I'm like I'm so used to being hurt growing up in Oklahoma I've always been hurt people made fun of me so I just can't just take it I don't want to be that and you shouldn't and I'm inspired by you nor I'm inspired by you to have a voice that we should be afraid to be ourselves in the same thing with you you could audition for so many roles and you live your dream that your parents never knew that yeah but you can be successful if you know to being Victor's and not victims oh I like yeah I am so excited look at her base color it's hard to see on camera because her hair is wet and remember ash colors always appear darker to the eye because then you think that's blue its muted and it sits in the back and anything that's yellow of gold or orange pops out and remember that Stardust technique so you can see that dark veil that falls over and look how it blends all the way down and diffuse the highlights and then as it comes up to her face frame you can see that the color of highlight is stronger you can see the highlights go higher to frame her face this is beautiful this is exactly what I wanted we are gonna tone her damp with our Express toner right Nora yep we are gonna do equal parts Anna steamed off and Eclipse by layering additional pigment on damp hair you get to smoke it out furthermore it makes any clips and miss the mob together you get like this topi mushroom smoky color that you can't even describe what I love about the consistency is that it's not just like liquid where it just leads everywhere but you get to place the color where you want it so you get to control your color melt and the Express toners are really great to use to pre base the hair with something for example if you're trying to create like a rose gold I love using the blush Express toner sometimes we'll even add a little pink glow booster or love booster it will have something to anchor to and it'll last longer are did me prom the color the reason why I can layer so many is because of the pH being acidic because it does not damage the hair it's almost like your conditioning and coloring it at the same time exactly so our next formula is misty ma then misty mob only go ahead and squeeze it on out Nora this is going to be 1 to 2 ratio with a dedicated 6 volume developer but I love how it like fits in here so perfect well it's not just that 2 is the tab holder that I like the most if anything is a tab holder I'm not just applying it just on the ends I'll apply it over the previous formula as well and swipe merge the two tones together don't be afraid you can process your hair for five minutes if you want and be done with it but for me I like to leave it on just a little bit longer sometimes 10 minutes but you can leave it on for a full 25 minutes for full richness if you like too [Applause] Heather I'm a little bit of a jellyfish I love your hair like I want it on my head the color Nora seriously I mean this is truffle Brown we took it from brass to SAS I mean seriously her ends were only lifted to a level 9 and there's like gold left behind it the misty moth control everything and look at that base color shell I was just no joke guys I love it you love it this is what's in what is trending but as soon as my hair grow out I'm gonna come after your wig like thumbs up subscribe but know you love the hair because I know I do otherwise look oh my god it looks so good this is my color now alright guys love you guys

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