Paramedics Providing Palliative Care at Home

when people call 9-1-1 they have the perception that paramedics are going to come in lights and sirens with our bags do some quick assessment take the patient to the hospital however now we have additional training that allows us to provide palliative care support for patients and families they don't necessarily have to go to the emergency department they can access this care wherever they are in the province to 24 hours a day a palliative care patient and their family's concerns about calling 9-1-1 is that the crisis that they're experiencing potentially doesn't require an ambulance and they're also concerned that if we come we have to take them to the hospital which isn't always the case we strive to keep people at home as much as possible my name is Virginia Bouchard and I grew up on the south shore small community Luneberg County but his breathing was the biggest problem and discomfort for him and unfortunately when he became ill it was a holiday weekend I was met with a lot of obstacles voicemails couldn't reach anybody so our final decision was to call 9-1-1 so the paramedic palliative support at home is designed so we respond to patients who are experiencing breathlessness nausea and vomiting pain crisis or if the family or patient fear fear what's happening or they feel overwhelmed it's available within the province of Nova Scotia to adults and children we typically will come without lights and sirens unless the situation warrants and then we may show up with our lights and sirens on when we arrive on scene we determine that a patient is a palliative care patient we're able to review any documents that are on scene palliative care binder vo n folder is what brings us here today our service provides patients and families with a backup anytime that their regular healthcare provider isn't available for them it may also increase the opportunity to care for a family member at home at the end of life and provides a sense of comfort and security in their time of need you have the comfort of being in your home the paramedics offer such support not only to the patient but also supportive comfort to the family and in doing so they allowed us the freedom to focus our time and devotion entirely to Bob EHS also has a special patient program when a patient's enrolled in this program we have the ability to access their care plan their wishes and any special considerations on the way to the call this program is developed with the patient their caregivers and their health care provider they comfort care professionalism that is provided by these wonderful people is second to none if you want more information or you'd like to enroll in the special patient program speak to your health care provider [Applause]

Glenn Chapman

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