NEET 2018 Counselling – State & All India Quota

hello everyone who's against Ramos from head of academics who enter Academy they've been receiving a lot of calls and emails regarding how the counseling is going to happen in Tamilnadu so that has been a lot of anxious students and asked and parents calling us to find out how the state government counseling is going to take place and how the åland a counseling is going to take place everybody when the street corner seats are not out to the FDR and a vocalist hits a lockout hold it it would be self benefit and sing private medical call a seat Ilan Hall folder so we thought this video would be useful to you on the whole in our state we have close to three thousand four hundred fifty government seats so in the three thousand 150 seats left 15 percent of the whole is goes to the orange echo table where all the students across the state or across the country can apply for this so 15 percent of our approximate our 500 seats so we have close to two thousand nine hundred seats which is the 85 percent remaining that is only for the students of some inaudible then we have ten self-enhancing private medical college in our state so with another thousand final seat circle in this we have close to sixty five percent of seats which is at a piece of four lakhs per year which comes under the state norm and counseling so we have two thousand nine hundred plus close to two thousand thousand seats which comes under the common state quota and then we have the remaining set of seats in the self balancing crab Infiniti college which is at a slightly higher fees close to 12 point 5 to 13 lakhs that's all the whole we have four thousand seats he's 11 do approximately 3,000 seats will come under the government college quota at her fees of thirteen thousand five hundred per year and then we thousand seats which comes at the P structure of four lakhs per year so this is what we all want to look at this counseling is conducted by the state government the direct rate of medical education is gonna conduct the state government counseling and it's expected to be in the third of the fourth week of June so first they would be releasing a notification for the state government counseling where you have to fill in your choices online followed by which you are expected to get a cornet around this and you would be called for a physical counseling in the fourth week of June so at the point of time once the forms are out I'll be releasing one more video on this on which I will be explaining how to apply and what are the things you're supposed to carry into the counseling so again my indepth the partner in the month of June so this is going to be the state counseling now moving on to the cutoff so the last year 2017 how was the cutoff for this what are the cutoff ranges between different caste so last year bars along with the open category left 590 was the highest cut off which Duff was the first most preferred colleges Madras Medical College so fine 590 was the highest cutoff and you can take it as the last most least wanted College pleased to be preferred College which you can call it as put the bottom in any college so that was possible at a cut-off of 374 so this is for the open quota then when we take the backward community are they wrong now although it started with a higher cutoff i-70 and it came up to three three three another thing and then comes the most backward class then NBC Kota 11 do we have a higher cutoff of 560 and the lowest cutoff was torn 150 so in the ELA way when the last year cutoff which I feel that probably another 25 to 40 marks would be the extra cut off this this is here so this is based upon the feedback of the biology paper the biology it was relatively easy and at the same time chemistry also was to an extent I mean relatively better than last year and the number of hospitals have also increased last year number ones over 88,000 students under my exam but this year close to 2 lakh students are up here so there is an overall increase in number of students and the paper also was relatively easy when it comes to biology so cutoff might be slightly let's say it's 25 to 40 marks more than last time then we have the deem your themed universities in Thurman and OH so all the deemed universities across India either LeMay comes under one roof which is being the counseling is being conducted by the MCC the Medical College Committee it is being conducted by this body and for this you have to go and apply to this counseling it's called MCC dot n ni z dot nd so you do nine detail in the month of June one sir forms are released once a notification is out I'll explain in detail as to how you log in to that page how do you give choices and how carefully you should be and giving the choice because thing is that if you're going to do something in the first counseling and you forget it and if you want a better garden second counseling that's not possible so choice excising the charges a very important aspect which you have to be very careful so in detail we will see in the month of June as to how you apply for the deemed universities in the MCC website you please state government website let state government online filling up depending on either line in detail you will see but all I would like to tell you novice there is nothing to panic now you all have to wait for your results and when you have to go through this process there is no other alternate way you have to go through this process you're the first go through the MCC website for the deemed universities and the third week of June the state government counseling forms would be out you have to go through this process thus let's wait for the results for June 5th and we'll discuss in detail again regarding the possible probable cut-offs for the respective colleges and again the counseling process in detail we guide you on the ways of the web screen screenshots in detail

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  1. can anyone tell me that cutoff means govt college or private ones

  2. Sir mujhe plz btayea mera education certificate tenth twelve all Sb m father Nam m Ek spelling wrong h A k jgh E h but adhar card AR Sb like birthday certificates Sb m A h joki shi h to Kya ye chij aage neet m ya kisi b exam m problm krega Kya admission k tym problm hogs plz btayea sir

  3. Sir we are nri belongs to tamilnadu but settled in uae for more than 10 years. Can we compete in state quota since we are domicile of tamilnadu. Kindly clarify

  4. Sir management quota counselling cutoff details sollunga,

  5. Possible to participate in both all India and also state counseling????

  6. I have paid rs. 10000/- advance for my son for joining in yur academy.. Unfortunately my plan got failed. When i asked for my money refund… Management not giving proper reply for refunding my money. I trust Venper but according to ur reaction… I'm fedup i request you to refund my deposit money 10000/- immediately.

  7. Sir I have scored 253 marks. I belong to SC category. Can I have any chance for TN government colleges. My category rank is 492

  8. Sir I got 335 MBC, Tamil nadu, possible colleges for me sir , please reply sir

  9. I am a non-tamilian and I have 14k ranks…will I get a seat in gov colleges in Tamil nadu or gov seats in private medical colleges?

  10. sir i saw the poster of your academy my mark is 333 .. ahead of me there are 19 students from your institute of 13 branches how would you say that the cutoff will increse by around 40 marks

  11. Sir I scored 352 mbc category in neet 2018
    Can I get seat in govt medical clg 😭😭😭

  12. Sir I am a sc candidate from Tamil nadu . I scored 196 . Can I get a self financing seat for MBBS or BDS ??

  13. Sir mere 337 marks h in obc category kya muje koi b gov collage mil skta h sir ji Plz Plz btaiye

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  15. Sir , i got 310 marks in neet 2018. Have any chance to get govt college,in tamilnadu
    Obc category.

  16. my daughter got 416 marks in neet 2018 which college will expected

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  18. Sir I scored 293 from BC category in Tamil nadu. will I get selffinance colleges in govt quota

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  20. I got 265. Belong to MBC can I get mbbs self financing in tamilnadu

  21. My neet score is 213 sir will I get self financing colleges through government quota (from Tamil Nadu, bc category ,under 6 lacs)

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  24. my mark is 218. MBC Category in tamil nadu. will l get self finance clg? pls reply sir.

  25. sir i am a sc student of delhi and i get 213 marrks in neet exam my all india rank is 330665 and my category rank is 31690 can i get any government college all over in india….??
    plzz answer me sir

  26. Sir, my score in neet is 333… is it possible to get seat in govt medical clg in tamilnadu…. i belong to mbc category.???

  27. sir… if I am not selected through All India counselling then shall I not be able for state counselling too ?

  28. Sir per subject evolo fees pay pannanum… naa ippo engg 3rd yr pannraen… veetla engg muduchuthu nee neet ezhuthunu sollranga… so 2 yrs engg as well as neet rendumae padikirathu possible ah?… enna engineering discontinue pannakoodathunu condition pottrukanga… so engg muduchuthu coaching eduthukurathu best ah or ippothaila irruntha try pannurathu nallathah?

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  31. My daughter 360marks neet I belongs to mbc tamilnadu I will get government medical colleges

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