Mooji Baba returns to the home of his Master Papaji

Just as I had the privilege to be with You, I now bring all those that You invite
through me to You to have the privilege to sit
at Your lotus feet. Nothing is mine – all is You.
Thank You for this privilege. May we remain always at Your feet,
And inside Your Heart. – Mooji Baba,
Lucknow, India 2016 Mooji Baba returns to the home
of his Master, ‘Papaji’ Lucknow, India
29 March – 3 April 2016 [Friend] My beloved Gurudev, I offer these flowers of faith at your holy feet. Everything I have, you have given to me. I dedicate it all to you. I have no love, nor do I know you. I don’t even have the strength to worship you. But this mind of mine, this body of mine, every atom, I dedicate to you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you! [Mooji] Om. How I love this country. It is so beautiful. This land that is so … really like a mother. These trees that just grow,
nurtured by God alone, I feel, as we’re here, almost in the wilderness. And how powerful it is,
an expression of God’s love and grace. In some ways so abundant, and yet so empty. [Mooji] Look here! Hah, hah! [Friends] Mooji Bhaiya Ki Jai Jai
Sitaram Satguru Papaji Maharaj Ki … Jai! Mooji Bhaiya Ki! [laughing] [singing] [Friend] Right here. [Mooji] Papaji’s house, here. [Friend 1] To wait outside Papaji’s gate
was a very … [laughter] [Mooji] That’s where I used to wait. Somebody used to come and check with Papaji if it’s OK for people to come in. Sometimes we’d wait out here. Some of the chai shops
were across the road over there. [F.1] Papaji’s normal day would be
that he’d wake up pretty early, and around six he will go for a morning walk. Already at breakfast there would be
a lot of people in the house. Maybe sometimes a small rest,
then coming to Satsang Bhavan. After Satsang Bhavan, lunch.
Many, many people. And then after lunch he would take a little nap. They would wait there for him to wake up. At a time when there were a lot of people,
a lot would be waiting. Often they will all get in,
sometimes just a few will get in. [Mooji] It was always good,
when you get in or you don’t get in. It was good for you. Somebody will come and say,
‘You can come. You, you, you, come inside.’ Sometimes you don’t get inside. It’s good. You go to chai shop,
sit down for a while, then go home. I think it’s very good. [Friend 2] He was like you,
hugging and touching people. [Mooji] Sometimes.
He was not predictable. Quite spontaneous. [F.1] It could be anything,
a hug, a look, a slap, a stare! [laughter] [Mooji] I remember one time, I was telling them, I was inside and we all got served. Papaji was at the table, eating. I was a bit of a quick eater,
so I finished eating. I felt it was a good thing
to get up and go wash the plate. I’m good … I’ll wash this. And then someone,
I don’t remember who it was, they just held my hand, and said, ‘Let the master finish first’. In that moment it was so powerful, the feeling, I felt a real big shame inside, in a way,
but I was so grateful. Lessons like this come …
‘I teach you through other people’. I never forgot this. I said, You think you’re being good, but still, you’ll never be good enough,
if you try to be. You just have to be empty.
Learn. Soak everything up. Swallow him. But you cannot be good enough to impress him. [Friends] Bole Satguru Papaji Maharaja Ki … Jai! Ramana Maharishi Ki … Jai! Arunachala Shiva Ki … Jai! Mooji Bhaiya Ki … Jai! [music] [Mooji] Once somebody asked me, some years ago. They said, ‘How did your life change
when your master died?’ I said, No, the master does not die.
It is the mister that dies. The master, that satguru alone is timeless, the unchanging real inside everybody. If we don’t know that, it’s like his teachings
haven’t flowered inside us. Not even teaching, but pointing, pointing. [Mooji] This is Satsang Bhavan coming now. [music] [Mooji] I came and knocked on the door. Somebody came. ‘Hello?’
I said, Can I see Papaji? She says, ‘One minute’.
Then she came back. ‘Papaji. Come.’ I went inside, I went in there,
he was in this room. I came in for the first time.
Can you imagine? Papa is sitting there.
There’s a few people in here. I went right here to this place,
and I grabbed his foot. I said, Papaji, I don’t know what is happening, but whatever is about to happen,
can I leave everything at your feet? And I just came and stood back here.
Then shortly after, he went out. And then after this I went out,
and I saw the fax man there. I saw my name.
That’s how I found out about my son. And some power said, ‘Just tell him’.
I never came before. Then I came in this room. I saw him. I never came back in this room again. That was the only time I came here.
I just came to tell him this. [Friend] Until now.
[Mooji] Until now. I never came back here.
Papaji was sitting right there, in exactly this place, when I came in. This place. He sat there. [Mooji] Yes. Last time. It was just like that. I told you. [Friend] Thank you.
[Mooji] Thank you, thank you, thank you! [Mooji] Here we are in this very room,
this holy place. This is where I received Papa’s sword. Oh, what a chop! And the most gracious chop,
but you don’t feel it at the time. You feel … I felt my whole world
was turned upside down. I was completely
just so destroyed in this presence. This room, this room.
Who can speak like that? Here, I died here. I was chopped here! But, I can come, to put my head at the master’s feet here,
time and time again. So, thank you, Papaji. Thank you, Sri Bhagavan Ramana,
for bringing me here, to die and to live at your feet. [music] [Papaji] As long as one has ego in him, I don’t think he can succeed in any way. Even God cannot help. [Mooji] So it was that, after satsang,
I came before the master and he just really chopped out
whatever was remaining inside me. I was so furious! I just wanted to get away.
I wanted to leave Lucknow. It was a very hot day.
I started packing all my things to leave. I was very sure I was leaving. I would never see him again, nor anybody else.
I was so upset. I came here to this place, by this tree here, because it was so hot in the day.
I came to sit and to cool off. But this fire inside
was more hot than the one outside. It was a very hot day. I sat here for a while. And after maybe 15 or 20 minutes of sitting here it felt it was time to go. I started to walk right along here.
Suddenly, ‘Fhoo!’ It was just like … I don’t know what happened. Suddenly I fell off the edge of the world
or something. I don’t know what happened. But I could not find myself.
It’s a very strange thing! I could not find any reference
for who I am as a person. There was no history to me,
there was no time. Everything just disappeared! And yet I could see the traffic,
I could see the trees, and the people passing,
but it was just as though I stepped into some kind of vacuum, or some vortex, or strange feeling. I looked at my hands. I don’t know why I looked. But it was clear
there was no one living inside them. And then suddenly this image,
I don’t know if it’s an image, of Papaji was just filling everything. It was like replacing everything … everything I knew or perceived became him. And in that moment, I felt,
was my meeting him, right here. [music] [Mooji] I don’t even have the sensation
that I’m talking or not. But I’m very happy to be here with you, and that the master’s grace
calls you to be here also. [Mooji] All gratitude to Papaji,
to Ramana Maharishi, whose grace permits us to come here, who lit this fire, stirred this fire inside the hearts
of those who came here, to this holy place, in search of the freedom that he found. [music] [Mooji] Thank you.

Glenn Chapman

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