Palliative Care in Neurology

am i Isha Robinson assistant professor of neurology at Mayo Clinic in Florida I'm also the medical director of palliative medicine and the article palliative care neurology will appear in the Mayo Clinic proceedings so palliative care in Neurology really focuses on the need and the benefit of incorporating palliative care into the management plans for patients with neurologic disease we have an opportunity to not only provide care to our patients but also to their families as we collaborate with neurologists and non neurologists caring for patients with neurologic disease we outline a number of neurologic conditions we detail some of the data specific to those conditions with regard to management of some symptoms as well as discussing advanced care planning and the need for early conversations about goals of care patients with neurologic disease have a number of symptoms that the literature suggests are under treated and under managed at times also under documented in medical training we often are not taught about some of these symptoms and when we need to assess them and how we can address them and so palliative care offers us an opportunity to really focus on trying to improve quality of life for our patients with neurologic disease palliative care is really an approach to care all neurologists all physicians really are already engaging in some degree of palliative medicine some of our patients with neurologic disease will benefit from subspecialty palliative care as well palliative care is one of the fastest growing trends in healthcare and this is likely because both patients family members and other clinicians recognize there is a significant benefit to incorporating not only primary palliative care but subspecialty palliative care into the management plan for those patients in a palliative care aims to recognize prevent and alleviate suffering of all forms physical psychological spiritual and social suffering and it's appropriate for patients with advanced or chronic medical conditions at any age and at any stage of the condition neuro palliative care or palliative care specifically for patients with neurologic disease is in a burgeoning field in Neurology there are many opportunities for research including what is the best way to deliver palliative care to patients with neurologic disease there are other thoughts about telepathy ativ care or home-based palliative care or incorporating subspecialty palliative care routinely into the management plans for these patients there are a number of aspects of palliative care in Neurology that we don't yet understand but there are a number of people specifically neurologists who are dedicating their careers to practicing neuro palliative care who are looking for the best manner in which to deliver this the takeaway message of this article is really that patients with neurologic disease have myriad symptoms which could benefit from a palliative approach to care it's important to know that all palliative care is not hospice care rather hospice care fits under palliative care but it's specifically for people that have six months or less to live if the disease progresses in its normal fashion given that almost all the patients with a chronic progressive neurologic disease could benefit from primary palliative care which is palliative care provided by their primary neurologist or their primary care physician and some of those patients who have complex medical needs or complex psychological issues or complex spiritual issues a can benefit from subspecialty palliative care we hope you found this presentation from the content of Mayo Clinic proceedings valuable our journals mission is to promote the best interests of patients by Van Singh the knowledge and professionalism of the physician community if you are interested in more information about us our homepage is WWE clinic proceedings org there you will find access information for our social media content such as additional videos on our youtube channel or journal updates on facebook you can also follow us on Twitter more information about health care at Mayo Clinic is available at WWE clinic org this video content is copyrighted by Mayo foundation for medical education and research

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