Most INSANE Recoveries in Smash Ultimate

confirm 105 right now water we see them live to 220 he needs to literally never let Myron land no he was just called out all of those defensive options Salem trying his best to survive make it back but strode er was there and ready oh of the stage it gets the wall clean to avoid that Ford smash so far from Schroder pulling out all the stops here jealous habits and it's working around them you're talking about oh yeah wheezes he's just oh my gosh we needed to help Wow Wow what it république from dog if they are use it you have to be quick look at these down tilt swing up dude that read is so crazy to go for that would have killed for sure – down so it is such a good option for Fire Emblem characters on the tech tape there's the direction oh boy Judy song to the Future that is nuts I think one more hand the DK is gonna do it he needs to recover safely this is not the spot he wants to be in double spiked him he's stolen the game he recovered off of the Kush this is insane ladies and gentlemen this is like anime this is like Cory in the house this is crazy did you say Cory oh okay that geometry from Salem acute keeping himself alive and away from a jungle position no cross up on the near free Sam and he Nikita is hunted them down great hockey Oh beautiful tech it's adequate the border Jack's is getting will do it man well Jack now know the frustration of playing against Bowser oh my man with the sick mash and like the loser Sammy's and losers finals magic seems about in a train on earlier I know all right I'm gonna be getting another tweet from small fire a little bit later because he hates when I use that Oh Oh smash conference funny enough it's like a very typical matchup for peach as well I can see that yeah I don't want to speak outside of turn but I feel like this would be very hard for peach especially like this my able to barely make an appointment you free from samsara recognizing the situation still being able to come back all right back to where I think is most comfortable in a triangle is quickly getting some Wow who's downloading with impunity frog no no he's in the gate he thinks he's so cool oh very well this dr. Bailey getting hit while getting 75 80 to 90 for on gackt is all the footstool he should be able to oh this yeah yeah beautiful job Wow dad you get to the stage played a bit patiently there wow kids up smash but it's only Nana he has to worry about I cannot believe that

Glenn Chapman


  1. Imagine being Lucina and getting 0 to death by an Ice Climber with Nana alone

  2. 4:11 best zero to death in the whole game. Period. Icies op

  3. these guys must have seen a lot of"who can go over xxx in ssu"series video

  4. That 1:14 has the biggest brain, and even more gigantuate balls…

  5. I'm new to this game and I have not seen one video that actually show u how to recover off stage with a controller displayed to show you what button to press ( default controls) .can anyone share there advice on how you recover and fight off stage somehow and still try back on stage ?


  6. "He's a physic type pokemon dude he saw into the future"
    Shulk:"am I a joke to you"

  7. “This is crazy, this is anime- this is like Cory in the House” 😂😂

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