Naeun “I am Rapunzel!” [The Return of Superman/2019.05.26]

Naeun, did you have fun today? (Scurrying) (His smile says he’s up to something.) Did they get something at their house? What is this? (Impressed) – What is this? / – A cookie house. – It’s a cookie house. / – A cookie? Is it a house made out of cookies? Are they all cookies? – Are they real cookies? / – They must be. There are so many kinds of cookies. They made it so well. I made a tent for Gunhoo last time, so I wondered what kind of house I could make for Naeun. I decided to make a cookie house for her. Since Gunhoo is a baby, I think I paid less attention to Naeun. That’s why I plan on spending the day focusing on Naeun. Naeun, I’m going to make a quick trip somewhere. Can you look after Gunhoo? (He started working as soon as he got home.) (He built the pillars to the roof.) He’ll be able to make it by himself, right? I hope Naeun likes it. Let’s make it. I just have to finish it off. (He’s already in the finishing stage.) (It’d be strange if he didn’t have a glitch.) It wouldn’t be Jooho if there aren’t mistakes. (However, he’s not startled!) (He cleans up the situation.) (Thank goodness he didn’t kick the cookie house.) Done. It’s nice and clean. (He’s about to finish the cookie house.) It’s finished. It looks good. (Gunhoo is loving it.) (How did they make this?) I made this all by myself. (Naeun, aren’t you proud of me?) – This? / – Isn’t it amazing? Is this a puppy’s house? (A puppy castle) – No. / – No, it’s for you. I made the cookie house for you, Naeun. (Is this mine?) It doesn’t look like Naeun likes it. (Jooho, you should just get a puppy.) – Are you happy or not? / – I am. You’re happy, right? (Are you really happy?) (What’s with the air?) (Yoon Jongshin’s song is suddenly playing.) Naeun, are you happy that I made this for you? It was very hard to make. You’re not as happy as I anticipated. (Ignoring) It was so hard for him to make. (Things are turning unexpectedly.) (Let me see.) (The owner of the house is looking around.) (She can finally see all the hard work.) He really made it well. Yes. She’s going inside. Dad, thank you for making this for me. Sure. – Teddy. / – He’s smiling like a fool. Dad, there’s a teddy bear here. Did you find a teddy bear? – Yes. / – It talks. (Naeun, I love you. Always be healthy.) – It’s Mom. / – It’s Mom, isn’t it? You can hear Mom’s voice from the teddy bear. (She picks a cookie.) (She gives the teddy bear a bite.) (She gives her dad a bite as well.) It would be such a waste to break off and eat. (Shall I take a look around the house too?) (How strong is this roof?) – It broke off. / – Gunhoo. No, no. (The king of destruction) Oh, no. The eaves. He knows it’s not the one at the bottom. (I was only trying) (to give it to you.) He was going to give it to his dad. It’s because he’s scared of getting scolded. – Is that why? / – Yes. Gunhoo is going in. Try going in. – Try going in. / – His head… This is Naeun’s house, but try going in anyway. What do we do? He’s like the Hulk. Gunhoo, why did you break everything? (Embarrassed) (Let me take a look at the interior.) (A house owner and a real estate specialist) (This is not bad.) (It was made well.) (The finishes are nice and clean.) (He’s checking the view.) He’s so charming. I know, right? (I’ll check if her house works well with my house.) His prospect rights… “Are they blocking the sunlight to my house?” That’s what he’s checking. Of course. He should look around. (Dad, look over here.) You can touch it. It’s okay to touch. – This too? / – Try eating it. (Hey, Dad.) (What’s going on?) (Can’t you hear me?) (It’s definitely Naeun’s day today.) His dad can’t hear him. (Fine, then I’ll play by myself today.) (He spotted a camera.) (Grabbing) (I’ll shoot my own show with this today.) (Gunhoo Television is open for business.) – He has a show now. / – He does. (Hello, I’m Park Gunhoo.) Look how cute his chubby feet are. (I’ll show you my feet which you love.) (After that…) (This is my one and only sister.) He’s showing us his dad and sister. He knows what it does and is using it properly. – He must be a genius. / – I know. (This person beside my sister is…) He’s using his fingers as a filter. (You must be surprised, but it’s my dad.) (Next, I’ll show you) (my room.) (This is a slide. It’s my friend.) (As for this slide,) (it’s the most fun to slide down backward.) (It’s my best friend.) (I’ll have the camera go for a ride.) (Backwards. Go.) (Ta-da.) Is he giving the camera a ride? (Isn’t it fun?) (I’ll give you a ride on the slide.) (Is it fun?) (Then let’s go again.) He’ll get a million views if we just edit it. (Please subscribe and like my video!) Shall I give you another present? Yes. Please show me. You have to wait here with your eyes closed. Wait here with your eyes closed. (He’s playing with his camera.) (Did Dad leave?) (She’s excited.) How can she wait when she’s so excited? – Even I’m excited. / – Are your eyes closed? You can’t open them. What is it? (Jooho is back with a mysterious box.) (Gunhoo joins to give his reactions.) You can’t open them yet. (I don’t know what it is, but you’re so lucky.) She can’t see anything, but she can hear. You can’t open them yet. Keep your eyes closed and come here. Try opening it. Naeun, open it. – What is it? / – It’s Rapunzel. I like Rapunzel’s dress. – Do you like it? / – I’m curious. I’m Rapunzel. My goodness. (Here’s Napunzel, a princess in Ulsan.) It’s Rapunzel. Wait. Did she jump out from a children’s book? (She matches perfectly.) She’s more beautiful than Rapunzel. She’s Napunzel, and I’m a fool for her. She looks so beautiful. (She found the other wig.) Dad, you should become a Rapunzel too. – Jooho too? / – Should I wear it? – Yes. / – Really? I’ll wear it because it’s your day. Okay, but I might not look very good. He never refuses to do these things. Here I come. Ta-da. No. (Jooho Over Flowers) (What a striking visual.) (I heard that a friend of mine came here.) “Hello, I’m Ho.” (A weird man is here.) (Who are you?) How do I look? (She’s speechless.) He’d do anything if it’s for Naeun. You look pretty too. (Mirror, Mirror. Do I look the prettiest?) Naeun, look at him. Go like this, Gunhoo. – Where is Gunhoo going? / – Hello. Dad, I’ll take a picture of you. Is he going to take a picture for them? – Is that good? / – No. Is Gunhoo the one turning the camera? Did you get it? (“Go Away, Dad” by Gunhoo) He doesn’t dare record his dad. They’ll turn it into a panorama. Naeun, shall we go eat something delicious? Yes. – Dad, I want to wear this out. / – Go ahead, go ahead. – Wear whatever you want. / – Dad should wear the wig. Dad, wear the wig. (Okay! It’s your day, Naeun!) (A nice finish to Naeun’s day) They went to a nice place early this evening. (Amazing!) She’s wearing Rapunzel’s dress. (Amazing!) – How many times did he scream? / – 10 times. Exactly 10 times. (This is amazing!) That was his 11th time. Let’s go over there. It really is amazing. (It’s a rooftop place that’ll complete the day.) (This is totally my style.) (Let’s go in.) – It’s water. / – You can’t go inside. (I’m sorry.) – “I’m sorry.” / – You can’t. Get down. I want to cross the bridge. – Do you? / – Yes. (He’s getting ready for a matching look.) (Beautiful Gunpunzel) (Long hair man Gunpunzel) Jump, Naeun. Jump. My hair got wet. (She’s washing her hair right from the beginning.) You should just try crossing it. No. What to do? It’s getting too wet. Gunhoo, your feet. Reach out. (Dragging) At this rate, the water will soak upward. (The fake hair is getting a bath.) Gosh. (I had a good time.) Naeun, don’t you want any bread? I do. Lemonade. Lemonade too. (Please get two glasses of something nice.) I want an espresso. – What about you? / – Lemonade. Lemonade? What about Gunhoo? Bread. (She’s off after a high-five with her dad.) Off you go. Naeun runs the errands regularly now. Hello. Hello. Can I get an espresso, a lemonade and bread? What kind of bread do you want? Go and choose one. (What bread will Napunzel pick out?) I knew she’d pick this. How did you know? I can read Naeun’s eyes. You’re lying. – Please make it tasty. / – I will. Dad! Naeun. (Are you back?) – Did she not bring them? / – Did you buy them? Yes. They’ll bring them over. – Are they bringing them? / – Yes. – Good job. / – Yes. (What? Is my bread delayed?) They’ll bring them over. (I’ll play the drums until they arrive.) (I’m playing for my sister.) Gunhoo always needs music and beats. – He’s so cheerful. / – Yes. (I’m so good.) Here’s what you ordered. – Thank you. / – Their bread is here. Here. Here. Here. (Naeun’s handpicked bread and drinks) – Enjoy. / – We will. Thank you. Make sure you mix it. – Okay. / – Is this mine? The lemonade is Naeun’s. Jooho ordered an espresso. (It’s delicious.) (Staring) What about Gunhoo? (Raising his hand) (Give me some too!) He’s trying Naeun’s lemonade. (Wait, this tastes like…) Is it sour? (It’s the taste I tried a year ago!) (It was too strong for him to forget.) Isn’t he so cute? He’s so cute. (Excuse me, can you call the owner?) (Why do you make such a drink?) (I can’t eat because my tongue was paralyzed.) (I better talk to them and say not to make this.) They don’t know what he’s saying. – What is he saying? / – They have no idea. (Copying and pasting) (They’re becoming one by babbling.) – Gunhoo must be frustrated too. / – I’m sure. – He talks to himself. / – Dad, let’s eat this too. Okay. Dad, why are you eating the baby’s food? That’s Gunhoo’s. Is it Gunhoo’s? He’s disappointed. – Let’s give him some. / – Gunhoo. – He doesn’t want it. / – He’s offended. (I won’t eat it.) (I won’t talk to either of you.) You don’t want it? Whose turn is it after Gunhoo? – Dad. / – Me? – Dad. / – Me? (He’s moved for some reason.) Lie down. Lie down like me. – Naeun, was today fun? / – Yes! What did you like the most? – Rapunzel. / – You liked that the most? Thank you for today. – Thanks. / – My goodness. Thank you for today. (Dad, you’re the best!) – I love you. / – I love you. (How sweet.) (Naeun’s day ended successfully.)

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  15. Gunhoo reminds me of RM when he broke a part of the roof 😂

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    . What a striking visual 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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