Glenn Chapman


  1. Monkeys are cute when they are young but once they grow and become president for 8 years that wears off quick lol

  2. Why are people so cruel theyre just babies, i wish our world was better and people actually felt humility towards everyone and everything

  3. They are such beautiful and intelligent animals. I am so thankful that you "wonderful people" who are filled with "compassion" for Gods Creation.
    I hope you grow Palm Oil Trees that they enjoy, and grow up with some peace and happiness as they should.

  4. I am from Indonesia and I also curse many Indonesians’ greed who think that Orangutans should be murdered to greater the land of palm. U guys are very disgusting! May your soul burn in hell!

  5. Poor little guys – aww I just want to hug them and protect them. Little angels. Who could hurt or mistreat such beautiful sweet little creatures?

  6. I am sad that these horrific event falls on these incredible and precious animals.

    P.s That wheel barrow ride looked more comfortable than the train from Como Italy to Milan.

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