My husband loves me too much Part.2 [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.07.15]

Glenn Chapman


  1. 부부는 성형수술을 많이 했나봐, 얼굴이 자연스럽지 않다

  2. ohhh you guys look like twins!
    yes we went to the same cosmetic surgeon….

  3. I understand that he's a sweetheart, but the wife need to communicate with him that she feels smothered. He seems like an understanding guy, and they could possibly come to some type of compromise. I swear, how often do you find a guy like him? Hope they work it out. Does anyone think he looks like leetuk from suju???

  4. This is so sweet. He is such a sweet husband. The real issue here is communication. She never told him how she really feels, and that's why this has happened for so long. They both really love each other so much. So now that he knows I believe he will give her what she needs from him and the kids: time to herself.

  5. 이 부부 아이들은 되게 못생걌겠다. 둘다 성형수술해서. 부인은 눈 코 다했구 남편은 눈 했구.

  6. Husband, and wife both have cosmetic surgery too much. That's why they look resemble.

  7. Everyone needs their personal space. It's not healthy to be joined in the hips all the time. i would get sick and tired if i don't get to enjoy my hobbies and spending time with my friends.

  8. Watch this and i see ailee. Omg my favourite solo singer 😍😘😘

  9. Such a nice husband.. may Allah bless them.with lots of happiness.. and i don't understand how is this a concern…

  10. I get that she wants some alone time but how is he to know if she doesn’t communicate

  11. Everyone needs there alone time. That has to be respected even if you love someone

  12. Ok this guy is officially my role model. I will do everything for my future wife Except for the over kill stuff…

  13. They say they look like twins but that's because they prob went to the same plastic surgeon… both their faces look like they've got a LOT of work done

  14. when my husband at work, i want him home. but when he's at home, i want him out. sigh so complicated 😧

  15. Total side note: they should get refunds for their surgeries, it doesn’t look very great 🙁

  16. You are lucky to have such a good man. You should be honest to him before taking him to TV, that's true love. Don't wait for other people to fix your couple problems before you even try by yourself!

  17. His plastic surgery went very bad he looks to unnatural and looks like the dummy like the dolls

  18. The only thing I can think about is the plastic surgery on his facejfjsgjdjfisos

  19. She’s so lucky. In the fucked up world we have today, she’s really lucky

  20. My ex husband was like this, I never had me time, ever… and it inevitably broke down the marriage… btw, his friend, super handsome…

  21. Honestly, I want a man like him. Still being affectionate to me even after few years of dating

  22. She is really lucky to have him just a little honest conversation n everything will b sorted . I need a husband like him

  23. My boyfriend is like that too (But he doesnt stalks me like he does… thats really creepy). I can understand her a little bit bc sometimes its weird when hes so openly affective. But on the other hand i think its just bc we are teached by society that you shouldnt be like that in public. I mean i like it that hes so sweet with me. I'm just sometimes scared that we annoy other people with our sweetness^^

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