Glenn Chapman


  1. Love this chap. I am producing a documentary on the many methods of recovery from alcoholism and it is fascinating to see the correlation between the 12Steps and Buddhism. Great interview

  2. The guy interviewing is annoying as shit with the constant "mhm" "mhm" "mhm" "mhm", like shut the fuck up dude

  3. Good stuff. AA/Na only help people to romance about drugs and alcohol. Sooner or later most will pick up again.buddha help me stay sober for 30 years sobriety.

  4. A Refuge Recovery facility for addicts! What a great idea … I want to open one in Europe!

  5. Sound like 12-step recovery to me. Truth and love is truth and love

  6. 16:43 is a great question. Some people will never hit bottom, does that mean they don't recover.

  7. Feel like I am sitting at Against the Stream in Santa Monica.

  8. Wow he makes so much sense. I have been seeking an alternative to NA and I think I just found it!!!!

  9. Did you know that taking a bottle of beer from the Marpa House community is the worst crime on the surface of the earth"

  10. the anonymity in 12 step programs, especially NA and AA, is more about being anonymous in the meeting. the idea that it doesn't matter why it is that you're there or how long or short you've been going. by being anonymous, everyone is put on an even keel.

  11. Maybe Grandparents and kids have it right. Maybe we should have whatever we want all time.

  12. <3 this. Thank you Noah Levine for everything that you teach and you do. I am so grateful for all of your talks and lessons and you have inspired me so much. I have been attending the Dharma Punx/Rebel Dharma classes at Insight Santa Cruz which is really close to where I live,and I love these meditation and dharma talks. I have read your first memoir Dharma Punx, and I just bought Refuge Recovery and excited to start reading it and attending the Refuge Recovery meetings at Insight Santa Cruz. Namaste~

  13. Thank you Noah.  I didn't know anyone had addressed "walking in both worlds" in the way you describe it.  It's encouraging that you believe this is doable.

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