Mormon Church: The Message of the Restoration

It is the message that in our
day the gospel has been restored for the blessing of all
who will listen and obey. And the dispensation of the
fulness of times was ushered in by a special vision to a
young men not quite 15 years of age who went into the woods
to pray for answers to questions he had concerning
religion. Joseph Smith describes his
glorious vision that unfolded to his view in these words. “I saw a pillar of light exactly
over my head above the brightness of the sun which
descended gradually until it fell upon me. When the light rested upon me,
I saw two personages whose brightness and glory defy all
description standing above me in the air. One of them spake unto me,
calling me by name. Said one unto the other this
is my beloved son. Hear him.” Knowing that doubt, disbelief,
and misinformation, would immediately follow the prophet
as he recounted the first vision, the Lord brought forth
the Book of Mormon, another testament of our Lord, Jesus
Christ. This ancient volume of holy scriptures is a sacred
companion to the bible, containing the fullness of the
everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ. It also provides
convincing evidence to the world that Joseph Smith is
truly a prophet of God. My witness to you that this is
the Church of Jesus Christ established in the Latter Days
in the name of our Lord and Savior, even Jesus
Christ, amen.

Glenn Chapman


  1. Just as prophets of old were bidden to speak the words of hope and faith to the inhabitants of the earth who are the sons and daughters of God. Just so God speaks today through the mouths of men He has called to warn and prepare His people. He is the same yesterday today and forever and I testify that this message is true and from God for the benefit if men and women everywhere

  2. I am so glad that the Church has this official Channel; I am excited to learn and share!

  3. The Lord loves all of his children and He wants you to have a testimony of His love for you and me. He is there for you as He has been for me. He loves enough to send us to this earth to learn how to be like Him. Try it, just a simple prayer will do wonders if you just ask in faith.

  4. I am shut in. Other than home teachers and an occassional visit from the bishop, The church Web site is my main source for news of the church. Each Sunday I listen to a session of general conf. and I am always discovering new things. Today I found lds gems and this site. I think it is great. What a fantastic tool the internet can be for learning, teaching and sharing the Gospel. I am so thankful for it. To whom ever is responsible thank you and keep ,up the good work.

  5. This message is true and is for the whole world to hear. Jesus Christ is real and died for us. Joseph Smith was a prophet just as Thomas S. Monson is a prophet today.

  6. This video is very good! Thanks! I know that Joseph Smith is and was a prophet of God and the Church of Jesus Christ is real!

  7. Everytime I watch these kind of presentations, my mind opens that I can aswer every question in it about the gospel. Thank you.

  8. this is a really good video, but i want to give you a tip to reach more viewers. if you add more tags to it like "mormon, morman, joseph smith" (pretty much anything that even remotely relates to the Church) it will show up in more people's searches. Thanks for this amazing channel!

  9. I know that this event happened because when I was 16, I knelt and prayed and asked if the Book of Mormon was as true as the Bible and if Joseph Smith had seen Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. A feeling of peace and warmth came over me and confirmed to me that it was true.

  10. You say Life is a Test; how could God be a Fair and Just Being and give only the Mormons the Answers to the Test?

  11. This is your opportunity to understand the answer; the Plan of Salvation. The church is highly dedicated to missionary efforts around the globe. We see the gospel not through the eyes of privilege but through the understanding of great responsibility. All are welcome and your observance of these messages provides you with the same opportunity to understand the truth of the restored gospel.

  12. thanks for this message!

    God lives!

    Jesus Christ lives!

    We all live!

    I know that Joseph smiths life was Inspired by God and Jesus Christ!

  13. The answers are not only given to the Mormons….

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints offers freely to teach the Gospel of Jesus to all who seek it.

  14. Even after we die, if we did not find the truth, God has made it possible for us to receive His gospel. That is what temples are for. We do vicarious work for those who have passed on, for those we love. God is a just and fair being because He will make sure that ALL of His children have the opportunity to accept or reject His gospel.

  15. I will never forget the day when I recieved confirmation from the Spirit of God that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I was seeking truth in this world and was so confused by all the ways of the world. Then as I went and prayed for myself, I recieved an answer that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and the Church of Jesus Christ was the path I was to follow. I am so greatful for a loving Heavenly Father that answers prayers!

  16. Please translate this video into Spanish. This is such a powerful message that I would like to share the video of to my Spanish speaking family and friends.

  17. @blckchrysda What is the difference between emotion and the Holy Spirit? Do you have a knowledge that God lives and loves you? Do you know that the Bible is true? How do you know? The Holy Spirit will bare witness of the truth of all things.

  18. @dancinXthruXtheXrain Does the LDS church believe in the Holy Spirit ?

  19. I am grateful for a loving spouse who was willing to share this good news with me and that I eventually listened and obeyed. Truly, we are members of the only church with the fullness of the Gospel. So, happy there was a young boy willing to ask, "Which of all these churches are true?" Thankful our Heavenly Father answers our prayers. Yes, I believe in God, the Eternal Father and in His Son, Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost. Jesus is the head of this church. Holy Ghost told me this.

  20. @blckchrysda As far as Bible verses concerning Apostles and Priesthood, here are a few verses:
    Matt 10:1 "When He had called unto him his twelve disciples, He gave them power…"
    Matt 16:19 "I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven.."
    John 15:16 "I have chosen you, and ordained you.."
    There are several other verses that refer to the special power that the apostles had.
    As to your first question, I 'm not really sure what you're asking and why it's significant.

  21. I believe with all my heart that Joseph Smith really was called of God to bring back Christ's original church to the earth. I prayed about these things and the Holy Spirit testified to me of their truthfulness just as He has testified to me the truthfulness of the Bible and Jesus Christ's atonement. I am so grateful for all the happiness and joy that the gospel has brought my life.

  22. @blckchrysda The priesthood was the authority Christ spake of that He gave to the apostles to go out and teach, heal the sick, & baptize. Why do you think Christ went specifically to John the Baptist who was a good walk away and not someone nearby?

  23. @blckchrysda I am not sure the answer to your first question, but in the Bible when Jesus was baptized, God identified him in the same way. Matthew 3:17, "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."

    To your second question, in John 15:16, Jesus tells us that he chose and ordained his apostles. He gave them his Priesthood.

    I know that God and Jesus visited the boy Joseph Smith, and I know that we all lived before we came to earth. Remember you can always ask God anything.

  24. I want to read the book of Mormon, how can I get a copy please?

  25. I agree the Gospel is here in its fullness and is true and Joseph Smith was good and honorable and Christ is at this center.

  26. I truly believe that Joseph Smith saw God and his beloved son Jesus Christ on that day, i never doubted it ever. We are truly blessed to have open hearts and contrite spirits which allows us to know the gospel. Thank you Lord for choosing me to be a servant.

  27. if anyone lives in Nelson New Zealand and wants a copy of the book of mormon or a meeting with our missionaries then send me your contact details and I will see what i can do

  28. Had Stake Conference yesterday . We have a new Mission President now . He is an MD who got his trainging at Duke Univ . Why would someone leave a medical practice , move away from his home and family for 3 years , receiving no finacial compensation for it ? Because he knows the message of the restoration of the Savior's Church here upon the earth is true .

  29. Hey I'm teaching the lesson of the Restoration to my friend, where can I go to download this?

  30. It is true that the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored in print and in text in the stick of Joseph or Book of Mormon and the stick of Ephriam or D&C. This fullness of equity and righteousness or "all things in common" has been rejected by the house of Ephriam and they have gone on and built temples. And for this cause the Lord has hid his face from the house of Ephriam till they acknowledge this offence and keep this commandment to be equal. Then he will meet them in person

  31. My personal knowledge of the truth of this message, has come from actually reading the Book of Mormon and putting it to the test. God requires trust in His formula, before we receive a witness from Him (the only source for all answers in this answerless world).

    Faith. (consider that God will let you know if it's true)
    Obedience. (read the Book of Mormon)
    Pray and Ask God. (He will let you know through the undeniable, sweet, peaceful, sure, confirmation of His comforting Spirit)

    I have a testimony built on God's intimate witness to me as an individual.  What is known by the knowledge and wisdom of men, can be torn down by the knowledge an wisdom of men.  But, what comes from God, truly, "the gates of hell shall not previal against it."


  32. I am so blessed! To receive a wonderful testimony about Jesus the Christ and his true church which allows all of us to know and understand the reason we here on this beautiful earth most importantly that we here to be tested and try –> the greatest example I learn from this schooling that God the Father and Jesus Christ still loves all of us! His willing to help us in our trials in this beautiful earth that we all maybe safe!! I testifies that this is -> D only true church of Jesus Christ God bless!

  33. I am so blessed! To receive a wonderful testimony about Jesus the Christ and his true church which allows all of us to know and understand the reason we here on this beautiful earth most importantly that we here to be tested and try –> the greatest example I learn from this schooling that God the Father and Jesus Christ still loves all of us! His willing to help us in our trials in this beautiful earth that we all maybe safe!! I testifies that this is -> D only true church of Jesus Christ God bless!

  34. This Elder Perry voiceover of a short (2:22) segment of an original 19-min video (The Restoration) is very good.  The original is a more in-depth message that is very sweet and gives some background on the religious "controversies" of the time, leading to Joseph's decision to go and ask of God, who gave him a glorious answer to his question of which church to join.  Good to share with friends of all faiths.

  35. Loved hearing Elder Perry's voice again! Thankful for a testimony of the truthfulness of the First Vision

  36. Norwegian, December 2017 was in London Town for business, saw " Mormons " at the theatre. Liked the song " I BELIEVE ". Actually there's no doubt, we smell lot's of Mason's rites und …fakeness. But we Respect their beliefs, was j.s. murdered? 🦇🤔.

  37. Prophet in every dispensation specialy the restored gospel..surely the lord god will do nothing but he reveleth his secret unto his servant the prophet..

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