Naeun “Mom, I missed you!” [The Return of Superman/2018.09.09]

Where are we? Story. (Where are they?) (A Soccer Clubhouse that Jooho is in) Pull it up. One, two, three. (Why did Naeun’s family come here?) We got it. I never had the chance to show my kids where I work. I wanted to take the opportunity to show them what I do. There are so many pictures. Where’s Dad? Dad? Am I there or not? Look for me. (Where is he?) (Will Naeun be able to find her dad?) This is Dad. (This is Dad.) (Me? No, I’m not.) Is that me? No, it’s not. That’s not me. Keep looking, Naeun. Look on this one. Look for me. Isn’t that him in the middle? (He’s standing in the center.) – Look for me. / – Dad… You’re not on here. Gosh, she says he’s not there. She’s confused because they’re dressed the same. Dad, you’re here! Where? (Dad, you’re here!) Where? Here! – Where am I? / – Here. There I am. Where am I? – You’re here. / – Here? – Here. / – Is that me? – She found him. / – Is that me? She kissed a poster. Who’s the most handsome in this picture? Pick just one person. This one. (The most handsome one is this one?) This one. It’s someone else. “This one?” Who’s the most handsome? Pick just one. He won’t give up. – Who’s the most handsome? / – He won’t give up. This one. (She keeps on avoiding her dad.) What about me? You’re here. Yes, her dad is right there. – Am I handsome? / – “I know you’re there.” Then pick someone that’s handsome. I think Naeun is playing a prank. This one. See? She picked everyone around her dad. I’m here too. (His picture suddenly looks sad.) – Friend. / – Friend? (Friend!) Who is the ugliest one here? Dad. (Dad!) – Dad. / – Am I the ugliest? Dad. Park Jooho. Park Jooho? She’s direct. She’s telling him to stop. – Welcome. / – Do you feel cool? Ice cream. Dad, there’s ice cream here. – Where? / – Here. Where? Dad, go to that side. That side? – What about Gunhoo? / – Gunhoo? Gunhoo? Gunhoo should go there too. – Hello. / – Here? Hello. Which ice cream do you want? Ice cream? Give me one chocolate. – Okay. / – “Okay.” “Okay.” How much is it? (Beep) – These days, / – It’s one dollar. kids don’t act like they’re taking cash. They copy the credit card machine. They charge credit cards. – Thank you. / – Times have changed. Please come again. – Okay. We’ll come back. / – Okay. Naeun, this is where I come to practice. I train here. Look at this! It’s a ball. It’s a ball. How many balls are there? – How many are there? / – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. – 10. Are there 10? / – Yes. Do you want to see something else? Let’s go. Come on. (Wait…) (Sniffing) Does he smell? Did he poop? A lot. Naeun could smell his poop. Let’s go to my room to change him. Come on. Naeun, hold the door for me. Hurry up. Push it. She’s so strong. This must be his room. Let me change Gunhoo. Gunhoo pooped. Let’s wash your butt. Naeun, this is my room. This is where I sleep. Dad, where’s my bed? Your bed? Your bed is right there. You can share mine. This is Uncle’s bed. Yes, this is Uncle’s bed. Try lying down then. Try to lie down. It’s so much fun. (Giggling) (Naeun is so lovely.) It’s because she knows it’s her dad’s bed. – It’s fun. / – She’s having fun. (This is so much fun.) Gunhoo. Naeun, go bring one of the red ones. Go get it. – This one? / – Yes, bring one. Look. These are the shoes I wear for games. Do you know what “AE811” means? No? This is Anna, Eden, and… – Dad. / – No. This is Mom’s birthday and your birthday. He wrote down something meaningful. (What about me?) What’s this? Look at this. Who is this? Naeun. It’s a badge of you. A fan gave it to me. Really? Fans give you such gifts? We got some too. I never got any sent to me. Your fans… – I don’t have any. / – Okay. Ta-da. Did she put them on her bag? (It’s the one and only bag for Naeun.) How cute. Should we go? Naeun, go up here. How heavy am I? Should I check how heavy I am? I’ll go first. I lost weight. (He lost 3kg in 3 days.) I lost weight while looking after you. How much do you weigh? You’re 13.4kg. Should we weigh Gunhoo? Let’s see how heavy he is. – Please put him up. / – He’s up. He’s not even a year old yet. – You guys are 26kg. / – 26kg. If you guys are 26, then he’s 12kg. – What? / – But he’s not even one. He eats so well. Your sister is 13kg. Gunhoo, you’re a pig. (The time and place don’t matter. I’ll eat.) (I’m a giant baby.) (This is when we’re reminded of someone.) Gunhoo and Bentley are both great eaters. It’d be the battle of the century. (Run!) Run, run, run, Naeun. Naeun, shoot. Shoot at me. Shoot. Goal. Shoot. Shoot at me. Goal. (She’s shooting with bare feet.) Gosh, the ball is as big as her. She likes the ball just like her dad. – Kick. / – Kick. – She’s good. / – One more time. It runs in her blood. (She’s wearing a uniform dress) (as she shoots on the green grass.) (I’m glad I brought her.) Here, Naeun. (It’s time to get her sugar fix.) (It’s so sweet!) I gave one to you. (The cute siblings get along with everyone.) (Is he calling someone?) – Hello? / – Hey, baby. Hey. The tone of his voice changed. I’ll see you. – Right now? Are you here? / – “Where are you?” Naeun and Gunhoo are waiting for you. – Okay. / – Okay. See you soon. – See you soon. Bye. / – Bye. Naeun, Mom’s coming. Gosh. It’s been 48 hours. Anna must have missed her kids. It must feel like 48 years. It’s probably the first time the dad looked after the kids for so long. In the end, the dad is the happiest. (Mom is back!) Look at him. Have you been well? (He’s so happy to see his wife.) Baby. Me first. Hug me first. (I missed you.) Baby. – Gunhoo. / – Baby. Mom is here. Gosh. She likes kissing her baby. Naeun. Naeun. Eden. (Naeun. Eden!) (Mom?) Baby! – Mom! / – Hi. (Mom, I missed you.) Baby. (Hugging) (They’re reenergizing with kisses.) – Mom. / – Hello. Are you well? Are you well? (Jealous) What about me? Me too. What about me? What’s wrong with dads? We can’t bear to watch. As a dad, you don’t want to watch the other two like that. You want to fit in. (Naeun’s family is finally back together.) He’s walking. (Tottering) – Gunhoo. / – Walk over to Mom. This is a touching moment. Come. – Come to me. / – Go. Yes. He took 2 steps. 1 step, 2 steps, 3. – He’ll walk soon. / – It’ll be soon. – He’ll walk soon. / – He’ll walk next week. I mean it. He’s glued to me. I fed him and put him to sleep. I fed Naeun and fed Gunhoo too. – Did you? / – I did. Did Dad do a good job or what? – Did I do well? See? / – Yes. (Swooning) (Good job.) While watching Naeun and Gunhoo, it was the first to spend such a long time together. It was hard, but I learned many new things. I learned how hard it is to raise two kids, and also how hard it is to understand them. I think I grew to have more feelings for Anna.

Glenn Chapman


  1. I want my future husband to look at me the way JooHo looks at Anna. Such a beautiful family

  2. they´re such a sweeet parents.. the way he inmediately started to play with naeun in the middle of the street and the way anna just run to hug and kiss her children, she is so inlove with them.. it was just to sweet it makes me cry a little.. such a beautiful family

  3. to the Germans here: is it just me who finds it kinda awkward that she speaks German? 6 years ago I couldn't imagine someone talking German in a Korean tv program. you know what I mean?

  4. Actually he looks like a guy from Ten miles of peach blossoms. The leading guy.

  5. Rewatching this clip. I love it when she immediately stops when her mum calls her Eden. It shows how much she missed her mum.

  6. I only watched seunjae and twins (seujon,seoun) now this beautiful family

  7. Anna is very pretty, she kind of reminds me a litle of Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina Spellman. Or is that just me lol.

  8. Anna is super beautiful..😍
    Jooho is handsome too😄
    Naeun is beautiful like she mom😍
    Gunho cute😍
    They my fav family at return of superman💜💜

  9. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ more park jo hoo and anna moment + kids please ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Sometimes I forget that Anna is their moms cause she looks so different then them.

  11. Ugh, this episode is filled with cuteness. Eden is so smart, she knows 3 languages already. The family is so multilingual! And it's so obvious they're full of love, and Jooho is so funny lmfao. Anna really loves her kids. The way she casually speaks to Eden in German and then Korean or English and Eden can respond is great.

    //also, chunky baby Gunhoo is so precious

  12. I love how naeun says his dad's name😂😂😂😍😍😍😍

  13. lmfao when they were showing how much gunhoo weight and the bg music was like mokjaaaa~ mokjaaaa~

  14. 8:42 Awwwwww♥️♥️♥️♥️
    Thats so cuuuuuuteee

  15. I’m new with this family. Can naeun’s and gun ho’s mom speak korean and can understand korean?

  16. Don’t know how I got here but I just realised they are playing 5sos
    Wirklich cool

  17. You will not be bored if you trap with her alone in a room forever, I swear. She's so cutee ♡

  18. Why some video i see had a subtitles but why some dont have like this vid

  19. Aww anna really love her kids BU WHY CANT I SEE HER AG THEIR HOUSE?

  20. I noticed Naeun’s English name is Eden, does anyone know if Gunhoo also has an English name?

  21. Wow!! Now that I think about it those two beautiful children are being brought in such a diverse family ❤️👍🏼 mother is germen and speaks English , germen , Korean . Father is Korean and speaks a little English . Grandma is from Argentina speaks Spanish 😳😳 that makes 4 very beautiful and difficult languages !!! Soooo cuteeeeee

  22. Can someone tell what song is this 6:55–7:10 or what kdrama is that song from?

  23. When Gunhoo isn't even a year old but almost weigh the same with Naeun. 🤣

  24. Omg it's the first time that I watch it (this series) and when anna spoke in German I was like shooookkkkk because I speak German too😁😂😂😂😂

  25. I love the way Anna embraces her kids with such warm hugs and kisses. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy. My parents are not as affectionate. But then again, we're an Asian household.

  26. A mothers love to her kids is literally makes me TO soft

  27. i don't know but i find naeun at this time so cute, i keep coming back to the old videos

  28. gunhoo was tottering in this video now that he can walk he literally runs everywhere he can 😂

  29. I mean, calling ur dad the most handsome one in the picture is a little awkward…. But she is young so. OK

  30. the way anna picked up eden and spun her around omg that was he cutest thing i’ve ever seen


  32. i died at hey baby theyre so cute uwu 🥺 theyre a couple still at the sweet cotton candy stage

  33. Everytime that her mom's appear in a video, 5SOS songs is always on the backround songs!! Waaaa ❤️

  34. Everytime that her mom's appear in a video, 5SOS songs is always on the backround songs!! Waaaa ❤️

  35. 5:34 pretty sure that fan would be happy seeing this. My god the weight of gunhoo almost equal to his sister.

  36. I love how end up here by 5sos is playing in the background in the beginning

  37. In chanyeol and kai's episode naeun said her appa is the most handsome among three of them(Joo Ho, Chanyeol, Kai) and now she is just pulling a prank 😂

    Such a prankster 💗

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