My friend is too much into fangirling Sung Sikyung [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.07.22]

Glenn Chapman


  1. I basically annoying my friends with AB6IX, Youngmin & Donghyun 🤣 but I know the boundary at least…I think she is sasaeng…

  2. Huh she is 25? I thought she is 40 plus. Her friends look mature too. She is sick in the head to not allowing him to have a gf or get married. Her face is so damm plastic and looked like she got a lot of work done.Gosh and her personality sucks

  3. I felt tired just listening to her following her fav artist's gigs or schedules.
    That's pretty tiring and draining activities…
    I would rather stay at home and be a potato instead of going out.
    Sleep & rest is life, ya'll XD

    PS : I thought i was weird since I wrote 2-3 letters to an idol i like.

  4. Im a fan of a boyband but i really want to see them to get married with someone he loves and have kids. It just i want to see them happy with their own family. Idols are human too

  5. i cant believe i, a 13 year old is more mature than her. I was literally cringing oMg she wants to be married to her oPpAr owemji

  6. As for the case of love life,that areum is kind of delutional.if you like someone your wish should be their happiness and peace not your dominant spirit trying to rule their life

  7. One reason I disliked BTS was bcos my best friend always spam me their pictures, music, variety shows and clips compilation and she will expect me to give feed back.however,if I don't reply or say I did not watch it,she will insult the hell out me until the day I have her serious warning to stop spamming me anything and if I'm interested I will check it out.

    Be a fan, enjoy it but don't use it to disturb my life,for me the best friend is nice,if it was me I will speak sense into her still being a fangirl

  8. She's so young but ruined her face with too much plastic surgery, she looks over 40, not 25.

  9. I stan DAY6 but could not even afford to buy DAY6 merch and album or attend DAY6 concert (broke af lol).while this lady, she stealing from her mom to buy concert tickets.. omgggg..

  10. I can't resist myself to write a comment here. I wanna bet that if SSK do get married, this kind of fans will be the one destroying his albums and probably doing something worse, spreading something that it's not true about him, with the worst reasoning of all, "I dropped him not because he's getting married, but because how he handle the marriage" 🙄 in the end, it's because of him getting married. I truly feel sorry for idols and many celebrities in SK, because it seems being normalized there 😔

  11. When it comes to obsessive over something or someone, I think is way more deeper personal trouble than just fangirling stuff. Really hope she can get helps.

  12. Girl, there's limit to like or loving someone. A true love is to see our love ones happy not to put more pressure though. What u doing are so selfish. U just care about ur own happiness. Not ur families, friends or even the one u say u love.
    This applies to all fans of celebrities or idols. Do not mind their personals. They should get married if they want to. Let respect their life and privacy. Just keep supporting them if you are able to.
    I'm a fan of kpop and i know how we, fans like watching their photos, videos, fancams, buying albums, go to gigs,fansign events or concerts. But dont let it affect others. Like use ur own money, go with the ones that are willing to. That way, others will respect what u doing or what u love.

    Best regards,

  13. I am an ARMY..but I always wish that my BTS will find their soulmates and live a happy and free life

  14. if this ain't what the fans culture in kpop society especially the ones who strictly against their idols having relationship…there is fine line between adores, cherish your fave and being mad obsessed that you turn into completely delusional.

  15. If this happens in India, people around her would have given a tight slap on cheeks or thrashed her. Liking and admiring is different but being delusional to the point of emitting negative aura, not wishing happiness to her idol is what a saesang do right!!!! So very selfish and lowlife!!! This person needs doctor period!!!

  16. She s really his fan and honest towards feeling fearless 😊👍too bt bit too over crazy for him😔 bt I think by ths show she had passed first counseling 💕and if she follow his advice nd concentrate on his daily life and frnds she will b nrml as she will have more chance to meet his real love

  17. Bring her to a therapist, it is the best way. Poor friends

  18. when your friends send this video to you because they have the same concern

    ps : i just watched until the end but she’s so delusional lol.. it’s too much.. eye-

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