Monsters Inc 2 – Return of Boo (2020 Movie Trailer Parody)

Everybody’s afraid of something. Some people are scared of the dark Others are scared of spiders Some kids… Are even scared of monsters But not me.
I’m not afraid My name is Boo.
And I’ve been waiting *Door Creaks* Waiting waiting for Kitty to come
back Every story has a beginning.. But this is my ending and I’m not afraid It’s Monsters Inc 2: Return of Boo Coming Soon

Glenn Chapman


  1. Hey guys! This video is a little more basic than my usual content. My last video (Harry Potter and the Demon Child) took me three months and it barely hit 20k views. I'm throwing this one out to see if there's any interest in a much more detailed trailer for Monsters Inc 2. Hope you guys enjoy!

  2. Wait boo wasn’t her actual name though, boo was the name the monsters called her by

  3. You know, her name is not really Boo. That's her nickname actually, and I wish this movie would really come up too.

  4. I think she would not be called boo because they named her boo because they called her that for a nickname

  5. I don’t think Monsters Inc will get a sequel because Pixel have said they are not making anymore sequels for the time being at least. So those of us who want to see a Monsters Inc 2, A Bug’s Life 2, UP 2 ect will be disappointed. Instead Pixar want to simply create original films. It makes sense because what is not broke don’t fix it. Don’t get me wrong the sequels to Toy Story and Incredibles 2 were brilliant but they simply cannot better the original films. And to a lesser extent Monsters Inc already did a prequel Monsters University so it would feel a bit off putting creating a sequel. Besides Monsters Inc ended in a heartwarming way with Sulley reuniting with Boo.

  6. Looks like a younger and realistic clementine in the thumbnail.. 😮
    (Clementine from the walking dead)

  7. I actually thought this was real and then I saw that it’s just a parody 😁😔

  8. Es falso yo vi el cortometraje y eso es falso lo denunciare 😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  9. I wish this was real, Disney has to make a Monster's Inc 2 with Boo as an adult or my life will be crushed forever

  10. Freaking bruised back oh my God oh my God how how God did you let this happen how she's a make a freaking mess like she's in the first movie thanks a lot girl who met Shelly how heartbroken monster

  11. It just sounds way too good to be true but you know what we have an unfinished story to be told come on Disney, Pixar you know what to do!🤔😎

  12. Wait, her name is not boo is just a name that Sully gave her cuz he didn't know her name.

  13. If only they spill make this instead of another fucking remake (seriously, people. Lady and the Tramp live action? Fucking…seriously? Literally nobody asked for it, they’re just milking their goddamn franchises dry)

  14. How the Frick Does she f##ing remember that she was like 2 I can't even remember when I was in kindergarden and I'm only 13!

  15. This is my first time watching your videos and this is truly good because I believed it until I looked back in the parody title. I was so happy but now I'm sad. DISNEY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
    Well made video.

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