My brother farts two hundred times a day. [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.05.27]

Glenn Chapman


  1. Then I'm his sister by Fart 🤣🤣 I have a bad digestive system as well but not that bad.. but can relate how I wish I don't have this.

  2. 😂When the MC asked the crowd if they wanted to hear the guy fart everyone sounded so forced with their collective “yeah” and the look of disgust they had was priceless

  3. oh? I think I’ve seen the older brother on another yt channel doing one sided blind date things. no wonder I feel familiar with his face😆

  4. I used to sleep with someone who farts a lot but NOT 200X a day but bruh. I'm a little germaphobic especially when it comes to others. I still need to sleep there so I covered myself with my blanket and sometimes hold my breath. Even worse when the airconditioner does not work well. I was always sweating and took me hours to fall asleep. Not only the my roommate snores so I had to put my ONLY pillow over my head which is not effective enough to cover up the sound. And again the pillow makes me sweat even harder but its good now I sleep alone ahhh

  5. Hey needs to know what triggers it … for me I avoid, cereal, bread and most chips or else I constantly fart and lord does it smell bad

  6. I haven’t farted in ages, because I always told myself it was a disgusting thing to do, starting from a very young age. I’m suffering from stomach pain everyday, for quite some years now:/

  7. Throughout this whole video I’m wondering where did i ever see this “dread brother” then i come to realize oh he was from a dating video & I genuinely find him attractive & his younger brother is cute asf! :3

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