My Son is an addictor og 'Crayon Shin Chan'… [Hello Counselor ENG,THA/2018.10.08]

Glenn Chapman


  1. So…..what about watching shinchan 😅 he gonna watch it less or no ( that was the main concern )

  2. Excuses excuses, he’s playing the victim card. There are many kids from broken homes and yet turned out very well adjusted (I am one of them). At 20 years old he should spend his time productively, like get a job 🤷🏻‍♀️. Respect the mom who fed,clothed and provided a home. Anyone can tell she loves and worries about him yet is hurt by the way he treats her.

  3. Putting everything aside, the mother is so freaking beautiful. She can still break necks and walk the runway.

  4. LOL… I'm 28 and I watch Crayon Shin Chan time to time. Nothing wrong with that.

  5. uhhh he must have some weird incest fetish, the way he joked about his sister's and his mom's boobs.

  6. There's a time when me and my siblings are obsessed with cartoon & anime. Shin Chan, Doraemon, Dragon Ball, Digimon, Card Captor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Ultraman, Naruto, One Piece, Detective Conan, Prince of Tennis, Spongebob Squarepants, Ogy and the Coakroaches, Kim Possible, Winx Club, Avatar, etc. from kindergarten to highschool. Good times 😆

  7. i'd watch it too if i was him.. but he needs to be more considerate of his mom.. his mom maybe needs to leave him for a couple days and go to a hotel and sleep there and see how the kid reacts idk hard to cut that habit when it started so young

  8. Smh the guy is obviously not neurotypical. South Korea needs to get on with disabilities.

  9. Even i love that show and i am also 20 years…so whts the problem…even older people watch animated movies


  11. I actually felt like i could understand him at first. But then i started thinking again and it just felt like an excuse. My parents also divorced when i was little and im the oldest of two siblings. My younger brother is far younger than me so i kinda have to be a mom for him. I firstly stay with my father and my mom immediately got remarried after the divorce. My father have to go to work to support us so we live with our relatives and i would say it was very hard. I feel really left out and it actually taught me to be independant. And when i started living with my mother when i was 12, i was immediately sent to a boarding school hours from home. Honestly, all those times i was away from home was really hard. It does taught me to depend on myself more but i was very far from getting familial love. All those time i was there, i would envy my friends whos family will come often to give them delicious food or supply. So me and my mom always fought, sometimes it lasted for months. I blamed it on the fact that she sent me away immediately after i get back to her. We never understand each other. And im always alone. She always scold and blame me saying i love my father too much but honestly how can i not love him when he worked so hard for us and always come too see us at our relatives house despite working extra hour everyday. In short, he always think about us. Those 6 years i spent with my father leave quite a big part in my memory. While my mother whos not working, thanks to her rich husband, sent me away immediately after i live with her. I was very dissappointed and that gradually changed my perception towards her. I felt like she loves her new daughter more than me. After all the thing she put me through, i felt insignificant. I felt like i lost my mother. All these years i always have suicidal thoughts but then for me i survived cause i found a band. It was BTS 😂 i found them right after they debut and they actually get me going. So i can understand why he is obsess with shin chan. People call it sweet escape. It makes us escape from real life that hated us so much. For me, bts is so inspirational. I felt so loved watching them. I craved the familial love they had for each other cause the love i received is very different. They help me go through my life with their love yourself love myself campaign. I, eventhough not completely, gradually trying to love myself. What i want to point out is, no matter how hard it is for me, and eventhough i often had suicidal thoughts, i had never even once gotten into depression. Shortly after that, i realized that being around people that always makes me laughs which is my friends and doing something that i really love, bts really help to take my mind off the problem i have. This actually help me to avoid getting into depression. So i understand his obsession with jjanggu but people shouldnt dwell on a problem too much and build a wall around themselves not, letting people in, always in their own pathetic world that they build themselves because this is the real cause to severe depression. I could confidently say this cause i had been through the same thing and its hard but believe in yourself a little more. Indulge in a positive hobbies and try to talk more cause its really help for people with low self confidence.

  12. i guess he just want attention.. the love he didn't received when he was growing up.. at least he's not depressed now
    anyway is a lovely family, they just need to change some things

  13. Blaming his obsession on his parents' divorce is just a way of refusing to take responsibility. A lot of people, including his own sister, are in the same situation and aren't cruel the way he is. Being obsessed with the show is one problem, and only really because it isolates him, but that he has no common courtesy, belittles and insults his family, and willingly admits he doesn't care about them is downright disgusting. And why is he talking to women about their breasts? Let alone his sister??

  14. Not to be rude or anything but the mom kinda reminds me of the other mother from Coraline lmao

  15. He’s arrested in development! Many parents get divorced and people don’t act like that. He wasn’t completely abandoned. He was raised by his grandparents and his mother was working hard, how come his father wasn’t there?

    He is too reliant on his mother to the point where this show consumes his life and he can’t do anything for himself except wait for him mom to even complete activities of daily living for him.

    I feel sorry for mom. They both seemed trapped in a nightmare.

    Is the concept of mental health not known in Korea?

  16. There is something off about him, I think it's the way he speaks ? He is 20yo the mom should kick him out

  17. Some people here really don't understand that he never had a chance to grow up like them. If you feel empathetic towards a ten year old boy whose parents divorce, then you should feel empathetic towards this guy as well. Because he was that boy who never got treatment. Is it wrong that he is somewhat disrespectful towards his mom, yes. But that the word 'disrespect' has completely different meaning on him then many of you.

  18. Im chinese and i watched every episode and movie in the chinese version and that is enough. There are alot of movies + episodes. i have watched this show since i was 3.

  19. But Crayon Shinchan is cartoon for adult, it's rated 18+, since when it's for children? In japan this anime is actually for parents.

  20. I just wanna ask because i'm really curious about something. Why is korean often change the name of character or actor/actress? Like shinchan, jackie chan, bruce lee, etc.

  21. Ngl I don't blame him lol I'm 18 and I love that show. I still watch it whenever I visit korea for old times sake

  22. Am I the only one who thinks the boy looks slightly a bit like Jake Paul?

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