My friend is all about being SEVENTEEN's fan. [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.01.28]

Glenn Chapman


  1. Seventeen always my no1 in my heart i already become carat almost 3 years , who dont like their talent , their visual and thier crazyness but this girl already crazy for them😂😂😂

  2. so apparently the girl in the pink hoodie/jumper is a sasaeng. yALL I'M BROKE I JUST WANT MERCH AND TO SEE THEM

  3. personally i ult seventeen but she has to realise she is embarassing herself and her future I mean one day they will disband and she spent sm money on them and she has not much benefit I hope kpop sasengs can understand that you are only embarrassing yourself I mean idol group are amazing but don't let them control your life

  4. Once she said she spent whole 24 hours outside following their schedule, i knew she was a sasaeng…..

  5. As a carat, i barely relate to her for 2 reason. I am an international fan, and fans like us are limited to eng subbed videos and 2nd, Im broke, never seen them in person :((

  6. Seventeen affects my grades but in a good way… Since I started to stan them my grades got higher than before… I'm a Carat since they debuted and they always inspire me to do well…

  7. Dang. Definitely a sasaeng. I feel bad for my boys. Seventeen doesn't really distract me from studying and I'm proud to say that because they're one of the reasons I get to be an honor student. I try to restrict myself from watching any of their videos when I have my finals. I'll watch them tho if I take a break from studying to refresh myself and have some inspiration to continue reviewing. I'm sorry but I couldn't say this girl is a fan because I can't afford having this kind of carat ruining Seventeen and the fandom's peaceful life

  8. Eventhough she's a sasaeng, I'm kinda glad to find someone as a CARAT. SEVENTEEN are so underrated despite of their talents, their good songs. I need more people to become a CARAT. Please, SEVENTEEN are so talented. You guys should reallt stan them. but, do not become a sasaeng. 😅


  10. Thank you for being a CARAT. I'm also a CARAT. ❤ But, please don't be too obsessed. It's not good for you.

  11. I can't even remember my favorite group's debut date… all I know is my bias' birthday. 😂

  12. Ah, that's disappointing. Low key thought it wouldn't be this far I mean- doesn't remember your friend's birthday?? Disappointing your family??? That's just- too far—

  13. I wrote my first about this without finishing it yet, because I was really frustrated about it, but now that I finished it I have more things to say.
    Looking at Seventeen's reaction about this issue, I got really sad to look at their expressions. They must be really disappointed. Any other idols would feel the same way. Their happy for the love their fans give them and they also want us to be happy. They worry about their fans a lot. We, the fans, should really get it together so our idols could get assured that we are doing good and that's thanks to them.

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