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Oh man, come on, where is that guy? Come on man. Formation is about to start. Ever since I got out for the military I don't even wear a watch anymore. One out of ranks, failure to repor,t running late, FTR, missing formation, or whatever your unit calls it. Today I'm going over when you should document when someone is late or miss formation, and I'm also gonna go over the counseling template Which is linked below in the video description From my experience. I found documenting is the most effective method to correct this issue I plan on releasing content on a more consistent basis after I recover from the surgery I'm about to have.So please like subscribe and hit the bell to be notified for new videos I'm talking about people that miss formation! Two quick real life stories before I go over when to put the transgression on paper So no shit there, I was on a TRADOC base in a reclass company There was a hold over there who had been there for a while. I think he was a holdover for medical reasons or something They had him working at the battalion pushing papers Everyone really liked this guy. Long story short this guy missed formations three days in a row Each morning the Platoon Sergeant covered for him. It turns out this guy had been dead in his barracks for three days before someone found him He died for some sort of heart issue At least that's what I was told. So. But this is true story I can't make this shit up. Moral of the story is don't cover for anyone. It's not worth it. To say the least, A lot of people lost their job after that incident. Last story. This is when I was the section sergeant I received a new NCO and he looked in shape, good looking uniform, basically looked like he had his shit together First formation he was due back from permissive TDY He missed formation. He saw that he was running late and it's walking up late. He waited until formation was over then He joined the section for PT. I didn't give him a written counseling because it was his first time and he was new to the base Next day, he was late again. I gave him another of verbal counselling third day. He was late again I was pretty upset that he would let it happen again after letting him off twice I put it on the 4856 and never had an issue with that NCO again. I Really had wish I had put the first instance on paper So when should you complete a written counseling on someone who missed or was late to formation? I say every time and regardless of rank and Be consistent. It stings a little more when it's an ink If you've seen a double standard where only lower enlisted get counseled when missing or is late to formation? Write "Roger That" in the comments below I'm not saying to recommend corrective action or a bar to re-enlist for every instance It all depends on the person you're counseling if they're a great consistent worker who messed up and slept through their alarm or had a flat tire Then I would complete the counseling statement. Let them know that you understand that everybody has bad days And as long as it doesn't happen again That statement might find itself in the shredder but in the case that it does happened again you now have written justification to take corrective action on the account of documented repeated offenses So that's my two cents on when to counsel. On to the counseling form So we're gonna start the form Dude! Dog for real (sounds of dog drinking water loudly) You think this dog never gets water but that's all she does is drink. Part 1 – replace my placeholders with the relevant information Part 2 after facts write how you know the person missed formation part 3-In the key points replace the words in ALL CAPS with the relevant information Delete this section if this is their first offense and have them read the Magic Bullet statement and initial the bottom okay, and the plan of action this is a basic list of all of the This is basic list of all the most common Corrective actions you can take. Delete all the actions that you don't want to recommend? Or that you're not going to assign and make sure that you enter suspense dates for any action that requires a follow-up So like if you have them doing an essay or class. Leader responsibilities – I would leave this the same. Make changes if necessary And in part four- the follow-up, please update this portion Once the corrective action is complete and note if the soldier has been making formations or if they've been missing them That's it for the form Leave in the comments your best FTR story. I'm sure you guys have some good ones Like if you found the content valuable Dislike if it was crap Subscribe and share if you found this helpful leave questions and any video requests in the comments and remember to thank your recruiter

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