One Billion Rising for Justice

Along the way, what happened was that there was this whole issue of the whole world coming in unison. In unison everywhere you touch. You either check the internet, you read the papers, you call the countries, you hear everybody talking about One Billion Rising, against violence against women, One Billion Rising for Justice, and so many other issues that lead to violence against women. That is sort of magical, the energy was so extraordinary, that the whole world was rising. And it actually forced those who were giving deaf ears, for those who are taken for granted, some of the issues affecting women to recognize the factor, on the whole. The whole world is now speaking and we have to listen. I think one of the most profound things we’ve seen is One Billion Rising. That after 15 years of our movement we were able to put out a call that was just an invitation for women and men to rise and dance and resist violence against women across the planet. And that call was taken up. And actually each community made it their own. Each community took it to the places they wanted to take it and create this global solidarity, and force of energy that really made violence against women central stage. My father once said our lives begin to end the day we remain silent about the things that matter. We rise, dance and shout to the top of our voices because our rights are being violated. YEAH! Girls from our families are still like a source of income. Yeah! We stand to say no. I’m rising because I’m one of those individuals who, one of the billion women who have been sexually assaulted. And I have been stigmatized for it, for being sexually assaulted. I’m rising not just for myself but for the future of society We need to put an end to this. We had a huge crowd. A lot of people I’ve never worked with before to whom this was an eye-opener, and I think it was important. We had trade unions that wouldn’t work on women’s issues before, who joined and felt it was part of what they needed to do. There was a focus for justice for women who had survived rape during the wars in the 90s. 20 years later women did not get any re-compensation for their sufferings during the war, and we started a huge campaign that we could end up with one of the very good laws that could hopefully be copied wherever there are conflicts and wars. We have a garbage site called Bayatas, two years before, you know women couldn’t even go on the site, unless they were scavenging. And we all, we all heard, that young girls, as young as nine had to sell their bodies, to the authorities who were handling the dump site, in order to have the right to scavenge on it. This year, because of One Billion Rising, we’ve seen such a huge shift happening in this garbage dump because the women collective really rose up together they called in the authorities, to really say “look, we have to stop this practice because it’s harmful to our girls. We’re going to work towards giving women and girls here dignity. So now the authorities have a, a watchdog scenario where they’re ensuring that no woman or girl is getting harmed in the process, of them working economically in that place Justice has been a part of our struggle all the time because we have always struggled against injustice. So we’ve been asking for justice, equality, peace and democracy. This time with the entire world together through One Billion Rising, asked for justice it obviously became bigger. My name is Leyla Hussein and I am a survivor of female genital mutilation. No one ever spoke to me about violence against women, I didn’t even know I went through violence. I was told this was a part of my culture, this was part of me. But actually what I went through, its violence, its child abuse. Today my biggest rise will be those who passed because of this vile practice. And it needs to end, and we need to end all forms of violence against women and girls. We are asking for justice. When we watch global activism happening at the scale that it happens in every country in the world, we are witness to something that is desire for change. In that moment, at that particular time, the entire universe moved together. And I think that was like a shift. Wherever and however it happened metaphorically, I felt like the world being together, with different women representing each country, but the globe was actually together and dancing together.

Glenn Chapman


  1. Its time we say NO MORE to violence, abuse, and inequality. It's time to say YES  to deep listening, respect, compassion and collaborative decision making.  It's time to evolve into our reality of one human race on one shared Earth.  


  3. Please include speciesism within the intersecting list of oppressions so that the movement becomes more complete.

  4. Dlatego nie rozumiem dlaczego zamknieto moja grupe na Facebook w 2013 , ktora wlasnie poruszala temat , ze " Nie ma usprawiedliwienia na gwalt kobiety !" ? Czyzby cenzura z powodu tytulu ?????????????   Czy temat byl nie na miejscu w niewlasciwym serwisie swiata wirtualnego ?

  5. We must link arms to eradicate violence + oppression for all marginalized groups. #reset

  6. If we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything.
    — Irene Dunne on America’s Town Meeting of the Air

    I stand in solidarity to end violence against women and girls around the world.
    One Billion Rising for Justice is gaining momentum with each passing year.
    I pledge my heart and soul to the movement to support every woman rising strong to break the chain.
    I remain inspired by their collective and individual courage, compassion, and dauntless commitment to stop violence and injustice around the world.

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