Orbital Piercing Gone Wrong!! *Removal*

what is up guys that welcome my name is Haru this right here is the world-famous those by a Pearson we are special video guys today a special video we got a removable video for yesterday we got order of piercing gone wrong removal video I know you people love the nasty shit the removals and I know we are filming a removable video I was here for this one unfortunately we still got on camera for you guys so without further ado fairy subscribe make sure subscribe below to the Apostle occasions men the bell I come to fight every single time we post I without further ado let's get started with today's video removal video yeah I said yep yeah it's not pretty face embarked this is gonna be an incredible journey my bullet texted me this morning and he was like something about I've been editing the vlogs and you say that shit word a lot me me I'm like recall that shake all our victim in here you ready let's do it bro Gabriel thoughts party begin this guy's swollen so he's gonna be the fun one yeah Garcia Oh what did you want when you went in there like what was the plan I guess that's waxing comparing the sizes to other here which is two times bigger than is that I'm safe this is here all the hospital yeah yeah just a little basic yeah that's what you wanted don't get it from me yeah thank you please focus real quick god damnit dad here's 2 times bigger than marijuana is it hurting I really just so ordered pop it open in the words of beer and most I'm constantly and cutting it but it'll like you more trying to go through hi ladies I will be with you in a quick second okay push in sit down first well I can't really do much about the area that it's in ready I already know oh boy you need some heavy artillery for this one huh yeah when I saw I was like dad I just gonna be juicy when we take it out okay it's really out of here beautiful so that he's though it's why it's so easy to film like this even getting this that's the holes they're kind of close to each other though if you wanted an orbital that with a hoop that size you need like a Pearson with a bigger separation you need a lighter yeah a lot wider look cuz look in the back oh shit the appears like that yeah instead of piercing much like like straight across I like parallel lines you know that's crazy that's a big difference in it it did a number on you buddy alright now what I'm gonna do is just make sure there's nothing else in there okay yeah I'm just gonna give it a couple my squeezes your ears pretty waxy right now so hopefully just gets it any more down take some Tylenol when you go home you know yeah it'll make you feel a lot better so technically the we do this piercing does he do two separate ones studs and then you go to this way after yeah you don't do this day one cuz you know you do this right out right after because of the fact that the swelling it's just like everything else so this is just so okay it's medicated so it should help a little bit and then I'm just gonna clean it up with saline and not how everybody feels about soaps I'm only using this for cleaning purposes like howdy we put in some new labrats just to have him keep the jewelry or keep the holes basically the jewelry you know make it look fresh for brand new that's all I know down within the first two weeks yeah that's good that's a cool bro yeah that's right I was like you don't look bad yeah you know you have the whole song yeah okay they have no perfect dude like other than that just keep it clean make sure you're using the salt water every day two to three times a day okay yeah yeah yeah just take care okay try not to sleep in perfect it was good I mean damn they did a number on you I'm telling you but I want to recommend going back yeah you're gonna be our customer all right and we'll do it that way for exam and now okay that's it yeah hey cool we got a new customer some shit thank you bro that is it for today thank you so much for watching future the love we appreciate the support yet another removal video yet another piercing gone wrong video which is been sitting there like doing it for movies it's unfortunate but we do like them so if you don't subscribe make sure subscribe below turn your post on vacations behind the bell icon to be notified every single time we post and we'll see you guys back here next time cuz you know how it is alrighty

Glenn Chapman


  1. Does this guy remind anyone else of "Count Dracula"? The nose and teeth and dark hair. And dumbass way he talks. Just like a sesame street clown with a hand up its Ass. LMAO

  2. my dad used to pressure me to think that guns were safer. honestly ive never met someone more stubborn

  3. Not sure why they would bother putting new flat backs in, the placement is awful and the angles they are in will most likely cause irritation. It would have been so much better to let the piercings close and heal and then eventually repierce him.

  4. Oh man who ever pierced him the first time messed up. I'm glad you guys was able to help with his piercing

  5. Idk how tf I’m eating while watching this and not feeling nauseous

  6. I have this and it’s great and I started out with the hoop.

  7. Go to the dr and get some strong antibiotics to prevent a gnarly infection.

  8. Hit that bell so hard that Australia just went further down under.

  9. I got my orbital pierced about 7 months ago and it’s been a complete bitch (all of my other 10 ear piercings are fine including my industrial) but a day ago it got infected and today there was a pus bubble forming and I popped it with a pin and disinfected it and it was SO damn satisfying. It’s doing better now and I’ve replaced it with a different type of jewelry since it didn’t like the one that I had in for a long time.

  10. That was brutal…. lol, this is “how to screw up your ear” piercing Ouch!

  11. Get a “macro” lens for closeups. You can get really, really, reallyyyyyy close and have perfect pin sharp focus – they work both for further away and focus millimetres away too. 👌

  12. The first evening that came out looks so horrible the way they did it I don’t think there should be a patient like that way Cartlidge yes but the other two holes in the air no

  13. I love how they glove up then touch that cabinet door :/ Kinda defeats the purpose to an extent.

  14. I got my tragus pierced just over a year ago and it still has a bubble thingy on the front, any tips? I just want it to go away bahaha

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