My 12th grade son is never home [Hello Counselor / 2016.09.12]

Glenn Chapman


  1. I think he looks like BI of Ikon

    Am I the only one who thinks that?

  2. Watch them become Korean tour guides when they are older because they literally know everyplace in Korea.

  3. I like how nonchalant chanwoo and dongyup are about how this kid is 😂 they don't see the problem at all due to the fact they were like this at 18 years old and didn't do any dumb shit.

  4. Can I please date him?!?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂.He's too cute and innocent.

  5. One of the reason why I would rather have guy friends than girl friends without even hesitating is because there is only few girls who really want to hang out like that while boys just don't care about anything but having fun and you can be a child again with them like the only girl i know who would do that is my best friend but she lives one hour away from my house so i can't really see her all the time and I can't seem to be making a lot of close male friends even though when i was a freshman i was the only girl of my group of friends, it was the best honestly.

  6. If the son looks like that it's no wonder he's never been home Jesus Christ

    h00k a sister up

  7. Anyone know this man? Any of his social media???? He really brings up my curiosity up on him, omg.

  8. I want to be like him too but i don't have a friend to hang out with

  9. this is so much fun to watch, i actually set a goal too, that when i turn 18 i'll study hard, and now i'm 22,still i could not keep the promise and kept having fun.

  10. Ahh i wish i was like him, but my mom doesn't let me leave the house then she complains about me not being active. I wanna run around and jump in lakes and hang with my friends all day too agh.

  11. He is honestly living a great life. I wish my senior year went even a little like this.

  12. He's lucky tho coz if I will be him, my mom will cut my allowance or won't give me any

  13. A kdrama based on his life/adventures would be great! I feel like 13:53 would be really cool/funny to see.

  14. I wish i would have spent my life like that xD he is so cheerful and upbeat!

    I think i might have turned out that way if I was raised differently.

    Only scroll more if you want to read about what it was like for me but it's really just kinda like a rant to get it out.

    As a kid, my oldest brother would go out and have fun with his friends, but he got into drugs and alcohol, he had bad friends, he didn't come home much but our town that I live in is very small and so drugs come around very easily. He finally got out of it, dropped his bad friends and dropped out of school. My oldest sister couldn't go out much since she had severe asthma and then there was my sister who is 4 years older than me. Well, she used to sneak in and out of the house at night, she would disappear in the day and would skip school. She would make bad friends, do drugs and she was going down the wrong path. We ended up putting alarms on our house so she couldn't leave without us knowing, we had to take off our bedroom door so we could always see what she was doing. Now that she's gone and out of the house, im all thats left but I can't go anywhere, I can't really do things with friends, I have nowhere to go. Everywhere is scary to me because I was babied… All I've done is go to school, go home, eat, sleep and do it again. I study and now i watch hello counselor but im a junior in highschool and im treated like a baby, it's not a good thing 🙁 i wish i could go on this show but i don't have that big of a problem and im not korean so…. WAMP

  15. He is so cute when he smiles i kind of want to smile too i'm wondering if he has an insta :Dd

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