Oh, whatever, I'll just say it~! [Hello Counselor Sub : ENG,THA / 2018.04.16]

Glenn Chapman



  2. Who has notice something that Tzuyu holding??? What and why she hold it???

  3. fuck that woman she really said “maybe not you, jeongyeon” like what the fuck is wrong with you

  4. 3:21 I know what Tuyzu is talking about it was when she went on a trip to learn more about Korean tradition she was with got7 Jackson and with MC'S the MC'S asked her how was the trip she said it was boring and then Jackson high fives her lol 😂

  5. Maybe that question was tooo much

  6. Twice Mina,cheayoung,EXO lay and Sehun next please

  7. Easily see who's rich $$$😂😂
    Tzuyu was like "ahh okay" with a little amusement

  8. Jeongyeon looks like a blond korean Barbie doll lol. She’s very pretty.

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