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hi everyone and welcome back to my channel so today I wanted to do a video that's been quite highly requested actually it's to do with my tattoos I did do a birth tattoo vlog about a year ago now when I was getting my son tattoo down and a lot of you might have seen thanks that's one of my more popular videos I do I've logged directly before I went to go get my tattoo and direct me like as soon as I got back and talked very in-depth about it and I really went into detail and there's a lot of information in that video and a lot of people seem to really like it since then I've been getting a few comments on some of my videos asking me to go over like my tattoos again rape the pain of it right the healing process so I'm going to do that since my first tattoo I've had three more tattoos so without further ado let's just get straight into it so I'm gonna start with my Roman numerals tattoos which is just on my shoulder that's my birthday in Roman numerals so it's um 31st of the fifth 95 I would get 1995 but it was really long and it just looked a bit stupid that was a funny story when I got that done actually and I was with my one of my ex-boyfriends he was getting a tattoo done and he was taking like literally all day he's taking like five or six hours and I was sitting there waiting on his hand being a wonderful good girlfriend moved to taking so long so I decided that I was just gonna get a tattoo while I waited like why not it's not really tattoo I wanted for ages I've seen it and I thought it'd look cool but it was just like a spur of the moment I'm gonna get this tattoo sort of thing in that area it doesn't hurt too much tool it's quite fleshy and bit the thing with me is I've found that I've got quite a high pain tolerance when it comes to tattoos so obviously everyone's painter shoulders different and a lot of people find pain to be like better or worse in certain places so I'm not sure like how much my opinions worth when it comes to this kind of thing but it didn't hurt me in that area it's just like a vibrating scratchy hot sort of sensation didn't bother me at all pain wise it's over and done with within about 15 minutes didn't take long at all and it cost me 40 pounds and that was by a guy called Luke Meadows in Torquay I've got some of his information so I can put that in the description box if you want to say any more information on him but yeah I'm really happy with that tattoo you don't regret at all even though it was a bit of a spaz the moment thing I think it's really pretty when you're a marine like stripey talked people come up to you now uh-oh what does that mean so yeah I really like that one next we'll do my son tattoo this is the one I spoke about in my vlog so if you really want like very specific information about this one you can go and find that I'm sure it'll be like in the you know these recommended videos down the side because it's one of my most highly watched videos so that's my son tattoo that was I got that one done June 2014 I wanted that one for a really long time that was my first tattoo had wanted it for like years it's like a pagan song with a face it's to do with the representation of like energy life happiness sunshine such a positive thing and I am very like I like to think that when personality should always represent the sunshine it's just positive and happy and life-giving if you know I mean and also my dad has a very similar tattoo on his arm and so I wanted it also as like a recognition of my dad and how much I loved him and I wanted that to be all my bullying and I thought it was like quite a nice safe choice as a fast tattoo pain-wise a lot of people say don't get a tattoo on your ribs for your first tattoo you but I did because that's what I wanted if that's what you want don't let someone put you off it by saying it's gonna hurt like every time he's gonna hurt to some extent it's never gonna be comfortable so don't compromise on the design that you want to save yourself on pain like if you want the tattoo you're you should be able to like take the pain of that don't if you want a tattoo on your ribs don't go oh well I'll just get it on like my leg or something – save yourself the pain if you want the tattoo when you're roped you gonna have to get the tattoo on your ribs and no tattoos is ever gonna be like a walk in the park it's just if you really want the tattoo the pains worth there and it's over within you know a few hours that one didn't actually hurt me I think the adrenaline of me having my first tattoo had really kicked in and I was really excited and I didn't really feel it till I was like taking pictures of myself taking selfies and you know I was really getting into it so um it was over within I want to say like an hour to an hour and a half but obviously if you want the very specific time frame you can head over to my vlog video that's all very in-depth and that cost me I think seventy pounds but again if you desperate to know specifically check on my vlog video I want to say this about something equipped that does sound about right and that wasn't covered in Exeter and I will find that information and I'll put that in my description books healing for that one was pretty like pain free although it is like where my bra strap is so it's a little bit of like a rubbery area but I wore a bikini top for probably about three weeks which is probably over code as my first tattoo and I was like really like be okay so and they give you a cream to put on it I have bought in out the panthan which is what I use for all my tattoos it's like baby nappy rash cream and I've always got a cheap of that so whenever I'm like to get a tattoo I've always got soon but Pat them to help me heal it so you just rub that on I think it's like twice a day and then when it starts to like go pili I do it a little bit more cuz I hate the penis and want to try and stop it and then gradually you just stop it will hear on it it's really nice and velvety and then it's healed then it will go on to my ankle tattoo because I'm gonna save the best for last I'll excuse my hairy legs at the winter leave me alone so that is my little moon tattoo this one I got done with my boyfriend in June 2015 so yeah that's this year he came down to stay with me in my house and house it too well my parents went on holiday for a week so one day we just decided that we were gonna go to Oak Street get matching tattoos I just want to make a point on this me and Chris have known each other for literally like 7 years we've always had a really close bond really strong friendship so we've always like loved each other to some degree and now we're in a relationship it's not too much of a big deal for us to get matching tattoos I know some people are so dead against it but honestly it's it's not a big deal even if like down the line in the future things go terribly wrong with us it's not gonna be something I regret because our friendship that we've had over such a long period of time that will always mean such a lot to me so to have this symbol on my body representing the friendship that we've had and the relationship that we had o have why am I talking about it like it's over already no it's like a symbol of the fact that I love him and you know we got matching tattoos because we're stupid reckless crazy teenagers who are in love with each other pain wise on my ankle didn't bother me at all it's over within like 10 minutes if that node like five minutes email it's literally two lines so yeah I didn't bother me at all it was like scratchy warm feeling like tattoos earth has 25 pounds and probably one that needs a little bit of a touch up where we got it darling next to her was we didn't do any research on there we just sort of like went into town and we liked him let's go to tell you together and we didn't really like do any research or didn't really know what we were after even when we went i won't leave their information in the description but I would not recommend just walking into a tattoo parlor and getting something permanent on your skin because mine anchor says we're both gonna need them touched up at some point in the future they're a little bit like wobbly like blobby and some of the lines are a bit thicker than other lines in places but whatever learning curve and it's only your man cool so yeah that is my little moon tattoo and then finally we've saved the best for last this is my absolute favorite tattoo you it gives me life it's my sternum tattoo and I've got to figure out the way of getting this out without like flashing youtube so so that is my absolute favorite tattoo I got that as a birthday present to myself in May this year so I got it done on the 4th of May my birthday's a 30 Fester it was like the first available appointment because this guy that doesn't is always so booked up because he's a really incredible artist down in South Devon he's very well known and he's always very booked up I love this one because like it pokes out of like the bottom of my crop tops and stuff so like people always see it I always get compliments on it people always ask me about it so love like the attention and the head kept with this tattoo this tattoo doesn't really have a meaning I mean I guess mandalas and lotuses there to do is that your position in the universe and your growth and your like spiritual journey but really I think it's just really pretty and I just want to like decorate you know my body is a temple and I want to decorate my temple pain-wise this is definitely the most painful tattoo I've had on your chest you've got a lot of bony areas and I guess over the top of bones it is a little bit more painful this tattoo was also the tattoo that took the longest out of all my tattoos so for the adrenaline to keep going through your body even you know like one hour into your tattoo two hours into tattoo this one took me about quanis a two and a half hours to have done so by the time the end of it came it was really painful and I thought I was probably gonna die the cost of this tattoo was 240 pounds and Olli FERS whose information I leave down below he's an absolutely brilliant artist he is he's got a waiting list for like a year at the moment I had my boat for about a year before I actually managed to get it done and I'm not sure what your charges per hour I meet leave it pause there and then yeah this one it took like two and a half hours and it was like 240 bed say do some math side but I don't know what that means and yeah healing process with this one again it's sort of like under where your brow should be I should stop getting tattoos under wear very tight clothing sits but yeah we're a bikini top again for a really long time sometimes I just went braless I was using my pant then rubbing that in two or three times a day is quite a large area so I found it did get like extra flaky and extra I like itchy but I tried not to scratch it and it's healed really nicely so obviously I did quite a nice job there with not scratching it yeah I just think it's one of the most beautiful pieces of art like I've ever seen let alone on like my body so I'm really really happy with it on absolute favorite– when I got holidays Italy over the summer and people were like looking excited my bikini and people were looking and people are asking and I just think it's like a really nice piece of like adornment like embellishment like bit of decoration to me so those are my tattoos I really hope you enjoyed the video I absolutely loved watching people's tattoos and piercings videos I would include my piercings in this one but I've actually had to take them all up for my new job I did have quite a few but it's not even any point touching on them because they're all gone now on is the bite cheese graters just some types of holes in them if you do you have any other questions I did try and cover a lot of topics and they're like time healing blah blah blah if you have any more questions about any of my tattoos then please do let me know I'll try and track down all the artists information and leave them in the description box and these are all artists based in the southwest oh it's very happy to talk to you about my tattoos there are pictures and things on my Instagram if you want to go find those gonna do a blog post to supplement this I did a blog post like a year ago do with just my son in my Roman numerals so that's on my blog at the moment if you wanted to have a closer look at those but I will be doing a close-up of the ones I've got currently as well so yes do make sure you check me out on Instagram Twitter and my blog and the links are down in the description box if you do have any questions chop them at me and I'll get back to you soon as possible with days and yes thank you so much for watching and I will see in the next video

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  1. The first one i want to get is a sternum tattoo because they are absolutely beautiful!

  2. We have the same birthday :). I'm getting my sternum done as well in a few weeks.

  3. Mine didn't hurt it was more irritating than anything else

  4. They all look very nice on you 🙂 Very cool designs. I wanted a dragon or a snake…but I'm just too scared. :-

  5. I love the sternum tattoo. I'd love to get one but it seems like it'll hurt so bad and I'm a babyyyy 😂

  6. Just got a rib tattoo for my first one and it hurt so badly towards the end 😂 worth it though

  7. Ok HOW COME I already know like 8 people whose birthday is 31st May. Me too! Hahha
    I genuinely LOVE your tattoos, they are beautiful. I'll have a sun tattooed on my forearm in December hopefully!! Hugs!!

  8. Yeah I want my first tattoo on my ribs and everyone is like "eh… you sure? That's going to hurt" like yes, thank you Cpt. Obvious. Like you said, all tattoos are going to hurt, and I'm actually looking forward to the pain.

  9. hey 🙂 i have been planning my first tattoo for so long, its on my sternum (its a rose with a dagger going through it, so its similar to the size of your one just stretched out, should i say) . so the only thing is i'm just worried because i don't know what to expect pain wise. should i get one of my other tattoo ideas first, which is on my arm? or should i just dive straight in with my sternum? i personally want the sternum more than the arm one at this point because i love the design so much.
    thank you in advance! 🙂

  10. People like this do my head in they have a few small tats and they act like they r experts, sit for 5 hours in pain and then make a vlog

  11. the sun tattoo (witch i love by the way) is very similar to the sun of the uruguayan flag! very nice

  12. your sternum tattoo is the most beautiful i've ever seen, now i want to get mine done even more!

  13. I'm so in love with your tattos, especially sternum one <3 my dream is to have a sternum tattoo, maybe this year I'll get one 😀

  14. Tattoos are a portal for demons to enter you. No matter how small or large. Demons torment your mind in ways you have no way of telling its being done to you. There purpose is to lead you further away from GOD, and the truth of salvation and eternal life. So get rid of them, and ask the Lord to forgive you.  Also!!! get out of any sexual relation ship you might be in, if you are not married.  TIME IS SHORT. ?

  15. your tattoos are gorgeous! I'm getting my first one on Friday,so excited!x

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