Parents react to my new tattoos…I’m surprised

something Crazy's happening today okay and it's crazy because my whole life I said I would never do it and now I am I'm getting a tattoo I've been wanting a tattoo for a little while now okay and I'm not gonna say what it is yet because it's a surprise but I don't know it kinda is freaking me out that I'm getting the tattoo when I said that I would never do it but then again I feel like I'm at this stage in my life where I'm just ready for change like when I go home to Chicago I'm dyeing my hair I even cut my hair it was a super long and I took some inches off you know you just you need all those phases that you go through you just want change yeah okay so I guess I'm going through one of those phases right now and maybe a tattoo isn't like a phase type of thing but I'm going with the flow because life is short and why not this is a fun experience and I think that uh know what can go wrong I'm nervous we so nervous for exactly you acting like you know get something that's gonna be on your body for the rest of your life I'm scared what if I regret it afterward 280 well it's not too late yet I'm gonna get it I can't back out now okay yeah any committed mentally right once you open that door there's no going back all right she's getting it my mom picks me up from the airport tomorrow and I know that she's gonna see it right away or I might just tell her so she's either gonna whip my ass or I just be like well fine your body forever I get something my mom gives me sass I literally want to save her if you if you get one comment and then anything more than that I'm leaving how many goals I living on my own to pay for my own shit I love you you love me I can make decisions like if this is the worst thing is happening in your world then you've got it pretty good you can make your comment or two and then we're done forever and you can either complement it or never sit same thing about dirty Tramp how far is this place I'm like are we there yet two minutes away oh my god I'm freaking out what if it's a million dollars and I'm like not I'm gonna do it it's a million dollars okay I'm saying it if it's like anything over a hundred dollars I'm not getting into the destination is on because even $100 to this is just ridiculous because it's so small they won't charge of Sally charge at 40 or 50 bucks I may get a micro tad I know I'm being a bitch I'm making like a huge deal out of this tattoo when in reality it's probably gonna be like less than an inch long but I don't know here in 15 I have one in my lip I just don't count it it's just it's a lotus but it hated I'm starting to like twitch but I get nervous I like start like moving my limbs around I think I can feel your person do you feel energy well do I feel energy well mm-hmm what am i some sort of a hippie well you just said I can feel I can feel how nervous I can't literally feel your nervous energy I guess I can just observing you and listen to things you're saying and doing it I'm still bit uncomfortable about the situation which makes sense but you know I love when Bobby talks like he's dr. Phil doesn't you're getting it you're getting a fucking tattooed the size of a thimble it's not that big of a deal it could be a little bigger than a thimble almost there yeah well I'm a Birkin we'll see there yeah can maybe like a little higher yeah and I don't know if I like that angle I think the bottom should be brought that way that's straight yes saying a little bit yeah I like a sighs good yeah okay can you go like fire anything bitch it was straight [Applause] amazing she did she's a champ she took it like a champ I came to think Louis invisible ray and I left with we're not one to talk to I haven't seen anyone take something that well since you know last time I saw her mom the ankle tattoo actually hurt a little bit not gonna lie but this one painless this is my favorite out of the two I can't wait to show my mom my tap she's gonna freak out so I just got to the stainless airport and leaving st. Louis going back to Chicago and my mom's picking me up in the airport and I get to surprise her with this and my other tattoo on my leg so two things gonna happen she can either be really surprised but disappointed and I'm sad or she's gonna be surprised and she's gonna really like that so hopefully this goes well but I have a feeling that my dad is gonna have something to say about it I went on a limb and I did something and it cited that it's not degrading or anything like this is cute I think it's a cute little thing some other people get way worse tattoos and so my parents really cannot say anything like it could have been a freaking demonic satanic thing that we saw the tattoo parlor go to the airport and see a lot of weird things like going on over here but pretty hungry right now don't really know what I want to eat stay blows air poor doesn't have that many options so probably just end up going to Starbucks my flight is delayed as well don't you hate that you literally rush to get to the airport and then you show up and it's like oh you're my flights canceled anywhere my place will be played like 20 minutes so it's not that bad but still what do you do reunited with my mommy so I have a surprise for you okay don't freak out oh boy I gotta catch you did not I got cute tattoos we're you like it yeah okay it's cute right I wanted this for a while and then this is the second one that I got okay a little a little Saturn my inger looks like not on your bicep or something no I thought you're gonna be more upset I just picture you like in a beautiful wedding gown with these big tattoos oh I think it's funny that she's already picturing me in a wedding gown and I can barely picture myself getting out of this bed no I'm not gonna have big tattoos I'm happy I'm going through this phase where I like micro tattoos like the little tiny one like a little one behind your neck yeah are like behind my evening this is just my favorite symbol I just love it so much I don't know why I just well I'm surprised you're not as upset that's good honestly what dad has to say about them yeah dad's gonna be upset well you got my first tattoo he's gonna say how when you get older how they're gonna sag and they're not gonna look the same whatever gonna look like a long teardrop we might not even live to be 70 with how the universe is what get you so – I'm so happy to have you home you've been gone so long I know last time I was home was Christmas yep I go home for like two weeks out of the year good to be back in Chicago yeah we like it's a fight over you now back with my puppy say hi this is Rio she's a pit bull lab [Applause] okay now that I have Sulabh or all of them my face thank you so much for watching on really high so my tattoos I'm gonna post pictures on my Instagram if you want to check them out follow me put it here and like and subscribe and I'll see you guys next time bye

Glenn Chapman


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