My Eggs, My Choice – Egg Freezing – the lead up to egg retrieval

Today is the last ultra sound scan. I just parked at Barbados Fertility Centre. We are going to do
the ultra sound. They are going to see where my follicles/eggs are at. I have about 8 on each side, so 16 in all. And we are going to see how they are growing. We will see if we are going to harvest on
Friday or if we have to increase my meds and plan another day for
harvesting. So we’ll see! OK, so I’m on the table, but we are now looking
at my eggs with nurse Anna. OK, so what we are looking at today are your
ovaries. These black round spaces here are your follicles,
they are fluid filled sacks. Each follicle potentially contains an egg,
about 80% of follciles contain eggs. They look really nice today, nice round follicles
here. On your right ovary we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
7, 8, 9, 10, 11 beautiful follciles on your right. And on your left we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 – 7
follciles on your left so about 20 follicles in total, this looks really really nice. 18 – 20 follciles as I say about 80% of follciles
contain eggs so we’d be hoping to get somewhere between 14-16 eggs. The follciles are definately good size all
grown to the next stage, we’ll get lots of eggs. So do I need to increase my meds at this stage? No, I think you are almost ready for egg collection, I’m
just going to do some measuring of the follciles so we know exactly when your egg collection
is going to be. Wooohoo! Thank you! OK, so I left Barbados Fertility Centre and
as you know I mentioned earlier that I had 7 on either side, but nurse Anna quickly corrected
that at the ultra sound actually showed there are more follciles, there are 11 on one side
and 7 on the other and within those follciles are eggs. She said it looks like I can get between 15-20
eggs with this retrieval that is coming up. I am excited and I’m nervous, I’m not sure
why I am nervous, I guess it’s the whole idea of I’m going to be sedated and I won’t know
what’s happening. They are going to use the probe with an injection
and then kind of suck out the eggs. Get my eggs out and then I will eventaully
wake up, I’ll be resting for a little bit and that will be it. Apparently it only takes like 15 minutes,
but I should allow for an hour. I’m either going in Friday or Saturday and
that will be pretty much it for this journey. It was about 7 weeks, shots and hormones and
just emotionally what this experiemce brings. So I’m actually quite happy and I am at peace
with everything. So I’m going to keep you guys posted. I’m actually probably going to do another
video for when I’m going in and what the Drs are saying and just so you can be a part of
this experience with me and also if you want to do this with the fertility centre you
know what to expect. Thank you for continuing to follow this journey
with me of egg freezing. This is my eggs, my choice http://barbadosivf.com/eggs-choice-blog/

Glenn Chapman

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