Narcos: Rise of the Cartels REVIEW | Would Pablo approve?

Hello and greetings from Eastern Europe, my
name ColdBeerHD and this is my short review of a strategy game Narcos: Rise of the Cartels. Despite the fact that this game is based on
a Netflix TV show Narcos, you can play it without any knowledge about the show or even
about the drug lord Pablo Escobar itself. Plot is simple: drug dealers here fight versus
Drug Enforcement Agency. Bad guys versus good guys. The game is similar to X-com – it is a turn
based strategy, where you try to outsmart the AI opponent in a turn based game. I want to point out that the graphics here
look really detailed, and you can feel that people behind this game were trying to do
their best. And that is a wonderful first impression. You know the feeling when the game has graphis
you don’t actually like and nothing in the world can convince you to continue playing
even if the game is praised by the critics? Nothing like that in here. Details are stunning – you won’t expect
anything like that from a game that rides on a Netflix TV show’s back. In example, I was really impressed by the
leaves of the various plants – they are moving, imitating the breeze of the wind. That is an extra step. It’s like making a beer and selling it with
a tiny fridge so it can stay cold at all the time for the cost of regular beer. So, what about gameplay, is it fun? Is it as good as graphics? Kinda. Missions have really strange difficulty levels. For me mission two was way harder than all
the missions after. It’s just because at the beginning your
soldiers are weak and they have no useful skills, so they die quickly. That sucks. Yes it does. And if your unit dies – it’s gone for good. You don’t have it anymore. So I had to replay some missions over and
over again. I counted nine replays on one mission. But I managed to do it flawlessly then. And you know – it’s worth it. Sometimes you’ll feel that it’s impossible
to crack one mission or another, but after few tries you’ll realise the true way of
how to handle it. But here you will also find really easy missions. I played few that were just one minute in
duration. The key is, that some terrain is really good
for your DEA agent with a shotgun to sneak near enemies. And with a shotgun you only need one shot
to kill a target from close-up range. So you just run around with your guy and insta-kill
everyone in a minute or two. And that is satisfying. Take a look. And sometimes AI is doing nonsense. Like sneaking behind you and… not shooting. Or silently waiting for death when you shoot
them with a long range grenade-launchers. Imagine that you can do two or three damage
in a turn. And enemy unit, instead of going out of your
range it heals one hit point. You do two damage, he heals one, two, one,
two, one and it goes until it falls dead. That is a problem, I hope they’ll fix it. Now, what is really annoying in this game
is the fact that you have to play side missions in order to unlock main missions. In the beginningt it’s very cool, various
missions, various goals, where you can experiment with your new skills and units. But later those missions start to repeat. You get same maps, with slightly different
or even the same goals, and that what kills it. I don’t want to play another THE SAME mission
in order to unlock DIFFERENT mission. There is no way I’m doing it. So after a while, I just left the DEA campaign
and started NARCOS campaign. Here you get the same side mission maps as
before, but you fight on a different side, so it suddenly start to become interesting
again. But I know, that after a while, missions will
repeat themselves and I will probably never ever finish this game. They did side missions just to make a game
longer, but It backfires hard. If I was in development team I would definitely
say You’re making a big mistake, fellas. Also, what is this voice acting? Thankfully, you can hear it just for a few
seconds before the mission. It does not ruin anything. It’s just so bad it’s funny. So, despite those few flaws, I had a great
almost 10 hours of gameplay. And if you asked me, do I recommend this game,
I would say… Yes I do. I have no idea how much it costs, because
I got this game a week before official release, but I can openly say that I had fun. I would rate it 7,5 out of 10. That’s it. And now I want to invite you to subscribe
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video. Have a nice day, bye.

Glenn Chapman

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  1. I was on the fence whether to pre-order but it had no bonus in it. I could not see much gameplay and the one shown was not fun to watch. Also the story… is missing. Narcos is one of my most favourite Netflix series, I do not think this game did it justice. Even after this review, I do not want to play the game. It seems to be dead on arrival, none of the game journalists and players in my area of interest talk about it… so I skip.

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