My husband hates our first son. [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.04.01]

Glenn Chapman


  1. The moment the father cried he realized his son is not like him after all, he has a kinder heart

  2. Parents fighting infront of their children is the worst things ever he could get depression from it (same thing happened to me lol)

  3. I feel so sad for the first Son how can he hate him 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 the first Son is the one that will take care of everything and is young brother too. I hope now the father love the both sons more and the wife and living happy family now😢😢😢😢❤❤❤❤

  4. This end was really nice~
    But that second brother is really mysterious and a little dangerous too… I hope they will still live a nice life

  5. 20:00 the kid lied 2 times in a row at the age of 9 on PUBLIC tv I think the dad should stop dotting in him and treat him more strictly than the older one, the older one is the nicer kid and he grew up well but the younger one learned how to lie and use his power of being the ‘favourite child’ because of all the dotting

  6. It isn’t the the son’s fault that he got his dad’s trait. The dad can stop making excuses and tell clearly that he hates his first son for no reason. I’m the youngest in my family but this doesn’t happen here.

  7. Lee Rae is such a nice kid…He's so mature at a really young age…
    He should be love…

  8. The father is obviously not a good one to Rae but what makes me wanna throw up is the second kid. Just being young doesnt mean all of them are pure innocent angels. Look at his expressions🤢

  9. Wow. That Yul kid is a liar. He should be taught a lesson seriously. That father of his is making a victim out of the eldest son and a monster out of the second kid

  10. I'm shocking right now that kid Lee Rae was very handsome
    So funny that he won't talk to his dad of having girlfriend 😂

  11. I just could not help shedding a little tears, children are a gift from God, when someone gives you a gift. You naturally cherishes it. In the bible Jacob stated this "Reuben, you are my first-born, my vigor and the beginning of my generative power, the excellence of dignity and the excellence of strength. And Jehovah God referred to his first creation Jesus as "My beloved son whom I approved". It is a parent duty to love and nature their children. Ephesians 6:4 And fathers, do not be irritating your children, but go on bringing them up in the discipline and admonition of Jehovah.
    It is not the right of parents to use their power of bringing the child into the world as a bullying power, but to nurture them. into becoming wonderful men and women. In Proverbs chapter 8 we read that God included his son Jesus in all his creative work, Jesus was not made to feel as if he was not important. Like wise when he (God) created his other spirit sons. He also included them into doing his purpose. Like Gabriel, he delivered the message to the virgin Mary. Other angels too brought message to other Prophets. So including and loving our children is a fundamental growth in their development. Parents please be kind and loving to your children

  12. The older boy is so lovable…. so sorry that you were born with wrong dad, but life teaches lot of lessons as years goes by…. you will mature sooner and will know how to live life diligently, GOD BLESS you!

  13. Why such a stupid guy think he deserve to be a someone's husband and dad?..

  14. The youngest son will be a ruined kid 15 years from now..

  15. he is one of the nicest dads (by the end) i have seen on this show. he loves his son, but he sees his mistakes, genuinely feels bad over them and seems to want to make a chance. Lee Rae you have a cool dad 👍

  16. My dad is a drinker everytime his drunk. If my brother and i made like slight mistake like spilling water he would scold us so bad that my mum come in to make him stop and protect us

  17. My situation was the opposite. I’m the younger sister and have one older brother who is 4 years older than me. When we were very little, our parents treated us the equally. However, when I was 5 and my brother was 9, our dad passed away and things went downhill. My mom, relatives and family friends all adored and favoured my brother because he was the boy without a father. They all doted on him. Nobody cared about how I felt because I’m a girl and apparently girls don’t need a father. I can understand that my brother needed him more than I did…but it still hurt a lot when your feelings isn’t valid simply because of your gender/sex. Everyone invited him to places, wanted to hang out with him, checked up on him to see how he was doing while I was just left in the shadows. Teenage years were the worst. My mom would yell at me for everything. When my brother was being a jackass, my mom would take out her frustrations on me and she would belittle me while praising my brother. When I was getting bullied at school and felt no one cared about me, I told my mom I was feeling depressed…she just laughed at me. Yet as soon as my brother told my mom he felt alone she immediately signed him up for a therapist and cried for him. My brother became pretty manipulative and despite having my mom favour him and do so much for him, he became such a massive bitch towards her. He yells at her, calls her a bitch, doesn’t refer her as mom, just calls her by her first name and she just lets him. We are now grown adults and I’m the one who is taking care of my mom while my brother just lives his life not giving a fuck about us and he always uses the whole “I didn’t have a dad growing up” excuse as to why he can’t “man up” and help us out. And by man up, I meant him act like a fuck’n grown up and stop expecting people to just baby him. He is unemployed and All he does is look for men online to fuck with. Whenever I try to talk to people about this situation they are STILL on his side saying “you gotta understand…he didn’t have a father”

    I became pretty numb about his because it’s like nobody understood or cared about how I felt about this. I never tell people my problems because I just tell myself that it’s just me being dramatic so I just suck it up and deal with it. I have resentment towards my mom but a part of me still don’t want to leave her alone. Sometimes I wish I was heartless. So honestly people, never treat your kid differently. It may seem insignificant to you but in reality it can affect them way more than you can imagine. No matter the circumstances, it is YOUR job to consider all of your kids. There are no excuses or reasons as to why you favour one over the other or need to date on one more than the other.

  18. Isnt there already one case like this??? The first son was sooo handsome but i dont remember what episode it was

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