My friend is addicted to water and coffee! [Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2018.11.12]

Glenn Chapman


  1. I am also addicted to water and i don't like any drinks with flavours or like coke well that's me😅

  2. 10 cups of coffee and 4 shots of espresso.

    Nct Jaemin entered the chat

  3. i ship them to, her and his friend, they look cute together

  4. 1:21 same! i always put mayonnaise to all the food i eat, and also i partner it with rice

    her advice: 17:50 "dont care what others think"

  6. "women only please" whoops there goes all the equality and human rights again, good job korea

  7. the audience is shocked when he tells he drinks 6 liters of water, NOT SHOCKED when he tells about how he was abused as a child MKAY

  8. wow poeple have experience in peeing in bottles? what is this shit?

  9. Sometimes I prefer to read the comments first but then I realized sometimes people in the comments sec can be so overreactied

  10. why did i come here expecting indignation and i finished shipping lmao na it's a joke, we love friendships like thissss

  11. 1:54 he doesnt even look like korean, first glance at him and i could tell hes japanese

  12. Rice with coffee is actually good. We do it here in Philippines

  13. Not all water is created equal. You need the right kind and amount of water depending on your body weight. Anything in excess may not be good.

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