One-Touch Healing Device — Mind Blow #113

Researchers at Cornell decided to figure out
some practical uses for an extra robotic arm. They discovered it’s more useful for professional
and work settings where it’s helpful to hold multiple things at once rather than recreational
uses like an extra arm for rock climbing. Although that would be cool. And also at Guy Hoffman’s Lab, Blossom is
a social home robot made out of soft, handcrafted materials like yarn and wood instead of the
usual plastic, glass and metal. Honestly, I just wanted to show you this because
it’s the first companion robot I’ve wanted to hug. Vsauce! Kevin here. This is Mind Blow. Ohio State researchers have a one-touch organ-healing
device. The Tissue Nanotransfection technology allows
doctors to generate any cell type within a patient’s body to repair injured tissue
or restore organs, blood vessels and nerve cells. By placing the chip on the body and applying
electrical current, the non-invasive reprogramming turns skin cells into whatever cells doctors
need. It injects DNA into the skin cells and it
worked on a mouse to restore blood flow to a damaged leg in the three weeks. And they’re beginning human clinical trials
in 2018. We may have discovered the building blocks
for quantum internet. Researchers at The Australian National University
used an ion called erbium in a crystal to store quantum information for over a second. 10,000 times longer than previous experiments. It also works with existing fibre optic networks
and can connect to different quantum computers. And one great advantage of developing the
quantum internet is security – it would allow for information to be destroyed if intercepted. There is a pen that can detect cancer in real
time. The MasSpec Pen, developed at the University
of Texas at Austin, works by delivering a water droplet to a tissue surface which extracts
biomolecules which are then delivered to a mass spectrometer for molecular analysis. The system then tells surgeons whether the
tissue is cancerous or not in seconds, allowing for safer and more effective cancer-removal
surgery. The first winged mammals evolved 100 million
years earlier than the first modern mammal fliers. Two 160 million year old, Jurassic period
fossils, were uncovered in China and a collaboration between The University Of Chicago and Beijing
Museum of Natural History resulted in these awesome reconstructions. And this discovery shows the ecological diversity
of early mammals, suggesting dinosaurs were not quite as dominant as previously thought. Neurable created the first brain-controlled
virtual reality game. The brain-computer interface company
interprets brain activity using an EEG to measure electric activity and software to
translate it into action. Their device uses seven electrodes that measure
signals responding to stimuli so that you can play their game Awakenings without controllers. You literally just use your brain. The plan is to make this available in VR arcades
next year. Meanwhile in Japan, rural elderly folks are
getting around in autonomous robot buses. They’ve begun experimenting with driverless
buses to shuttle the elderly to medical and shopping services in rural areas without enough
workers to drive taxis or buses. Right now the robot shuttle tops out at 6
mph (10 kph) so hopefully as the develop the technology they can improve the travel time
before their projected launch in 2020. Nanobiotics are a new class of antibiotics. Engineers from Michigan University can create
nanoparticles 1/100th the size of a germ of different shapes to control what they do. So by using these to coat medical devices
they bind to the proteins to prevent molecules from changing – thereby creating bacteria
resistance.Which could be a huge advance in the fight against antibiotic resistance. Scientists at The University Of Texas at Dallas
have developed electricity-generating yarn. The carbon nanotube twistron yarn generates
electricity when stretched and one of the future uses of this technology could be harvesting
energy from ocean waves. Finally, SMART self-driving wheelchairs are
continuing their development with hospitals trials in Singapore. The technology will give people much more
flexibility and much richer personal mobility. And at the same time it will make it better
for doctors and the nurses who focus on patient care and will be less worried about whether
they have the right object or the right people in the right place. Over the years, Mind Blow has focused on breakthrough
ideas, discoveries and science to push us all forward. The world has been on an incredible path of
progress – in our lifetimes we’ve witnessed the biggest decrease in poverty, disease and
child deaths. But progress is not inevitable. So the Gates Foundation is creating the Goalkeepers
report, which they hope will inspire a new generation of leaders – Goalkeepers who
raise awareness of progress, hold their leaders accountable and drive action to accelerate
progress. Education is an area where the world doesn’t
have enough data to understand progress. It’s relatively easy to count the number
of children in school, but that doesn’t tell us how much those children are actually
learning. Many countries don’t generate any useful
learning data at all, let alone in a comparable way. We need to know early whether children are
able to read, a pre-requisite to all learning. For more information on ways to get involved
in ensuring quality education to transform our world click the link to read the report. Now I’m gonna leave you with two walking
robots taking a stroll through the Agility Robitics office – and as always thanks for
watching. The art of bookmaking is older than printing
by many centuries. Yet, today’s members of the brotherhood of
book binders, artists of the AF of L CIO are able to supply man for the most important
ingredient of the modern world — literacy. Following a craft as ancient as cave drawings,
these union workers of the book industry are second to none in keeping pace with progress. The ingenuity which has passed on to the folders,
gatherers, sewers, trimmers, liners and case makers, in a proud profession is constantly
at work for you to produce our greatest treasure, knowledge.

Glenn Chapman


  1. The robot bus footage in the video is from experiments in Switzerland. You can read about the new trials being done for the elderly in Japan by checking out the article in the description. Peace!

  2. Another step to full dive technology, I hope I get to see the day where I can be in Aincrad, or fly in Alfheim or pick up a lightsaber and slice bullets in GGO

  3. As fundamental as reading is, it isn't the prerequisite to learning… that title would belong to a brain, them babies are scary learners

  4. so to check your prostate now you got an option… doc's finger or a cancer detector 8 inch pen!

  5. ability to read is not a prerequisite to learning… Only a prerequisite to understand a book.

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  7. Aaand i wish there were glove and weapon controlers
    Avatar game?
    Combat game?

  8. 'In the fight AGAINST ANTI-biotic RESISTANCE', In a few years there's gonna be more negatives than letters

  9. Can this one-touch tech be used to modify cancer cells to not uncontrollably reproducing?

  10. Automated cars, hands free computers, VR, and robots are the way of the future.

  11. I've noticed that just about every walking robot has digitigrade leg design. It's almost as though, from an engineering standpoint, digitigrade is much more advantageous than plantigrade.

  12. I put that same robot walking clip at the end of my last video too! Hoping great minds think alike. Thanks for always inspiring.

  13. Organ-Healing Device is not bad, but it felt like your just need a banages apply to it, then again we do have people will attend to do stupid thing like overloading the eletric to the bandages.

    Autonomous Robot Bus, its very simple, just add more batteries and lighter parts, just apply reforce carben plastic fiber which carben cover nearly all over our world which doesn't make a different which way and plastic still become reinforce common to be for its time recycle plastic bottles in china and other asia's regional parts that have plastic bottles will be put to use once more. the battery have to say in cool tempreture because the fact the type battery can easily heat up in hot sunny day and burn up the bus causing a huge accident.

    Energy Yard? Oh do you know what else good be used for it still? Petural motion generator, simple really to do, get the bobbing bird and hit the wire, you still get endless supplies energy, but if anyone remember the petural motion balls, you still can use them still. Then again someone already made one
    LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHW6b1aFPfU

  14. This is one of my favorite youtube video series. Thanks for posting, I honestly thought you were all done since it had been so long.

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  16. they have a climbing wall in hospital, meanwhile in my city there are none of them ;(

  17. I am excited to see the progress autonomous vehicles make in the near future. I think about it every day when I'm stuck in traffic

  18. So we Australians are on the verge of quantum internet? yet our current internet is pretty much the worst in the western world

  19. The Organ-Healing Device is literally the single most useful item in modern medicine
    Imagine it being able to turn expendable skin cells into nerve tissue,or even turning cancer cells into something else

  20. watching the progress of science and its application makes me think what am i doing with my life

  21. That VR technology that scans brain in order to play the game could legit be used to help people with diseases like Stephen Hawking and such

  22. with the the second thing the list i wonder if this would help repair things like eyes or even give diabetics there pancreas back to working order.

  23. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
    💭+💣= sooooooooo many 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  24. that first product from OSU sounds like a tumor generator. The genetic signaling pathways of every tissue is specific and introducing new genetic parameters might generate bad expression of genes and subsequent cancerrrrrrrrrr.

  25. Does the cancer-detecting pen only work on inside tissue or can you use it on your skin? Can people besides surgeons use it? Is there a needle?

  26. Here's something interesting about autonomous vehicles: The University of Florida is teaming up with the city of Gainesville to begin autonomous public transportation starting in May 2018.

  27. Too bad the elder buses in Japan do not have lifts or ramps. Especially since many people are less able to climb steps as they age, or use wheelchairs and such.

  28. Vsause2, Ive REALLY missed this series, it is the main reason why i subscribed to your channel. the mindblow series was so unique in that it shows interesting developments in technology happening in silicon valley and universities and covers the matter in a way in which no other youtube platform or website does. please make more of it pls

  29. Please correct me if i'm wrong, but if that wire that generates electricity was put in constant tension, could you have infinite energy?

  30. Literacy isn't a prerequisite for even higher learning, especially in this day and age where you can write things by speaking them into your phone and read things having an app read it for you (not to mention the tens of thousands of university lectures available online). Being able to read and write is a massive, massive help, no doubt about it, but it's not like the inability to do so is more of a problem now than it used to be.

  31. Wow 3 weeks to restore blood flow, how quickly can we do that today. Oh yeah quicker

  32. Even if you fix nerve cells you still have to rewire them in the mind. that takes time. It is the brain that branches out the nerve fibres when severed it needs to branch out its awareness again to adapt. to make artificial bio nerves you have to train those neurons to recognise them.
    It is a little more complicated than cutting electrical wire then connecting it again.
    you feel with your mind not the body you are in. Ironically the brain doesnt have any sence of touch or feeling.
    Brain damade effects the functions of the body and they say you only use 10 % of it but I bet you will realise that if part is damaged certain functions fail.
    The body and nature are highly efficient and everything has a use.

  33. Push us forward to? Where… People were going "Forward" when they get lost or crash.
    Progress of what? The landfill pile is "Progressing" The depletion of natural recources is "Progressing"

  34. At what point does it cross from being technology to straight up witchcraft.
    I mean a modern scientist going back in time would easily end up burnt at the stake for their witchery but at some points tech seems to be slowly crossing over out of science and in to something less natural.

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    Some crazy dude locking people in a game

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  40. Who remembers the good old days before WHS when you can just stick your arm into a moving machine?

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