My husband loves me too much Part. 1 [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.07.15]

Glenn Chapman


  1. 1:47 He wants to do a duet for every album u put out got me laughing so hard 😂😂😂

  2. Just watching this bc of Ailee but damn, that guy has some trust issues and his behaviour is very toxic. He probably needs therapy (no shame, therapy helps a lot and I'll always defend it!) bc honestly this isn't normal, it's common but not normal.

  3. Sounds a bit like OCD issues if the dude is eating the same food every single day.

  4. Hello Counselor for celebrities where fans give advice and support to their favourite celebs.

    Who agrees?

  5. I stopped watching this show because the concerns started becoming issues that cant be solved by just a simple apology and promises.

  6. Now that's one more concern added to my list for future husband

  7. ay sanaol HAHAHHAHAA CHarot kelangan ko rin ng oras para sa sarilii nuun

  8. Every bitch wants a man that’s all about her and obsessed with her until he overdoes it.

  9. A controlling guy like that is NO GOOD. Those are the ones that turn aggressive. I know divorce isn't common there, but she needs to leave him. Waaaay too creepy. Also that young guy on the panel is so damn oblivious to how creepy the guy is that it makes HIM seem creepy as well.

  10. I know people who went through smth like this aaaaand they ended up things hehe good luck to them 😂

  11. Some people are just frustrated to be loved just 1% of how much she is loved.
    I can only see how much he care fo his wife. This is not a concern for me.

  12. does he not trust his wife or something wtf this is some controlling shit

  13. the lady's black/brown eye ball is so amazingly big that it makes her eyes look like an anime or something …

  14. Omo omo omo… Junjin…. Pak Chongjae…. Saranghae… Sumpah ih…. Kaget bangettt….. Tiba tiba muncul muka lu di layar… Hati gua deg degdeg…. Meletup…. Shinhwa changjo❤❤🎉🎉🎉

  15. I love kyung but he is just not understanding this concern omg

  16. Oh my god this is horrifying! I would divorce a husband like that, everyone needs space! Especially if he is basically stalking her which shows no trust. Smh this poor woman

  17. Ailee lost so much weight in her cheeks 🙁 i miss her full face it had such a pretty shape

  18. I feel bad cause I don't think people understand her concern at all, him being with her 24/7 must feel stuffy she needs her leisure time alone too

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