My dad smokes too much [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.07.29]

Glenn Chapman


  1. My dad used to smoke too, he stop smoking when i said "why can't you gave me pocket money when you can buy all those cigarettes", when i was 8. :))

  2. He should stop for his kid's sake. Anybody who has children and smoke around them I feel bad for them.. look at how its affecting the little girl.. she's so concerned but he doesnt care 🙁 (also talking from experience it's just awful)

  3. She will grow up to be a wonderful woman/wife/mother i can tell.Hope her dad understands her and quits smoking.

  4. So a smoking dad is not a big concern but a loud boyfriend is¿? Like that just doesnt make any sense like smoking is dangerous and a loud boyfriend is umm not really, just a bit embarrassing. This show is really something else.

  5. My parents and even my sister all smoke and it's so hard. Not only am I completely used to the smell and I even like the smell of sigarets but I'm so concerned for their health. My dad coughs as if he is 90 years old😔

  6. Dad is such a nice guy… problem is only smoking that's all…!! And whenever he smoke he go outside and smoke… not like some other dad who smoke in the house and infront of their children..

  7. that's…definitely a concern…….what's wrong with everyone??? she's shown herself to be smart and observant but it feels like because she's a kid no one was really taking her as serious as they should've……

  8. i can relate to this girl so much. for as long as i can remember, my grandparents and parents smoked, and i lived with all four of them. i moved out with my grandparents and my dad left, so it’s normally just my grandparents that smoke around me, but my mom sometimes will smoke around me. people have told me i smell smoke, said that they can’t hang out with me because of it, and recently my friend got a headache due to the smell of smoke. she’s a bit luckier, since her dad smokes outside. unfortunately for me, my grandparents smoke inside the house.

  9. I really appreciate how korean education is really good for kid at elementary school to recognize how bad effect of smoking👍👍

  10. I can truly understand her, and second hand smoking is more dangerous, I hope he listen to her daughter because smoking too much is dangerous for both their health. and Jeno and Jaemin are so cute haha I bet they’re both shy because they barely said anything.

  11. She is literally me. I made my dad quit smoking when I was in kindergarten and I really hate the smoking smell. I hope that her dad will quit smoking and stop making his daughter so worry

  12. 누가 재민이에요? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Poor Nana 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. My dad used to smoke pack of ciggars back in the days. Bcs of this i pretended like i could not stand the smoke. Every time he smokes i will act like i have astma, coughing continuously, even hyperventilating. And to my surprise he stopped smoking after that. I never nagged at him because i know he would never listen. Probably, she should do the same 😂

  14. Why is no one talking bout how cute her dance was 🥰🥰✨👍😭😭🤧

  15. I know this is irrelevant but i want to be as cool as her, “who is jaemin?” When every girls around the world are going damned crazy over him. That little girl have my respect, sorry jaemin~ah🤣

  16. I really hate smokers. In here you can see so many people smoking on the street while walking, the smokes was flying around because of wind, and they just drop cigarettes on the street after. The most irony thing is most smokers here are from low income family, they should use the cigarettes money for their kids instead

  17. Omg…cute girl in the studio😍..also when she asked who's Jaemin…it's too cute

  18. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ amazing family! i hope they will be happy, the father stops smoking and the family is alwaysssss always happy!

  19. oh my i love this girl
    at such a young age, she's so sensible and smart, brave and doesn't worry about what others think, has her own view and is persistent, and she's so calm and cool when she speaks, yet maintaining gentleness and respect, e.g. the Jaemin part… she has a promising future

  20. My dad not a smoker but passed away bcause of lung cancer. His environment ㅠㅠ

  21. She is such a beautiful child , so well rounded and highly intelligent but her eyes seem tired and stressed. I'm also worried about he lungs. Poor thing seems quite fed up and concerned for her father. Hope he gets help as it's not easy to stop it like that. I also hope she has a great future ahead of her.

  22. This young girl was seriously so cute and so dang smart. I cried so hard when she cried, and I truly hope her dad keeps his promise so that their family can stay happy and healthy.

  23. I am so sorry for this and I should not be laughing but… who else laughed when the dad was dancing to chungha?

  24. This family seems sooo close rather than with this smoking issue.. I know it will be hard but truly hoping her dad slowly quits smoking 🙂

  25. Same problem with me but I gave up convincing my father, he cant live his life without finishing a 1 to 2 pack of cigarattes a day. Its really a big problem but they’re already addicted and its so hard to stop their addiction

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