Mukbang In Bed With My Rebound Jake Paul

Hi hey this is the very start of my video, like nothing has happened this is the very start? this is the intro? alright, make sure you watch the end, we just want that watch time to go up smash the subscribe button oh my god, when he ups your watch time. heart. eyes. that was the hottest thing you’ve done today for sure. it was hot right? ya it was really hot alright thank you i was thinking about you look cute behind the camera, by the way aww, bae he’s so much flirtier on my channel he’s scared i’m uncomfortable that’s what a good clout relationship is all about though ya this is a clout lab how do i look you look good cause I feel like a whole new audience right now, who’s like fuck Jake Paul, you know? so like I’m just tryna like well I feel like I’m in front of a whole new audience right now that’s fuck Tana Mongeau my audience loves everyone oh because I love everyone Your audience is like who you are. That was really motivational. Damn So, um, I was thinking about titling this video mukbang with my rebound ohhh that’s lit I fuck with that You sent me a voice memo like admitting that you wanted to be my rebound i was like let me be your rebound but honestly Jake, I’m falling in love I’m like endcut We ordered salads because that’s what Jake wanted — our postmates is free use cade “TANA” Yo, for real I get free postmates too. Are you trying to flex on me? no, just like dope like that’s dope that we can both have free postmates. We don’t ever have to pay for food drama alert. you’re nervous. No, I yeah, this is that you’re so many shots have been fired. and we’re only a minute and a half. I Just had to get like the main points out of the way. Yeah Yeah, keemstar caught me right over there sat on the bed it was just a friendly thing, right? Yeah, yeah I was just taking a nap as friends. No, no you Yeah What does it matter if you’re in my bed during the daytime yeah – oh how cute a lot of people hate us. Mm-hmm. I Think people all hate you that much. That’s a good place for this. Yeah, it’s good. Oh, no. No, this is better Here you go here. Oh, yeah right next to the ten million bucks. You make me wanna fucking die. I’m a little short for it Hello I was not ready to hold me up for that long. That was kind of a flood. I’m a boxer Okay, so we’re doing a mukbang Yeah, it’s my first I got anyone with the Trisha but it wasn’t like a real move back It was like we just looked you in my fridge. I feel like Yeah, I’ll move back. So what do you do in the MOOC Bank? Did she say we’re gonna smash What’s up? Antenna today? We’re gonna be talking about how I hooked up with a guy in Vegas. I’m from Vegas, by the way I was at Coachella with Kylie Jenner. I don’t think there’s anything to be confused Okay, does that make it more confusing shit? To see ourselves because then we’re like looking to the side the whole time people like you expect that from you Like free and you can do it on my channel, okay? Hey, we can’t stop looking that because I normally don’t ever have that when he’s narcissistic or – see Ya All right, I’m gonna let you go for a second because I feel like you’re really nervous I just don’t put my hands Tyler this move bang with the fucking baby the rebound I’m not sorry about my rebound I’ve never done a movie bang. Is it a bong or bang? I think it’s I think it’s moved back. Yeah girls who know things about you Yeah, Harless tannaz are walking tweet stop every single time. I say anything with millennial eyes They call me a walking – you know what we got here. I Mainly did this for the Caesar salad? Oh, wow. I Got you agreed to you because I feel like you would like that. Yo, how’d you know? What she knows about your teeth harder speaking of tea. We’re in a mess right now. We’re at all a little scandal I guess Yeah, I kind of like it we do Fun. It’s kind of like edgy. You know, it’s the Internet’s so boring. Yeah, there’s nothing going on I really just had to come through and give you guys some shit to be talked about. Yeah Be mad about it go up like work Shane Dawson’s sociopaths kids Cute an emoji why then don’t were flirting. I don’t even open Anna man. Anna man. Goo Massimo’s you Doing yes, and then you posted a Snapchat where what? We already fit of Jake’s bed who was in the background? Yeah, people have a lot to say about it people have a lot I wasn’t reading as many other come I never dive into the comment. I love to know what the people have to say I’m not gonna lie. I Love that for you. Jake’s face picking up my lingo, okay I’m doing good. I like dressing like a moment was good. Yeah, like But I was surprised that a lot of people ship us and weren’t really mad about it anymore into it, you know Also I said I like saw like one thing where someone said that we should die like this And I agree Romeo and Juliet people will live for that. Yeah I’ve been thinking about like how to make a high You know, like I think this is the start of a great friendship friendship. You don’t Hoss your salads. Nobody talks to side Yeah, I get such a shallow rated-r like you even believe your swear words Can assign into teams and by the way, yeah like this is Wow, I’ll cost yourself They when he tosses your salad our days I Feel like you and I have been pussies lately. Yes. We watched our back on day. We lost our back bone meal Ah, yes, we lost our like controversial spirit a savage nature. Yes We’ve been dancing on the edge of the scandal and just scared don’t we literally turn to this scandal phobic plan? and I apologize to me – like I apologize for being such a bitch do people ever think they would get an apology from us together like That it’s so iconic on the low. That is what Janice takes people hate her and I don’t I don’t think people hate you I think there’s got talk dirty to me more I Didn’t know that I was gonna like you when I before we met, you know, I’m sure you thought the same way about me No, I saw your dough. I know you’re gonna be doing oh wow, because yeah, like you’re just really you know, but like This side of you like I feel like don’t take this the wrong way the side that like I see a view is the side That like is it on camera a lot and I always knew if I ever run to fun with you Sounds sexual at me. Yeah, if I ever wanted to make porn with you know, I was ever in fun with you I want to like sit down with chills fuck. Mm-hmm. We’ve always have like in-depth conversations as well Would you like to think I go to you for advice and shit? Yes, I do. Yeah and vice versa. You know that you’re very Experienced in like people we are making relationships and like being yourself and like wow, I don’t know what I’m experiencing I think you’re so experienced in like business and this world how to really compartmentalize your emotion Which is something that I can struggle with and you’re really good at Wow Compartmentalize when she has good vocabulary That was so man, that was like my giggle honey makes you gag. Oh great at home, but People don’t get to see I don’t know the really real side of you a lot Yeah, I think that if people are really good to hate you like that’s why I’m like yo wait He’s a person that’s why I’m starting to like be more real and like my videos and we’re back home Savin my we’re back I think this is the start I agree. I think we both needed like each other to bring that out of each other. Yeah, we did For that we’ve given a lot of clout to people we’ve been hurt we’ve been played we’ve been through a lot. Yeah I hope we’re on the way to getting back. Yeah. Yeah the past like year and a half My life is just like fucking just like walking through the mud so many literary so much shit And I finally feel like even the energy and people around there. Also don’t this bed is such great energy Such high energy. So now for MOOC bonging and we’ve gotten a lot of the tea out of the way I think it’s time We answer some questions from the people mmm because at the end of the day This is fueled by the people Janis fueled by the people right now That’s right, and we just want to give back, you know, Janek on is a thing, by the way Yeah, Jake really wants to have a convention. No No, we are stay tuned for the day. Like we are Janek on is the thing for sure the questions Love that love that first question. Do you think Helen Keller is a virgin I Just knew it would make us nah, she definitely got five you think so. Mm-hmm Sure, I think she would get like fuck. Yeah, leave many reasons cuz I’m like PG 17, you know, yeah You’re really great at all you rated like acts like my perception of you is like PG 10 Yes, as of like two three months ago yet, but now my PG 17. Yeah, I really did that super fucking eyes Watch the hook out. Like who do you think is more scandalous of the two of us? Hmm? This was a really really asked question. I would say like Partner I would say like recently you I Mean, I’ve been out of trouble for like a good year now. Have you noticed anyone notice? Is anyone notice? Nope, that’s the kind of trouble you get in. Yeah, that’s very true. Yeah, I’ve never been in likes Non-harmful trouble. Yeah exactly. What a minute now, which is my definition of like not getting in trouble, you know god I love that instead of getting suspended. You’re like just in detention now exam. I Know expulsion ever. Yeah, I’ve been expelled Why is Tana so beautiful her confidence that quick? Why is tan is so beautiful. I said your confidence great Great each other Shane Dawson to rate each other stand on it seriously Yours is really dramatic and like lots of crying but it started the trend of Shane Dawson series you yes, which is crazy Uh-huh. Would you have even had a series if I didn’t have a series? Hey, what’s up you guys? Yes Would we be in love if it wasn’t for our series Wow, we started thinking about it. So room Well, we’re to think about though, yeah I read chairs like McKay 88.3 maybe it was good. I liked it because it was like business oriented like yeah Yeah for years like any 25, I think it really started the conversation of like Sociopaths and like emotion and like play on the Internet in general psychological shit behind like youtubers Yeah FX, which is usually really like a fuck in the head like I made these people like a lot of them They aren’t like normal or like people were like, well, they like only care about that Yeah, and I think we were talking about this the other day, but we all are slightly narcissistic to do what we do Yeah, you have to love yourself exactly or these think people will love you, which I think is still like a level of narcissism but I mean so many youtubers feel like they’re just so bland like they don’t have any and everyone loses all Launching it’s like know everyone’s afraid to make a good dark joke. I’m afraid of that. I’m a victim of that I like to think I get it out of you. Yeah It’s a blog that we from yeah, I Had like a legal team that watches my videos really awesome. Yeah Exactly we took Janet to the extreme over on my blog was read. It’s by my first ever like rated our blog What a fucking bonding. Yeah, like pop your candles like cheerio Cheerio, thank you for that first impression. This was another really big question. When did we first meet though? I don’t remember the first time I remember we were like a week into texting and I was on a plane and you called me and you were just like I Just wanted to hear your fullest. I’m in his bed now you know Do it, please get it out cuz I’m not gonna move memories It’s so sad that we can’t remember I think you came to watch me record music I remember now, those it right Yeah, that was not. Oh my god. Yeah, I did Can we tell them the truth? Oh Yeah, what was your first impression of me More down-to-earth and fun. You also had a Gucci logo Tattooed on your leg. Mmm-hmm you have that. Is that a bad thing? No I’m raised from like Ohio and they’re like guns and stuff like that You know, what’s the video that I got the tattoo and it has like 30 million views So like yes, I also they can’t judge other people’s tattoos. Yeah you have she has one on her but Do they know that I mean my first impression feels really good energy like good vibes something you dislike about each other. Oh, really? Mine’s not that mean I think I know what you’re gonna say a peg now. What do you think? I’m gonna say punctuality like that. I’m late to everything. We like do know I asked you are you supposed to be here at 4:30 and I woke up from a nap at 4:45 So it’s like we’re both Punk shoe. Oh, that’s so hot. I love that. I love that. You challenge me like that Couples fight that’s why this fight Was a benefit when is Coachella overrated is Coachella overrated knows it’s your first Coachella girl I’ve been going to Coachella since I was like 17 Oh Jake just took a pack of items out of his pocket He just went over to take the bags and all the other thing. I like taking like steroids or some shit When did you lose your virginity who I decided to ask you a question that you probably would never answer on your channel, um Like what’s like a young age to lose your virginity? It’s me I’m not going to you have to answer to say it out 3 the age on 3. Ready 1 2 3 15 A lot of people were asking you were brother and sister and calling us twins, which makes me really uncomfortable But you know, do you believe nudes No, I don’t. I don’t are you sure I’m 100% Sure. Are you sure a hundred percent? Sure A lot of people ask me about your leak tonight. I love my only canoes. Yeah, I believe you Do you really I’m gonna have a bootie pick? It’s like nothing really what are my videos fun? That’s dope I linked my news and put it on a hoodie. I’m serious. It’s a really good financial investment Wait wait, but I don’t have leaked news. We Google my leaked nudes and see oh my god, I would love it I just typed in Jake fall and my phone is giving me a reminder to FaceTime. You know that good job phone That’s my wingman. It’s not a porn up Loki. Hmm Is this you? Yeah, that’s you this week’s male celebrities Is that your name? Mm-hmm. I’ve seen this before too like people thought it was amazing. They don’t have like tattoos news It’s a great PR – you know, it really is a good PR man It sucks because for guys though, like what do you leak? Yes weird. You could make a booty pic though. Y’all be good angles That’s weird you that’s kind of controversial though. Like Jake Paul’s booty pic. Jay Paul naked penis pic services And puts me in editing at 3 its 3:46 am we was just funny So this next clip we’re just saying the shirt this next clip would be so funny if I put this spongebob campfire song over it in editing and I’ve been debating on putting it in this video for like 10 fucking minutes Because like we’re seeing if jake has leaked nudes me like lean in and it’s just like funny it gets a funny time to put That song but obviously I know the Jake Pollard team tenors Are gonna come in with the views? I don’t want to get your mind guys So I’m gonna sing it for you so that you know what, it would be like gather around the campfire and sing your campfire song CMB if I see a bunny that would be if it was like the spongebob version but like copyright your video welcome 10 minutes like 16 for no reason Leave me komm. I think that’s your day. Why is that everywhere? That’s not my dick That’s fucking just that’s a gross dick That’s a gross dick. You took my move long virginity and you took my Kissing for clout on YouTube. You never know that I don’t think I have either Wow deep. Cheers to no more being pussies Wow That’s the cheers to Janna choose the Janet calm. Here’s to 2019 cheers to controversy If you’re not first you’re last Okay, good thumbnail, what do you think Thor all right fire rebound Go fuck yourself Okay, guys I am leaving Jake’s now contrary to popular belief I’m not sleeping in the bed, yeah I think it’s always fun to poke fun at how crazy the internet can be It’s like they see one snapshot of me somewhere and like we’re automatically fucking and secretly dating and like whatever it like and people’s Interpretations and ideas of people from what they are on the internet isn’t always like all of what they are Sometimes it’s only like sides of them and stuff. And I think that that’s I’m just trying to get savage Tanna back I saw a clown opportunity and I fucking took it because I’m single and I’m trying to be a savage I don’t know what’s working gonna go home and cry for a few hours for sure. I had fun That’s what I’m doing on this channel is having fun I feel like I need to put a giant disclaimer because people are just gonna fucking blow it out of proportion But at the same time I know that and savage Tana wouldn’t care. So like why am I giving a disclaimer? Uh Okay, you’re I’m gonna drive really far from Calabasas now back to my neck of the woods I will talk to you guys in the next video buy my merch takes impact

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