“NOOO” Do I have to shave my head?! [The Return of Superman/2018.04.15]

(It’s early morning at the five siblings’.) They are all fast asleep. (Donggook is fast asleep.) But where is Seola? There she is. (How did she get over there?) (Scuffling over) (Where am I?) (Rolling) (Donggook is the first to wake up.) (My dear little puppies.) (Brushing aside) (Is there something to fool around with?) (Lend me some hair, Seola.) (She’s still sleeping deeply.) Donggook begins the morning with a prank. (Tumbling around) (This time, he tickles Sian’s nostrils.) (Tickling) (Reacting) (Laughing) (He lands a final blow.) (Sneezing) (Sneezing) (Sian eventually wakes up.) Are you awake already? (Hitting) What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Is it hard to sleep? I’m itchy. Where? You were tickling me, Daddy. What should we do today? (In this house, the dad wakes the kids on a weekend.) What should we do? Sua and Seola also wake up. (Seola pretties herself up as soon as she wakes.) Take this off for me. (Take what off?) What’s wrong? – What’s wrong. / – Something’s stuck here. (What is stuck in her hair?) What might that be? I think it might be clay. But… – Why? / – It smells like gum. (This is gum?) What? – This smells like gum. / – What? This is gum. (It’s gum?) (The trio has just discovered chewing gum.) Look at Seola. There you go. Look at Seola. Who put gum in my hair? – Was it you, Sua? / – No. – Was it you, Sian? / – I was sleeping. Sian, you were chewing gum yesterday. (Nodding) This smells like you, Sian. Check up on the smell. – But if you… / – Let’s see. If you tell me honestly, no one gets in trouble. Oh, no. We’ll have to shave your head now. This doesn’t come off. What can we do? Hold on, let’s ask Mom. Not a day goes by without an incident. – Hello? / – Look over here. – Look over here. / – But… Look what happened to Seola. – There’s gum stuck in her hair. / – What? – Oh, no. / – What do we do? Do we have to cut it? We have to cut it all off. Oh, no. I guess you’ll be bald. Oh, no. You’ll look like Maengu. Maengu? (Seola will look like Maengu?) No, that’s nonsense. – This is your fault. / – Seola was growing it out because she wanted to become Rapunzel. (She might become Maengu instead of Rapunzel.) Oh, no. We got it. (Looking sorry) All right. We’ll look around the internet. Seola, you don’t want to be bald, right? – No. / – Then, let’s all be bald. No, I want to grow my hair out. I want to grow my hair too. We’ll become like this. Everyone will be bald. Just like these men. (Shaking in fear and trauma) – No. / – Sian will be like this. Okay? We’ll become like this. I’ll bring the scissors, okay? (Looking uncomfortable) No, I’m going to run away. Sian, you fell asleep – without spitting out your gum, did you? / – Yes. (How could you do such a thing?) You can’t do that anymore. You’re older now. (Kissing) – Okay? / – Okay. (I’m sorry, Seola. I’ll take it off.) That hurts. Hey, Sian. (This isn’t going to work.) That probably won’t work. (I might just end up bald.) I looked this up on the internet. What are we going to do? They said using mayonnaise works. – Really? / – Yes. It should. Take a seat. Hey, Sian. Get on your knees. (He only raises one arm.) – Raise both hands. / – Why? You put the gum in Seola’s hair. (A yawn escapes uncontrollably.) What should you do, Sian? Shouldn’t you tell her that you’re sorry? I should be sorry. He’s really putting on mayonnaise. Let’s leave this on a bit. But my arms are getting tired. She’s having a hard time because of her hair. Aren’t you sweating? You can put your arms down. (Thanks, Seola.) Does this hurt, Seola? – It hurts. / – Does it hurt? I don’t think this will work. They said olive oil needs to be applied. Will olive oil have an effect? It’s coming off. Sian, look at this. This is your gum, Sian. Say hello. Hello. Hey, Sian. Bring me water. Okay. (He hurries to fetch water.) And an egg too. Here’s the water. Go bring a fork. (Bring a fork too.) (He reacts faster than his replies.) – Hey, Sian. / – I’m coming. Bring a napkin. (Quick U-turn) If he chews gum again, he’ll be… Gosh, why are my shoulders so sore? Hey, Sian. Massage Dad’s shoulders a bit. (It’s not over until it’s over.) (He barely places his hands on his shoulders.) Hey Seola, Sian is taking it easy. I’m doing it hard. Massage me with your fists. Not my neck. That doesn’t feel good. Massage me over here. Good. Harder. (I will never chew gum again.) – Should I make it harder? / – Yes. It’s almost all gone. – Really? / – Yes. That’s a relief. Rinse it off, Sian. There you go. – Are you okay, Seola? / – Yes. Sorry about the gum. It’s okay. Dry her off. Be careful about chewing gum now, okay? Gum is not allowed. This is what happens when you don’t throw it away. It’s tough on hair, okay? Okay. (Gum must always be thrown away.)

Glenn Chapman


  1. The relationship between the sister and brother is so pure. He felt so bad for getting it in her hair. Meanwhile my brother was chewing gum and decided he didn't want it anymore, so he spit it in my hair, purposely. He then proceeded to laugh at me and say, "you have to cut your hair haha".

  2. Oh my heartu omg its..omg
    they are such nice siblings unlike mine.. <:)

  3. What is funny is Sian might have been falsely accused. If you look closely, it looks like Seola has gum stuck to her lips too unless that's drool from sleeping. Anyways my bias is Seola, she's one of the cutest kids I've ever seen. More evidence, Seola was sleeping at the foot of the bed and Sian was at the top of bed. How did the gum travel that far? I proclaim innocence for Sian! Appeal your conviction Sian!Anyways you did time for a crime you doidn't commit.


  5. Peanut butter works. I've seen Rhett and Link try it (from good mythical morning) link had hair about the same length as Seola, maybe a bit shorter, and he put gum in and worked it in a lot. Then they put in peanut butter and it went out.

  6. I remember one time I put gum in my brother’s hair and then tried to brush it out again… it got stuck… and that’s all. Thanks for listening…

  7. Such a good sister. Both of them. Advice him in a good way, and didn't scold him that will make him cry. Sua and seola, you parents really taught you very well. And sian, you're so kind and innocent. This triple so precious. 💕

  8. Sudan’s lucky that he has Sua who’s calm and patient while seola is so scary HAHA

  9. Seola would be the sassiest and baddest lady in that family, alongside with Sua!! lmao

  10. This literally happened to me when I was young because of my older brother also, and because we don't have internet to search for things to do or put my mother just cut the hair with gum and I just cried because I cannot do anything about it..

  11. How cute they are i like thats all of them solve their problem quietly, they are better than adults 💕💋

  12. How did they asume it was Sian all of a sudden? You know, what if it was Seola or Sua?

  13. They’re the cutest little fluffs 😭 uwu
    Such cute kids! Looks like they have great parents 💜

  14. When i used to get gum in my hair i used coca-cola, olive oil, or vinegar

  15. "not a day goes by without an incident" 😂😂😂😂😂 I can understand you donggook

  16. The way he grabbed Seola’s hair with her staying fats asleep was just so funny 😂😂😂

    And why were they so peaceful! I would RAGE

  18. you should've put her hair in coke and kept it there for at least 1 minute and 30 seconds THEN pull it out!

  19. 그거 식용유발르면 때지고 그리고 머리를 잘 깜아야해요

  20. I wish I knew that olive oil would take out gum from hair, it would’ve saved me from all those times where I had to cut my hair as a kid lol

  21. 1:08 Why do dads do this? 😂
    I'm 21 and my dad still does this to me and my brother. One time I was sleeping so soundly and he pulled this prank. it got so annoying that he said I punched him in the face lol
    but I love my dad 😂💖

  22. I always heard peanut butter was a better solution to getting gum off of your hair

  23. I got gum in my hair and used conditioner to help get it out and it worked

  24. He yeeted her hair away lmao 😂My dad does that to me a lot 😂😂

  25. I was chewing a gum while lying on bed and then im too lazy to get up. I just throw it up in the air until it sticks on the ceiling. A few hours later when i want to pee i tried to brush my hair with hand then i rralize a sticky thing on my hair its the gum i threw not looking up in the internet i quicly grabbed the cooking oil in the kitchen then wash my hear with that it quicly removes.

  26. If they had all discovered gum and were chewing it, isn't it possible it was Sua or Seola's gum in her hair? Not saying it wasn't Sian but how did they know for sure it was him?

  27. should put cooking oil if your kids gt gum in their hairs.. my mom did it to mine hahahahahahah it works

  28. 💓💓💜💞💟💟💓💓💔💔💕💋💋💋💋👍


  30. It's not his fault the parents are supposed to watch them kids before they go to sleep by washing their teeth he could have choke on it at night just saying p peanut butter Will do the trick

  31. as a person who was bullied and had gum in my hair at least once a week i just wanted to get it out for her so quick since i learned al the tricks lol

  32. “You don’t want to be bald right? Then let’s all be bald.”


  33. It’s probably not him one time I was chewing gum and fell asleep when I woke up it was in my hair. So its unfair to do that to him.

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