Glenn Chapman


  1. I don't think so when I sometimes see upto 3-4 planes spraying chemtrails simultaneously.

  2. Nice job CNN. Way to ruin a good story in the last ten seconds.

  3. I was told air particulates are needed for the creation of precipitation.  Let us have cheap energy Mr. Obama.  You and your elitist friends have no idea the burden you are putting us through.

  4. I would like to believe in this. Really, I would LOVE to believe in this, but I am just worrying..

  5. can't believe any of this. I thought we were all doomed from global warming. who cares if the air is cleaner.

  6. Hope this is not fake and just telling us this…… Hope this is true and if it is we need to take a bigger step

  7. Goodness, the government has done something right for a change….

  8. A shame that the carbon levels are still rising everywhere, then..

  9. If they say it's white it's really black if it's up it's really down. So the air is getting better well you know the truth.

  10. That means those areas are getting more poor. Because areas of the world with higher pollution levels like China and India are getting richer and more prosperous. So we're trading bad air for economic depession and kids more involved in crime and drug dealing for survival.. But who cares the politicians and hollywood celebrities have theirs.

  11. air pollution has gone down, because USA doesnt produce anything anymore – look deeper

  12. Wanna know what the air quality is in your street?, This widget is awesome!

  13. The coal slag or waste is recycled and used as fertilizer for your organic crops. They are spraying the coal ash waste back in the air for solar shielding. Over 50% of coal waste is recycled back into consumer products. Your products have depleted uranium in them.

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