Navy deployed to retrieve flood victims in Hawke’s Bay

Flooding seems to be
going from bad to worse in the East Coast of
the North Island today. The NZ Navy has been deployed to the
Waimarama region in Hawke’s Bay to collect people stranded in
their homes due to the flooding. Roads to Waimarama have been closed. We spoke to Maori members
of the community recently. This is what the sky father has left
behind in Te Awanga near Napier. Just up the road the army unimogs
were out getting people to safety. In the seaside town of Waimarama,
slips have caused the road to close. The kaumatua flats are
near the Waimarma Marae, we spoke to one of the old ladies who was waiting to be
evacuated by the army. One veteran who went back to
Waimarama fo the ANZAC Day memorial, has spent the last two days trying
to get home to Rotorua with no luck. We couldn’t do anything
this morning, I packed my bag and then
my relation said to me, ‘You’re not going today’. When I looked outside
it was terrible. The high tide was due
this afternoon in Napier, which didn’t help
put locals at ease. The marae has been flooded
and fences once visible have been submerged. The MetService says heavy rain
will continue till tomorrow in Hawke’s Bay, and the Waimarama people have been
warned to boil their drinking water. Irena Smith, Te Karere.

Glenn Chapman

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