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  1. I clean my nose with H2Ocean spray and a couple q-tips. A sea salt water would mostly be the same thing! The soak isn't always necessary but I guess it would help! Always remember never take it out too early and never twist it!(: my Instagram is @itmustbemorgan if you need any help!

  2. no, bactine eradicates the tissue forming, and will push out the jewellry, better if you cleaned it with antibacterial soap and do soaks

  3. no, but you should put bactine (or neosporin) because that will keep it from getting infected
    (although, its been a month, so i might be telling you this too late, lol)

  4. never use dial bactine peroxide just use saline solution sea salt soaks no table salt

  5. My skin actually began to grow over the piercing so my piercer had to switch it out to a bigger nose ring until the swelling went down.

  6. Hmm, I never heard of anything about vaseline. Just to be safe, maybe you shouldn't unless your piercer says it's ok. I never did though and I haven't really heard anyone say anything about Vaseline.

  7. I just got mine done two days ago. They used a corkscrew for most of the nose piercings they do. Does anyone know if the skin can grow shut around the ring where the hole is?

  8. Just got mine done and I was told to use sea salt; have a pint of hot water, half a teaspoon of salt, use a q-tip, get rid of the crust around the piercing on the outside and then a fresh one on the inside 2-3 times a day and soak it for 10 minutes each cleaning time too!

  9. got mine done 4 days ago am soaking it with sea salt 2 to 3 times day for about 5 to 7 mins am having no probs with my piercing. do as your piercer says and you will have no problems dnt listen to anyone else just your piercer. they know what they are talking about and know what they are doing, thats y u go to them right? be patient do as told and it will heal, otherwise u will have problems.

  10. Can you only do sea salt? Or can you just do soap & water? Is both okay? Lol. I'm curious because I'm getting mine soon. -.-

  11. My piercer told me to just use dial soap, and I'm worried it could get infected if I don't use anything else. Any input?

  12. @SceneyyFoLife yeah, I'm pretty sure just doing the sea salt soaks are fine. My cousin just got her nose pierced and her piercer said that all she needed to do was use sea salt =)

  13. Is it ok if I just use sea salt on my nose? Like without the soap? Cause I got my nose pierced last Thursday and I only use the Magic Sea Salt Spray. Is that fine??

  14. @christinaaXD if you were to use regular salt it would burn and torture the hell out of your piercing…thats why its recommended that you dont use things like alcohol and peroxcide because they are extremely harsh to your piercing and could cause damage to it

  15. @NOuNaLii The only way to properly get a nose piercing done is with a needle. Technically all piercings should be done with a needle. Piercing guns can't be sterilized and can transfer pathogens from one person to the next.

  16. @59123Ameer I got my piercing done very recently, a few days ago in fact. My piercer told me if you develop a "piercing bump", to dab a bit of tea tree oil on the area of the bump. Just don't get it into the actual piercing itself.

  17. @ManLykStryda99 Yes you are. Mine has been pierced for 4 weeks and I do everything normally… I even touch it a lot (I'm not supposed to) and it didn't get infected. 😀

  18. Are you allowed to shower your face with a nose piercing thats not healed yet?

  19. I just got my nose pierced should I start the after care like right away

  20. Hiii im using my brother account a girl..Anyway i got my nose pierced about 2 months and i got a bump about after a month so i used sea salt and warm water for almost 3 weeks and it got really small but my lil bro hit me by mistake and well it got a lil big and i want something that works fast..please help..:)

  21. when i turn 18 in a few months im for sure getting double nostril piercings!
    this video just makes me more excited!!!
    thanks for the help! 😀

  22. @livelovebeauty22 It is possible that it could close up, even if it's been healing for a month. It doesn't take very long for a nose piercing to grow over. I would suggest a nose retainer. You can get them from the place where you got it pierced. Just take out the piercing and put in the retainer. Nobody would notice you even have a piercing.

  23. @itsebee Well most people haven't even heard of epsom salt…
    That's probably why the don't tell you to use that.
    But I needed it for something else…so…idk.
    But I'll use sea salt to be safe… 🙂

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