Pawn Stars: Restored Pawns | History

Glenn Chapman


  1. I would say the same thing about the cake if I got a classic car like that for my birthday too.

  2. I am surprised rick didnt say i will give you 10$ for 2500$ and i am takingall the risk 😂

  3. That's why the old man left rick in charge of his estate when he passed.

  4. We have a Pac-Man machine at our school and it’s in great condition.

  5. That store at the Pacman part has been there a long time. I used to go there in 1993 went I was 7. The Video game store is what we called it. Game Repair. Two blocks away from where I grew up. Absolutely loved that place.

  6. What happened to Rick’s restorations? What about the choc vanilla twist? What of the uncle who originally sold s coke machine to the pawn stars who returned it to rick to restore lol

  7. i hate collectors …some of the worst people on the planet, next to business men

    >collectors want items that are original and in pristine condition

    >collectors hate items that have been restored, have no value
    >also collectors take their junk to get restored …SMH

  8. You can tell that Bob is not reading any lines of a script. You can tell how the words come naturally with his passion of restoring antiquities.

    I never met any kind of workman that restores or repairs "mechanic stuff" using proper term and not missing a single word. Bob is a true speech man

  9. 1:28 Is it just me or are those pumps not the same? At least the graphic isn't the same. I wonder why that is.

  10. R.I.P. old man. That clip is legendary when he gets the car 🙏🏻

  11. RIP old man. You were the reason I watched the show just waiting for the comebacks and shutdowns lol.

  12. Chum lee and old man have one of the greatest chemistry
    RIP Old Man

  13. Man a lot of these ‘restored’ items lost a lot of the patina value. They may as well have just made a new one.

  14. 4:35 LMFAO what was that jump cut to chums face that was amazing.

  15. 3:51 why do I feel like all the people from the shows in history channel are friends?

  16. what’s that show called where these two guys go to peoples house and like buy stuff from them plzz tell me??

  17. I just don't get the point of doing that much restoration. It just doesn't feel authentic.

  18. It’s funny how all losers in the comment section all make the same same comments about the old man because he was at the end of the video so you all had to say something 🤦🏻‍♂️

  19. Best quote by Old Man: "I don't understand horror movies. The greatest horror is to have children."

    I definitely agree to the Old Man.

    He is grumpy but funny.

  20. Rick can you fix this pump, and you'll have to pay me back to use my name.

  21. Leave a like for the old man

    👇Thanks for the love and support

  22. I am an sourcing agent from china and I sell the same kind of chairs right around 500 usd …

  23. 0:05 is dah most beautiful thing I ever seen, its a banana next to a bananana

  24. If Pawn Stars hasn’t taught you anything atleast you know it’s always safe to have a “buddy”

  25. 99.591% of all comments are about the old man. RIP old man

  26. “Rick is the best son” That one hit me. Rest in peace old man. 😞

  27. Rip The Old Man
    Rick:watching this video at the end
    Old man:Rick is a Great Son
    Rick: 🙂

  28. The pac man machine is not even rare…my dentist has 3 of those

  29. I’ve never rlly understood the appeal of “restored” antiques. Most of the time it just means most of it is new and replaced

  30. Oh yeah, I restored this for you – had to send half of it out to other guy, the other is getting done by another guy… I sprayed some paint on it though

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