Glenn Chapman


  1. Monkeys are cute when they are young but once they grow and become president for 8 years that wears off quick lol

  2. Is it true that most released orangutans perish once returned to the wild?

  3. I laughed out loud when it showed the babies in the wheel barrel 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Hugs herself..😶😯😞😖😢😭

  5. Why are people so cruel theyre just babies, i wish our world was better and people actually felt humility towards everyone and everything

  6. They are such beautiful and intelligent animals. I am so thankful that you "wonderful people" who are filled with "compassion" for Gods Creation.
    I hope you grow Palm Oil Trees that they enjoy, and grow up with some peace and happiness as they should.

  7. I'm really happy I'm now updated on her, I've been wondering how the recover works and what the people could do for her

  8. I would like to order a red barrel of orangutans ples!!!!

  9. We should boycott palm oil as it is responsible for all this things..

  10. I am from Indonesia and I also curse many Indonesians’ greed who think that Orangutans should be murdered to greater the land of palm. U guys are very disgusting! May your soul burn in hell!

  11. Poor little guys – aww I just want to hug them and protect them. Little angels. Who could hurt or mistreat such beautiful sweet little creatures?

  12. Bless his little heart why aren't they picking up and loving on him

  13. One grenade in the wheel barrow and mince meat orangutans. Worthless bastards.

  14. I am sad that these horrific event falls on these incredible and precious animals.

    P.s That wheel barrow ride looked more comfortable than the train from Como Italy to Milan.

  15. ای جان مث نارگیل هستن

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