My son never had a girl friend [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.07.15]

Glenn Chapman


  1. Wow! so another concern where they did not help the person but only poke some fun at them? whats new… I love watching this show but this was useless. The problem here was much more than being shy, he lacks confidence and has been bullied by others. How can you just tell someone directly "oh you're so tactless" like how does that help him? It would make me feel worse. I wish that people view this episode and learn to be nicer to others, he needs people to be kind and also listen to him and his concerns.

  2. "after we eat, do you wanna go somewhere and do something?"

  3. Someone find him a forgein girl. From what I know most Korean women don't usually take charge in relationships


  5. I had to pause the video because I'm reeling at the idea the 20 contacts in your phone is small/too little 😂 I mean, I only really talk (as in a conversation about their lives) to about 4 of my friends a day. I can understand if maybe they mean Snapchat contacts or Instagram follower you only interact with so often, but interacting with 20 people every day seems above average to me! Also, the mom needs to leave the poor guy alone, he'll find someone for him. Give him some time 😅 I can relate to this since I just turned 20 and everyone is pressuring me about boyfriends and finding a nice guy since I'm "such a nice girl" 🤧

  6. My mom always thought I m not dating someone, she was looking boys for me and selected one for arrange marriage. Then i put on bomb that I had boyfriend of 7 years. 😂😂

  7. Hahaha i remember Defcoon from 2 days and 1 night no date since birth

  8. I think she just wanted him to Branch out if the best so she can have time to herself and her friends

  9. She should be happy that her son is spending time with her and loves her. Lots of young people leave their parents and call them like once a month.

  10. Why tf would anyone come on a show just to say that they’re kid never dated??☠️
    What if he doesn’t want ?
    I lost half of my brain cells on this show😐😂😂☠️

  11. the mother is pretty and hey nothing wrong with a stay at home body .. (atleast that's me)

  12. I love Ailee and her new song. But why she didnt promoting at music show. She could have win! 😤😤☹️

  13. I say to myself Why doesn’t men ask me out and then when one asks me out I’m like “Not him please and will change my route to avoid him” 😂 Single people are either not ready emotionally for dating or have high standards that they’re not ready to give up. Some people are addicted to dating, personally I just want to get married and skip the bad relationships

  14. I’m 29and I love staying in on the weekends.. I do go out time to time, but I really don’t see a big deal about staying in or being single

  15. The only thing that's preventing me to think that this mom is crazy is that she said Jeongyeon is the perfect gf.

  16. Tbh he doesn’t look attractive physically but seems like a nice guy and there’s a match for everyone out there

  17. He seems super nice and personally i don't think he should worry tooo much about not dating. Pretty sure he is not the only one.I'm sure there's someone out there who would enjoy his company and listening skills.The only thing is that he seems to not want to hurt people's feelings or make them feel uncomfortable and he doesn't want to be a bad son which makes him suppress his own feelings and opinions hence the "ah" responses. He needs to be a bit more honest with himself. The whole ailee situation was weird for me lol because I probably would have reacted similar to him. She didn't seem to be joking (her tone) so I probably would have just awkwardly smiled it off as well not wanting to be rude if she really did eat that much which honestly i wouldn't care. Irl the convo would have slowly became more natural since it was a blind date and they would move past the whole restaurant first impression situation. I liked their explanations and advice overall though

  18. That con man comment has me dead! BTW did anyone else check to see how many contacts they had on their phone :")

  19. I feel so attacked "20 contacts is so little" I literally talk to 3 people and one of them is my mom

  20. My god the pressures from Korean parents is crazy. I'm sure she means well but how about idk…..leaving him alone?

  21. I see a lot of match makers in kdramas maybe the mother should seek out one because the son has tried but could not get through

  22. He truly wants to date . There's someone for everyone. He really is a sweet and gentle soul. If I were free ,I would go out with him.

  23. Sadly he's not uncommon. There's lot of men throughout the world who lack social skills to be able to appeal to women. & he's living in a society in which he will face pressure, esp once he gets in his 30s to pair up.

  24. I am the female version of him i dont have any boy friends and never dated also😊 i would like to be in relationship actually but that did not happen yet 😂🙈 i am still 22 years old so its kinda fine😁💓i just dont know how i can make friends with the boys or how to deal with them and have conversion/communication , i am so inexprienced with them😂😂🙈

  25. I was happily surprised to see Ailee here… glad her song got some good publicity. As for this issue… nothing is wrong with being single. I wish people didn’t look down on single people. We don’t have to be in a relationship to be happy.

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